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Here are the top 15 Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Over the course of Pokemon's history, Dragon-type Pokemon have consistently stood out as some of the most well-designed and powerful creatures. Beginn...

Phil Helsel Oct 10, 2023
Here are the top 15 Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Over the course of Pokemon's history, Dragon-type Pokemon have consistently stood out as some of the most well-designed and powerful creatures. Beginning with Dragonite, these Pokemon have become synonymous with strength in the Pokemon universe. Scarlet & Violet continue this tradition by introducing several incredible new Dragon-types, further solidifying their reputation for excellence.

Although many of the more powerful Dragon-types are classified as pseudo-legendaries, this does not apply to all of them. Dragons, like Pokemon of any other type, come in various forms and sizes. Not all Pokemon are currently available in the game due to the absence of a national Pokedex, but there is still a decent selection of Dragon-types to choose from. Here are the top Dragon-type Pokemon available in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Updated on October 10, 2023 by Doruk Kaptan: With the release of the new DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and the integration of Pokemon Home into the games, a plethora of new Pokemon are now accessible for players. This expanded selection includes a diverse range of Pokemon, with Dragon-types being particularly noteworthy and exciting additions.

Since the beginning of the franchise, the Dragon type has enjoyed popularity and strength. Even with the introduction of the Fairy type to bring balance, Dragon-type Pokemon remain formidable. If power is your primary concern, here are the Dragon-types you should consider.

15 Goodra

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 15 Best Dragon-Types

Goodra shattered the typical pseudo-legendary design when it debuted in Pokemon X & Y. Unlike its predecessors, Goodra took a different approach by being a cute and defensive dragon rather than a ferocious attacker. While Goodra may seem like it struggles to keep up with the hyper-offensive meta of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, that assumption is not necessarily accurate.

Indeed, the current meta heavily emphasizes offense, leaving only a handful of defensive Pokemon capable of enduring the relentless assault. Nevertheless, Goodra possesses exceptional Special Defense and a remarkable ability in Sap Sipper. This enables Goodra to immensely boost its survivability by Terastallizing into a Water or Steel-type. Additionally, with moves like Chilling Water, Hydro Pump, and Hydration, Goodra can even catch opponents off guard and function as an unexpected rain sweeper when equipped with a Water Tera Type.

14 Dragapult

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 15 Best

Dragapult, the pseudo-legendary Pokemon of the Galar region, has maintained its usability and remains one of the top Ghost-type Pokemon since its introduction in the previous generation. It boasts exceptional speed and decent offensive stats. While it may occasionally lack the sheer power to deal heavy hits, it compensates for this with its versatility, performing well as a mixed attacker.

Dragapult retains most of its previous moveset, with the notable addition of Tera Blast. Given Dragapult's inherent fragility, Terastilazation proves to be immensely beneficial by providing coverage for weaknesses and potentially granting an additional turn on the field. It is highly likely that Dragapult will see significant usage in this generation.

13 Garchomp

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 15

Garchomp, the iconic powerhouse favored by the beloved champion Cynthia, is also available to obtain in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This formidable land shark remains as strong as ever, and its typing continues to be among the best. Garchomp retains its outstanding stats and moveset, solidifying its position as a formidable force.

The absence of Dragon Dance may be a disadvantage for Garchomp, considering the increased speed of many new Pokemon in this generation. However, Garchomp remains a fantastic choice, especially when equipped with a Tera Type to counter its vulnerability to Ice-type moves.

12 Dragonite

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Dragonite is an incredibly iconic Pokemon, being the original pseudo-legendary and the first Dragon-type introduced. It has been widely utilized throughout the years and continues to remain competitive in terms of strength. While Dragonite is already formidable on its own, the Terastal phenomenon elevates its difficulty to counter significantly.

Like many pseudo-legendary Dragon-types, Dragonite is highly vulnerable to Ice-type attacks, receiving four times the damage. However, this weakness can be mitigated by Terastallizing Dragonite into a Water-type or a Steel-type. Dragonite also possesses moves that capitalize on the Tera Type, such as Aqua Jet, Waterfall, and Iron Head.

