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Here are ten characters who have the potential to swiftly resolve the problems faced by other game characters

There is a multitude of games and characters present, which may occasionally evoke curiosity about how a character would navigate if they were trapped...

Gina Vivinetto Oct 10, 2023
Here are ten characters who have the potential to swiftly resolve the problems faced by other game characters

There is a multitude of games and characters present, which may occasionally evoke curiosity about how a character would navigate if they were trapped within a different game. It is difficult to envision anything other than an immensely enjoyable experience for Kratos if he found himself alone in one of the Resident Evil games.

While certain characters would excel in different games due to evident reasons, it is equally apparent that some possess the capability to swiftly resolve the challenges faced by others. An ominous plot loses much of its fright when an individual like Dr. Robotnik finds themselves confronted by a space mercenary equipped with a laser cannon attached to her arm.

10 Leeroy Jenkins - Leon Kennedy

10 Characters Who Could Solve Other Game Characters

In the event that Leon Kennedy finds himself once again confined within the Raccoon City Police Department, it would be wise to summon Leeroy Jenkins. The indelible character, who gained notoriety through a viral clip from World of Warcraft, would undoubtedly expedite proceedings and make the situation considerably more manageable.

While Leon is compelled to cautiously navigate through every obstacle ahead of him, Leeroy disregards danger as he possesses no fear. With a simple reference to Marvin and Claire as his companions, followed by a resounding proclamation of his own name, Leeroy would swiftly sprint towards the conclusion of the game.

9 Master Chief - Mario

10 Characters Who Could Solve Other Game Characters

I am confident that Bowser possesses great strength, but if Mario were to dedicate himself to acquiring a formidable weapon, the situation would undergo a significant transformation. This is where Master Chief enters the equation. Can you truly envision Bowser successfully abducting any princesses in the presence of Master Chief?

Regardless of whether his weapon of preference is a blaster rifle or an energy sword, Bowser won't be able to achieve much. He may laugh as he pleases, but I am quite certain that the Koopas cannot withstand bullets and searing plasma.

8 Luigi - Pac-Man

10 Characters Who Could Solve Other Game Characters

This is the unexpected crossover that nobody realized they required, as Pac-Man could become an even more serene experience with Luigi's presence. The concept is straightforward: Luigi could effortlessly capture those ghosts with his reliable Poltergust, and instantly, all the white dots in the world would be at your disposal.

Within mere seconds, Luigi would have the liberty to explore those dimly lit corridors, exclaiming a cheerful "ooh yeah" each time he collected a dot. It may not appear to be a conventional game, but such are the circumstances when you possess the most proficient fictional ghost hunter in your midst.

7 The Dragonborn - Link

10 Characters Who Could Solve Other Game Characters

Link's journey in Link's Awakening is undeniably charming, yet it is also one that could have been expedited significantly. While Link must awaken the Wind Fish, a task that necessitates acquiring magical instruments within the game, Skyrim's Dragonborn could accomplish the feat swiftly and efficiently.

With the Dragonborn equipped with their potent shouts, I highly doubt anyone will find restful slumber anytime soon. Envision this: the Dragonborn ascends the steps towards the egg, positions their face in close proximity, and relentlessly unleashes the power of Fus Ro Dah upon it until the Wind Fish's nightmares come to a swift conclusion.

6 Max Caulfield - Cody And May

10 Characters Who Could Solve Other Game Characters

The tale at the core of It Takes Two is endearing and serves as a much-needed narrative for many individuals. It provides a cathartic experience; however, when it comes to problem-solving, catharsis holds no significance.

Life is Strange's protagonist, Max, could resolve the entire issue by utilizing her time-rewinding ability to revert to a point before the parents were transformed into toys. While this approach diminishes the emotional journey, there are instances where confronting a problem directly from the outset proves to be the most effective course of action.

5 Kratos - Geralt

10 Characters Who Could Solve Other Game

I don't intend to undermine the challenges Geralt faces in The Witcher 3, but I am suggesting that Kratos could have handled them more effectively. The wrathful demigod, emanating a powerful paternal aura, would have simply roared at everyone in his vicinity to extract the answers he sought.

Without a doubt, Kratos would have located Ciri's whereabouts within a matter of mere minutes, requiring just another few minutes to confront and vanquish the Wild Hunt. He would not require an elaborate plan involving a group of allies to engage them, as he would swiftly hurl his axe with such speed that it would leave you uttering "Wanna play Gwent?" before you could even finish the phrase.

4 Spyro - Joel And Ellie

10 Characters Who Could Solve Other

If Joel were to interpret Gandalf the Grey's words literally, his problems would have been swiftly resolved — a statement I never anticipated writing. If Spyro were present in The Last of Us to escort Ellie to the Fireflies, the entire mission would have been completed within a matter of days.

Spyro would simply carry Ellie high above all the perils, bringing the game to an abrupt conclusion. This would likely entail Ellie being spared, rendering Part 2 irrelevant. Surprisingly, some individuals might actually find this outcome preferable when all is said and done.

3 Doomguy - Snake

10 Characters Who Could Solve

Irrespective of the Metal Gear Solid game you choose featuring Snake, the inclusion of Doomguy would undoubtedly elevate the experience to a whole new level. The fiercely aggressive individual would charge headlong into every confrontation, systematically ripping his adversaries apart, limb from limb.

Considering Doomguy's ability to confront actual demons from Hell, I have every confidence that he can handle a group of adversaries who become perplexed at the sight of a mere cardboard box. The presence of Doomguy would undoubtedly be evident through the blood-soaked aftermath, though there might not be anyone left alive to recount the tale.

2 Goose - Chell

10 Characters Who Could

The most effective approach to defeat Glados is undoubtedly to utterly ignore everything she says. This is precisely why the Goose from Untitled Goose Game is the perfect contender to confront her in Chell's stead.

The playful and cunning little Goose would simply go about its own business, disregarding the intended methods of solving chambers or paying heed to Glados' sassy remarks. This behavior would frustrate Glados to such an extent that she might eventually release the Goose in the hopes of restoring some semblance of peace.

1 Cloud Strife - Commander Shepard

10 Characters Who

While one might assume that the Reapers from the Mass Effect series pose an overwhelming threat that most characters couldn't handle, that notion would be incorrect. The beloved protagonist with spiky blonde hair from everyone's favorite anime would be prepared to confront them with a mere single action.

If Cloud were to simply unleash the Knights of the Round summon, the Reapers would be swiftly defeated. Unless the Reapers grew weary and abandoned the galaxy midway through the attack, they would be trapped in an endless loop of the summon's animation, ultimately leading to their destruction. In the end, Cloud would emerge as the savior of all life in the Milky Way.