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Here are the finest virtual reality games ever created

Virtual reality provides a gaming experience that is more immersive than traditional methods, enabling players to truly feel as if they are part of t...

Chantal Da Silva Oct 13, 2023
Here are the finest virtual reality games ever created

Virtual reality provides a gaming experience that is more immersive than traditional methods, enabling players to truly feel as if they are part of the game world.

The finest VR games integrate intelligent game design and pacing, establishing a seamless and immersive flow that enhances the overall experience.

VR games such as Blade and Sorcery and Half-Life: Alyx present distinctive gameplay mechanics and interactions that are exclusively achievable in virtual reality, elevating the gaming experience to an entirely new level.

Video games, in general, already provide a more immersive means of experiencing modern media. However, virtual reality is what truly makes it feel real. Pressing buttons and manipulating analog sticks cannot compare to the sensation of holding a sword in your own hand and seeing it move in sync with your own movements. The excitement of the action, the vastness of the virtual worlds, and even the most ordinary horrors become pulse-pounding experiences in virtual reality.

Virtual reality enables us to fully immerse ourselves in gaming. So, why not explore the very best it has to offer? Whether you're new to the platform or a seasoned veteran seeking new experiences, these are the greatest VR games of all time, ranging from the HTC Vive to the Meta Quest 2.

Updated on October 11, 2023, by Branden Lizardi: The Meta Quest 3 has been released, bringing not only improved performance for existing Quest games but also introducing new mixed reality features. Considering the enhanced accessibility, we have revisited this list and included a new entry. Additionally, we have incorporated new formatting options to enhance readability. Enjoy!

11 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Best Virtual Reality Games Of All Time

The Walking Dead franchise has explored various forms of media, including live-action HBO shows and decision-based narrative video games. So, why not venture into the realm of virtual reality as well? In this VR experience, you assume the role of an unfortunate tourist trapped in the zombie-infested swamps of New Orleans. Navigate stealthily past walkers, scavenge for essential supplies like food and water, and craft new weapons and equipment as you traverse a post-apocalyptic world, all in a bid to survive.

What Saints & Sinners truly excels at is its exceptional pacing. The game's pacing achieves a flawless flow, seamlessly blending narrative progression and optimal zombie combat strategies. Every aspect feels organic and equitable, striking the perfect balance that allows players to deeply immerse themselves in the experience. This level of attention to pacing within the VR format is not always encountered in games, making it a remarkable feature of Saints & Sinners.

10 Walkabout Mini Golf

The Best Virtual Reality Games Of All

Walkabout Mini Golf embodies the beauty of simplicity, showcasing two elements in abundance. Players navigate through a variety of low-polygon themed mini-golf courses with the objective of achieving scores below par. Putt your way through space, past pirate treasures, and even onto the Island of Myst, thanks to their diverse range of downloadable content (DLC) add-ons. In addition to putting, you can also search for hidden ball patterns and solve secrets to unlock new putters.

There is a remarkable level of intelligent game design at play here, enhancing the overall gameplay in a manner that may go unnoticed. Subtle elements such as automatic putter length and customizable power settings enable you to perform with the expertise you desire, rather than being limited by real-world constraints.

9 Blade And Sorcery

The Best Virtual Reality Games Of

Blade And Sorcery is among the earlier VR titles accessible. Initially focused solely on magic gameplay, it later evolved into a comprehensive physics-based sword-fighting game. With a wide range of medieval combat weapons, magical effects, and even dungeon exploration, it establishes an impressive benchmark for VR combat. However, there is a notable disparity in VR games where the force applied by your arms may not align with the actual weight of objects. The powerful swings of a heavy maul, for instance, don't quite feel the same in terms of fluidity and weight.

However, this issue is not present in Blade And Sorcery. Large weapons move slowly and deliver impactful, weighty strikes. A weapon's hilt can effectively block a blade, while an axe's hook can catch or even dislodge an opponent's shield. The game allows for intricate combat maneuvers that are only achievable in virtual reality, and it handles them exceptionally well.

8 Beat Saber

The Best Virtual Reality Games

Beat Saber, the most renowned and top-selling VR game of all time, is something that is best comprehended through firsthand experience. In this game, you wield two lightweight swords. As a musical track plays, cubes come flying towards you. Your task is to slash through the cubes using the corresponding color of each sword, following the direction indicated on the block. It provides a familiar rhythm game experience set in a vibrant neon 3D environment. The gameplay is easy to follow, enjoyable to play, and keeps you energized and engaged.

If you're playing on PC, you also have access to an extensive library of user-created tracks and playlists. Ranging from meme tracks to dance classics, this offers an almost limitless array of new content to discover and enjoy. Just remember to stay hydrated because this game can be quite physically demanding. It's a genuine workout experience.

7 Job Simulator

The Best Virtual Reality

Often regarded as the pioneer of VR gaming, Job Simulator was released alongside almost every VR headset that entered the market, and it continues to reign supreme for good reason. This offbeat sandbox game immerses you in various everyday job scenarios. However, there's a twist: you come from the distant future where the specifics of each job have become somewhat distorted over time. It's not just limited to an office job; you can also explore the roles of an auto mechanic, chef, and convenience store clerk, experiencing the concept of "jobbing" in different occupations.