11 Hydreigon

Pokemon Scarlet &

In Generation 5, Hydreigon was renowned as a premier wallbreaker, capable of breaking through defensive strategies effectively. However, its power diminished with the arrival of Fairy-types. Nevertheless, thanks to its remarkably high Special Attack stat, Hydreigon can still become a formidable force with the appropriate moves and strategies.

Hydreigon boasts an extensive array of moves, allowing it to adapt its set to various situations effortlessly. What makes Hydreigon particularly strong in this generation is the possibility of Terastallizing it into a Fire type. This transformation grants resistance against the typically troublesome Fairy and Ice types. Furthermore, with Hydreigon's Levitate ability, the Fire-type dragon loses one of its weaknesses. This presents an excellent opportunity to set up a Nasty Plot or Substitute and gain a significant advantage.

10 Salamence

Pokemon Scarlet

Salamence is a beloved choice for many fans, appreciated for its impressive appearance and devastating offensive capabilities. In many respects, Salamence can be seen as a slower but more powerful counterpart to Noivern. It shares similar strengths and weaknesses with Noivern, presenting both challenges and advantages for trainers who choose to utilize it.

Salamence benefits from having access to Dragon Dance, a move that becomes even more advantageous in this generation due to the effectiveness of certain support moves. Unlike some other Dragon-types, Salamence does not necessarily require Terastallization, allowing for flexibility in its moveset to suit different needs. While it may be overshadowed by its predecessor, Roaring Moon, Salamence remains an excellent choice for any team.

9 Cyclizar


At first glance, Cyclizar may not appear incredibly powerful, but it excels in terms of utility. This is primarily attributed to its move Shed Tail, which allows it to pass a Substitute to a teammate at the cost of half of Cyclizar's HP. However, this drawback is effectively countered by its Hidden Ability, Regenerator, which restores one-third of Cyclizar's HP when it is switched out. This synergy between Shed Tail and Regenerator enhances Cyclizar's overall effectiveness and makes it a valuable asset on the team.

The impressive combination of Shed Tail and utility moves like Knock Off, Rapid Spin, Taunt, and U-Turn make Cyclizar an exceptional pivot on the team. Additionally, its impressive speed stat of 121 ensures that it can frequently outpace opponents, reducing the need to frequently endure incoming attacks. With its diverse movepool and speed, Cyclizar proves to be a highly reliable and versatile choice.

8 Roaring Moon

Roaring Moon is among the select Paradox Pokemon introduced in Scarlet and Violet, and it appears to have a strong connection to Salamence. Fortunately, Roaring Moon inherits more than just visual similarities from the iconic pseudo-legendary. With impressive Speed and Attack stats, Roaring Moon is perfectly suited to excel as a physical sweeper, capable of swiftly dispatching opponents.

Roaring Moon possesses the advantageous Dragon/Dark typing, which provides strong offensive capabilities. However, it is important to be cautious of Fairy-type Pokemon that can pose a threat. Roaring Moon boasts an extensive movepool, featuring excellent offensive options and a crucial move called Dragon Dance, which allows for stat boosts. Additionally, like all ancient Paradox Pokemon, Roaring Moon possesses the ability Protosynthesis. This ability enhances its highest stat by 30 percent (or 50 percent if it's speed) when Sunny Day is active or when it holds the item Booster Energy. Such a significant boost is remarkable and serves as a primary reason for the popularity of Paradox Pokemon in battles.

7 Baxcalibur

The pseudo-legendary Pokemon of Paldea is Baxcalibur, a formidable creature resembling Godzilla. It possesses the impressive offensive typing of Dragon/Ice and boasts stats suitable for a physical tank. Baxcalibur's ability, Thermal Exchange, not only protects it from being burned but also boosts its attack when struck by a Fire-type attack.

Indeed, Baxcalibur possesses an exceptional toolkit for a physical attacker, especially considering that burn is a common method used to hinder such Pokemon. It boasts a standard set of powerful moves like Dragon Dance, Earthquake, and Iron Head. Additionally, Baxcalibur has access to potent Ice-type moves and the impressive new move, Glaive Rush. With these abilities and moves, Baxcalibur quickly attains the renowned power levels associated with pseudo-legendary Pokemon.

6 Haxorus

Haxorus, although not classified as a pseudo-legendary, is akin to one in terms of its exceptional prowess. This remarkable Dragon-type Pokemon from Generation Five possesses an awe-inspiring Attack stat of 147, enabling it to effortlessly rupture the defenses of nearly any opposing team.

