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Here are the eight best skills to prioritize purchasing first in Fate/Samurai Remnant:

Fate/Samurai Remnant is an action-packed role-playing game created by Koei Tecmo and developed by Omega Force. As a notable entry in the Musou series,...

Ethan Gach Oct 14, 2023
Here are the eight best skills to prioritize purchasing first in Fate/Samurai Remnant:

Fate/Samurai Remnant is an action-packed role-playing game created by Koei Tecmo and developed by Omega Force. As a notable entry in the Musou series, which encompasses renowned titles like Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, it offers a comparable hack-and-slash combat experience. However, what sets Fate Samurai Remnant apart is its seamless integration into the beloved Fate series, combining captivating anime narratives with a diverse cast of characters.

Within this immersive feudal Japanese backdrop, you assume the guise of the solitary samurai, Miyamoto Iori. As you progress and advance, you will amass skill points that can be strategically allocated within Iori's intricate skill tree, replete with diverse combat proficiencies. Given the multitude of options at hand, it may seem overwhelming to determine the optimal order in which to prioritize these skills. However, among the myriad of immediately accessible abilities, there are several indispensable ones that should be unlocked at the earliest opportunity.

8 Damage Up Vs Monsters

Fate/Samurai Remnant 8 Best Skills To Buy First

Among the paramount skills to acquire in the initial stages of the game, Damage Up vs Monsters holds particular significance. This invaluable ability bestows a three percent increment in damage inflicted exclusively upon non-human adversaries. Although seemingly modest, this enhancement yields a discernible impact during the early phases of gameplay. Fate Samurai Remnant distinguishes itself from other entries in the Musou genre by introducing supernatural creatures, including angels, fiery spirits, and skeletons, as common foes. Consequently, augmenting damage against these non-human perils proves immensely advantageous, particularly when confronted with relentless hordes.

Although a three percent increase may appear insignificant in later stages, it holds substantial value during the initial arduous encounters, where even the slightest additional damage can make a noticeable difference. This skill provides an early advantage when contending against the varied array of monsters you are bound to face.

7 Affinity Gauge Up

Fate/Samurai Remnant 8 Best Skills To Buy

Acquiring Affinity Gauge Up early on proves to be a valuable asset for Miyamoto Iori in Fate Samurai Remnant. This skill expedites the recharge rate of Iori's Affinity Gauge, thereby empowering him to unleash formidable attacks in collaboration with AI companions known as Servants. Initially, you commence the game with three Affinity orbs that can be allocated towards partner abilities, such as Saber's awe-inspiring Tidal Fury, which unleashes a devastating surge of water. By unlocking Affinity Gauge Up, the maximum number of orbs is increased to four, allowing for more frequent utilization of these remarkable skills.

In contrast to other Musou games like Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, direct control over partners (Servants) is unavailable. However, their Affinity attacks render them formidable assets, capable of inflicting substantial damage and creating opportunities for Iori to capitalize on. With a swifter recharge rate, Iori can execute more devastating combos in tandem with his Servants during the early stages of the game. Therefore, investing in Affinity Gauge Up enables you to maximize combat effectiveness by promptly harnessing the full potential of your partners.

6 ATK Up

Fate/Samurai Remnant 8 Best Skills To

ATK Up stands out as one of the simplest yet most pragmatic skills to prioritize initially. True to its name, this passive ability augments Iori's base attack damage, providing him with a distinct advantage during early confrontations. Unlocking ATK Up should be a priority due to its immediate combat benefits.

Although passive enhancements such as increased health, defense, or magic may not offer the same immediate excitement as acquiring new abilities, they hold long-term significance. In a game like Fate Samurai Remnant, even the slightest boost in attack power can be tremendously valuable, particularly in the early stages. By investing in ATK Up, you can deliver more impactful strikes right from the outset, aiding you in overcoming the challenges presented by those grueling battles.

5 Riposte

Fate/Samurai Remnant 8 Best Skills

Riposte, a pivotal evasive skill, becomes available for unlocking in the later stages of Fate Samurai Remnant, enhancing Miyamoto Iori's repertoire. This ability empowers Iori to swiftly counterattack with a forceful slash, presenting a mechanic that may initially feel rigid after executing a flawless dodge against an enemy strike. Riposte serves as an incentive to hone Iori's dodging technique within a narrow timeframe, while simultaneously encouraging assertive counteroffensives.

Acquiring this skill enables the cultivation of an offensive playstyle centered around deftly evading attacks before launching a counterstrike. While it may prove challenging to execute, the resulting damage is exceptionally gratifying, particularly when facing formidable bosses and imposing adversaries. Riposte proves particularly suitable for seasoned players who are prepared to enhance their combat prowess and embrace the exhilarating challenges presented by Fate Samurai Remnant.

4 Magecraft: Rockskin

Fate/Samurai Remnant 8 Best

Among the initial magical skills to prioritize, Magecraft: Rockskin from the Earth Stance tree stands out. This defensive spell confers passive enhancements to Iori's fundamental attributes for a brief period. The Earth Stance tree becomes accessible after vanquishing 100 foes while utilizing the Earth Stance, a weapon mode that bolsters Iori's defense and stability. Rockskin serves as an optimal initial investment, offering instant safeguarding against enemy assaults.

Similar to other skill trees, Earth Stance diverges from the initial point and necessitates unlocking through progression. Once accessible, prioritizing Rockskin becomes crucial as it aids in mitigating damage during the early levels, prior to obtaining more potent equipment. Its passive attributes enable you to concentrate on offense while simultaneously benefiting from heightened durability.

3 Magecraft: Firebird

Fate/Samurai Remnant 8

Magecraft: Firebird proves to be an exceptional skill to unlock early on, particularly once you have acquired the first spell. This offensive spell releases a barrage of fiery projectiles, inflicting substantial area of effect (AOE) damage, making it ideal for crowd control. Similar to the Earth Stance tree, Firebird becomes accessible after utilizing Fleeting Ember a few times.

Magecraft: Firebird stands out as one of the most valuable skills to acquire early in the game, as it empowers you to effortlessly handle groups of enemies. Unlocking Firebird grants you a potent offensive tool from the start, enabling you to overcome the numerous adversaries that the game presents.

2 Magecraft: Accord

Fate/Samurai Remnant

Magecraft: Accord is among the initial magical skills to be unlocked for Miyamoto Iori in Fate Samurai Remnant. This skill provides a temporary boost to the Affinity refill rate for Iori's partners, enabling them to utilize their formidable abilities more frequently. By prioritizing Magecraft: Accord, it promotes an aggressive playstyle that maximizes the impact of Servant attacks through faster Affinity refill.

Unlocking Accord early on allows for more efficient destruction of enemies by fully harnessing the power of partners like Saber. Their abilities can wreak havoc upon groups of foes when made readily available through frequent usage. Prioritizing this spell offers a straightforward yet highly effective buff that contributes to dominating early battles.

1 Magecraft: Amber Glow


For a defensive strategy, Magecraft: Amber Glow is the ideal choice. This spell surrounds Iori with a healing aura that gradually replenishes his health over time, allowing for sustained healing without the need to consume health-regenerating items like food. This helps save money, which is often scarce in the early stages of RPGs like Fate Samurai Remnant.

This skill enables you to prioritize dealing damage without being overly concerned about your health bar. It provides new players with an added layer of safety and reduces the downtime spent on healing, allowing you to swiftly resume combat.