Apart from its immensely charming humor, Job Simulator offers an unforgettable level of interactive sandbox gameplay on each map. Virtually every item can be manipulated and interacted with, connecting with various devices in creative ways that enhance the overall experience. This high level of engagement can be so immersive that you'll easily forget you're playing from the comfort of your own home.

6 I Expect You To Die

The Best Virtual

I Expect You To Die is the ideal game for puzzle enthusiasts who have ever desired to experience the thrill of being a clever and resourceful super spy. This game presents a continuous storyline across multiple levels designed in the style of escape rooms. As a secret agent, your mission is to thwart the evil schemes of a mad scientist.

Every level in the game is creatively designed, offering extravagant solutions to clever puzzles that unfold in your surroundings. Each puzzle presents a challenge and can often be approached from multiple angles. While the plot may not be mind-blowing, it perfectly complements the intended theme and tone set by the developers. All of these elements come together to create what is arguably one of the most enjoyable VR puzzle games available.

It also had a rather well-received sequel.

5 Superhot VR

The Best

Superhot already caught attention upon its initial release. This incredibly stylized indie game introduced a captivating concept for a first-person shooter: time only progresses when you move. This mechanic combines the relentless action of a fight scene with the strategic thinking of a puzzle game. Add to that a cyberpunk narrative and distinctive art style, and it becomes a game that etches the words "SUPER... HOT..." into your memory long after you've finished playing.

Initially developed as a conventional PC game, it was later reimagined and redesigned for virtual reality. The immersive freedom of movement, encompassing both your head and hands, elevates the movement-time concept to an entirely new echelon. You are not merely playing within this virtual realm; you are experiencing it firsthand, perceiving it through your own eyes in a profoundly immersive manner.

4 Phasmophobia


Phasmophobia is yet another successful indie game that has been adapted for virtual reality. In this game, you and up to three friends are assigned the mission of investigating a haunted house. Armed with a range of ghost-hunting tools and a comprehensive ghost encyclopedia, you must deduce the type of ghost that lurks within. Think of it as a spine-chilling version of the classic game Clue. It strikes a perfect balance, encouraging bravery while responding with heightened levels of terror.

Phasmophobia already delivers an incredibly intense and adrenaline-pumping experience, with unpredictable paranormal phenomena leading to numerous frightening encounters. However, when experienced in virtual reality, the scare factor is amplified to the maximum. Now, you find yourself physically present in a dilapidated hospital, where the ghost's eerie whispers resonate in your ear as you speak its name. The heightened level of immersion elevates this already captivating multiplayer horror game, transforming it into one of the finest and most immersive horror experiences available in the realm of virtual reality.

3 Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect stands out as one of the most visually stunning and artistically captivating renditions of the timeless puzzle game we have ever witnessed. The rules are straightforward, and nearly everyone is familiar with them by now. Rotate and arrange blocks, aiming to complete full horizontal lines that will vanish. Continue this process until you reach a point where there is no more space available.

What sets Tetris Effect apart and makes it truly exceptional is the immersive sensory voyage it takes you on. Each level offers a distinct visual spectacle, where every aspect, from the vibrant colors to the mesmerizing music, dynamically interacts with your every move. This alone is already impressive, but it is in virtual reality where you truly experience the full impact. The captivating gameplay and enchanting artistic journey combine to make Tetris Effect one of the most captivating and enthralling virtual reality games we have ever encountered.

2 Pistol Whip

Frequently referred to as a combination of "Super Hot" and "Beat Saber," Pistol Whip is a remarkable fusion of rhythm-based gameplay and rail shooting mechanics, achieving a near-perfect blend of genres. As the player, armed with a pistol, you progress along a predetermined path. Each meticulously crafted level weaves a narrative of its own, accompanied by an electrifying selection of techno and EDM tracks that will undoubtedly get you moving. Enemies materialize along the track, requiring you to evade their shots while returning fire, all in synchronization with the rhythm of the music.

Pistol Whip offers an unexpectedly extensive range of customization options, allowing you to tailor your experience with everything from basic modifiers to new gameplay mechanics and weapons. The striking neon visuals and distinct narrative accompanying each track create an immensely immersive atmosphere that perfectly aligns with the context. The design, focused on rhythm, ensures that the action remains consistently thrilling throughout. It serves as a condensed demonstration of the sheer enjoyment that virtual reality can offer, packaged into bite-sized, four-minute segments.

1 Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx exemplifies the remarkable outcome when you unite one of the most revered PC game developers from a bygone era with one of the most immersive gaming platforms of the present age. Serving as a sci-fi action-adventure game within the esteemed Half-Life series, Half-Life: Alyx places you in the role of Alyx. As she embarks on a quest to find her father, Alyx unwittingly becomes entangled in a grand conspiracy that surpasses her initial expectations.

This game seamlessly blends all the elements we adore in a narrative-driven shooter adventure and expertly adapts them to the immersive realm of virtual reality. Engage in intense combat sequences, leveraging the freedom of movement offered by VR, and experience an unparalleled level of weapon and equipment control that transcends the limitations of traditional flat screens. Furthermore, the true 3D perspective enables you to tackle distinctive puzzles in ways previously unachievable. With its breathtaking visuals, captivating musical score, and a compelling plot that engrosses you completely, Half-Life: Alyx will make you ponder whether the potential eye strain is indeed worth indulging in yet another hour within the VR headset.