However, that's not the extent of Haxorus' capabilities. It has the ability to perform Dragon Dance, swiftly boosting its sweeping prowess. Alongside its distinctive moves such as First Impression, Trailblaze, and Facade, Haxorus exhibits a rather distinctive attacking style. While it may not possess the same level of explosiveness as certain other contenders, Haxorus should by no means be underestimated or disregarded.

5 Koraidon & Miraidon

Koraidon and Miraidon, the legendary Pokemon gracing the covers of Scarlet and Violet, stand as some of the most formidable Dragon-types in history. Notably, they possess extraordinary speed, boasting a remarkable 135 Speed stat, coupled with a corresponding offensive stat of 135. Additionally, they exhibit respectable durability, enabling them to withstand attacks with relative ease. Their abilities prove especially advantageous in double battles or teams centered around Paradox Pokemon, as both dragons have the ability to summon a field effect that enhances their capabilities.

Individually, both Koraidon and Miraidon exhibit astounding strength. With access to powerful moves like Collision Course and Electro Drift, they possess the ability to overcome formidable defensive strategies. Although their typing may not be considered optimal, the inclusion of a proficient Terra Type can swiftly rectify this potential weakness. Undoubtedly, these majestic dragons are unquestionably deserving of their placement on the cover of a game, showcasing their exceptional prowess.

4 Kommo-o

Kommo-O, the pseudo-legendary Pokemon introduced in Generation Seven, exemplifies the formidable nature of Dragon-types equipped with setup moves. Notably, Kommo-O possesses the move Clangorous Soul, an all-encompassing stat-boosting move that can effortlessly pave the way for devastating sweeps.

In addition, Kommo-O boasts an array of remarkable coverage moves, including Ice Punch, Iron Head, and Poison Jab, making it challenging to find a reliable counter to a fully powered Kommo-O. Even its vulnerability to the Fairy-type, which would traditionally pose a significant threat, is effectively mitigated by the option of utilizing a Poison or Steel-type Terastallization, thereby eliminating the concern of its four-times weakness.

3 Walking Wake

Suicune has established a reputation in the competitive Pokemon scene over the years, primarily due to its renowned combination of Substitute and Calm Mind. However, in its esteemed Paradox Form, it appears that Suicune can thrive even without the need for setup moves.

Walking Wake is an inherently designed special sweeper. With an impressive Speed stat of 109 and a formidable Special Attack stat of 125, particularly when augmented by a Protosynthesis boost, this creature becomes exceedingly difficult to impede. Coupled with its exceptional typing, a superb moveset, and remarkable overall stats, Walking Wake is poised to become a prominent and enduring force in battles for an extended period of time.

2 Hisuian Goodra

While the regular Goodra may occasionally fail to fully embody the traits of a pseudo-legendary Pokemon, its Hisuian form unquestionably surpasses expectations. The Steel/Dragon typing alone propels it to a superior standing, as the Steel type is widely regarded as the most formidable defensive type. However, Hisuian Goodra possesses a wealth of additional attributes that further enhance its appeal.

The stats of this creature immediately depict it as a formidable special wall, notably highlighted by its colossal 150 Special Defense. Moreover, all three of its abilities—Sap Sipper, Shel Armor, and Gooey—prove to be at least partially useful, with no significant drawbacks. Although it may be disheartening to witness the regular Goodra being overshadowed, the exceptional defensive capabilities of Hisuian Goodra are sure to captivate your admiration as well.

1 Returning Legendaries

To speak candidly, this compilation could easily consist of Legendary Pokemon and pseudo-legendaries. This is due to GameFreak's inclination to bestow their latest and most impressive creations upon the eternally iconic Dragon-type. However, with the inclusion of Pokemon Home, a vast array of previously inaccessible legendary Pokemon have been reintroduced and made available once more.

Undoubtedly, this assemblage possesses an immense amount of power. Notably, it includes game-altering Pokemon such as Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, and Eternatus. The reemergence of these Dragon-type legendary Pokemon solidifies their position as the most formidable choices available. However, it is important to consider the specific format in which you are playing, as these Pokemon are typically allowed in Ubers or Anything Goes tiers.