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Here are ten valuable tips for creating stunning exteriors in The Sims 4:

While playing The Sims 4, you have a wide array of furniture and decoration options at your disposal. It's entirely possible to spend hours meticulous...

Hirun Cryer Oct 07, 2023
Here are ten valuable tips for creating stunning exteriors in The Sims 4:

While playing The Sims 4, you have a wide array of furniture and decoration options at your disposal. It's entirely possible to spend hours meticulously crafting the interior of your Sim's house, only to find the exterior lacking in comparison. We understand, though, that working on the exterior of a building can pose its challenges.

In this guide, we will explore a set of valuable tips that you can incorporate to enhance the exterior of your constructions. By implementing these suggestions throughout your building process, you can achieve a more organic and visually appealing home for your Sims to inhabit.

10 Look At Real Examples

10 Tips For Building Exteriors In The Sims 4

The most valuable piece of advice we can offer is to seek inspiration from real-life examples. If you have a particular style in mind, consider researching actual houses that embody that aesthetic. For instance, let's say you have a strong desire to construct a Gothic mansion but are unsure of where to begin.

Navigate to the internet and conduct a straightforward search for Gothic mansions. This action will unveil numerous examples of somber, multi-tiered structures, often featuring distinctive spires. You will also observe the incorporation of wrap-around porches and the implementation of various smaller roof sections. Utilizing one of these images as a point of reference is completely acceptable and can assist you in crafting an authentic-looking home.

9 Stick To a Color Scheme

10 Tips For Building Exteriors In The Sims

Whether you prefer subdued hues or a vibrant yellow escape, selecting a color palette comprised of harmonious colors is crucial. Having an excessive number of colors within a construction can create a sense of clutter and disconnection.

In the case of the previously mentioned Gothic mansion example, it would be advisable to predominantly utilize darker colors, along with white and grey for highlighting elements. Introducing baby blue windows, for instance, would create a somewhat peculiar appearance for the structure.

8 Remember To Landscape

10 Tips For Building Exteriors In The

Landscaping plays a pivotal role in defining the success of a building in The Sims 4. Even if a house possesses stunning architectural features, the absence of trees, rocks, or bushes can undermine its authenticity. In reality, buildings seldom occupy flat lots with uniformly vibrant green grass, and it is important to reflect this in your Sim's house as well.

Landscaping with greenery is relatively affordable in Build/Buy mode, allowing you the freedom to indulge your creativity. Consider placing trees in both the front and backyard, strategically employing bushes around the foundation of your house. Additionally, make sure to utilize the terrain painter tool to introduce a greater level of variation to your grassy areas.

7 Create Extruding Rooms

10 Tips For Building Exteriors In

Box-shaped houses have become a classic feature of The Sims franchise. We have all created those iconic structures with a single pointed roof. While you may have come across real houses resembling this design, in The Sims 4, it can feel somewhat monotonous. To infuse some excitement, you might want to consider incorporating an extruded section into your rooms.

As an illustration, you could incorporate a breakfast nook that protrudes beyond the floor directly above it. By adding a small roof to cover this extension, you immediately introduce a touch of variation. Another option is to create extruded rooms on higher floors, forming a charming overhang. To ensure practicality, consider adding columns underneath to provide support for the extended space.

6 Line Up Windows

10 Tips For Building Exteriors

When it comes to interior decoration, it is common to place windows strategically within a room based on what appears most visually appealing. However, in the case of a multi-story house, this approach can result in an exterior that appears somewhat peculiar. For instance, if you have a kitchen located on a floor below a bedroom, the arrangement of windows from the outside may seem unconventional.

Instead of solely considering window placement from the interior perspective, take a moment to assess the overall exterior. With the walls fully visible, ensure that windows are positioned consistently across multiple floors. It's important to keep in mind that real houses often follow this practice, where windows align with corresponding floors above or below.

5 Put Your Building On A Raised Foundation

10 Tips For Building

If your building appears somewhat flat, consider constructing a raised foundation for the entire structure to rest upon. This will add depth and provide an opportunity to create a well-defined porch area. Instead of a front door that opens directly to the grass, you can design a patio with a bench and space for guests to wait. This enhancement adds a more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing touch to your building.

If space is limited and a full porch is not feasible, you can still create an eye-catching entrance by constructing a small platform with steps leading up to it. This will make the house's entrance more prominent and visually appealing.

4 Use Friezes & Roof Trims

10 Tips For

Friezes and roof trims can provide additional decorative details directly on the exterior walls, particularly when you have empty spaces to fill. Friezes are positioned on the top of a wall section, which means that if you have multiple floors, the frieze will be situated in between them. It's worth noting that the friezes in the game are relatively thick, so they work best with taller walls.

Roof trims are attached directly to the edge of a roof and can be customized in various colors. You also have the option to adjust the thickness of the trim, which adds an extra level of detail to the roof. While roof trims are not essential, they can certainly contribute to making a build feel more complete and polished.

3 Create The Illusion Of A Real Fireplace

10 Tips

In The Sims 4, fireplaces exist, but they lack a visible chimney on the outside. However, you can manually add a chimney to the build. But what about the section of the chimney that connects to the side of the house? A clever approach to introduce some variation is by creating an illusion of a "brick chimney."

To achieve this, all you need to do is create a 2x1 room on the outside of the house and apply a brick pattern to its walls. Extend this room upward until it reaches the roof (add more sections if you have multiple floors), and voila! You now have a convincingly faux chimney.

2 Include More Than One Exit


In addition to the front door, consider incorporating an additional exit in your design. This secondary exit could lead to the backyard or simply to the side of the house where trash bins are typically placed. Since there may be limited options for exterior wall decorations, introducing a new door can serve as a unique focal point and add visual interest to the exterior of your building.

The secondary entrance need not possess the same grandeur as the front door, yet it can be enhanced with the addition of columns and a modest roof. Surrounding it with well-placed bushes or hedges further adds to its charm and visual appeal.

1 Look At The Gallery

Lastly, we recommend exploring the Gallery, where you can not only access households and lots crafted by fellow players but also find a wealth of inspiration. By sorting the Gallery according to the most popular lots, you'll discover awe-inspiring builds that can spark your creativity.

If a particular build resonates with you, consider incorporating some of its distinctive features into your own construction. Whether it's a captivating color scheme or an innovative wall technique, this approach serves as an excellent means to expand your repertoire of building designs and acquire new skills.