In Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, the following skills are highly recommended to be purchased first: | GAME3A

In Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, the following skills are highly recommended to be purchased first:

If you desire to fully immerse yourself in the immersive world of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and its revitalized perk system, embarking on a fres...

David K Oct 12, 2023
In Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, the following skills are highly recommended to be purchased first:

If you desire to fully immerse yourself in the immersive world of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and its revitalized perk system, embarking on a fresh playthrough is the optimal approach. The brand-new perk tree seamlessly guides players towards their preferred playstyle, allowing for a more organic exploration of various abilities and specialties in the early stages, ultimately leading to rewarding specialization as the game progresses.

Nevertheless, making astute choices regarding perks in the initial phases can establish a sturdy groundwork for your future character build. Continue reading to unveil the most advantageous perks to select in the early stages of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

The Best Early Body Perks

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Best Skills To Buy First

In the initial release of Cyberpunk, the Body attribute was commonly referred to as the "toughness" perk tree. However, the 2.0 release has witnessed a substantial evolution of this particular tree. Nevertheless, even with just four attribute points invested in Body, certain early perks remain accessible and prove beneficial for any character build.


The majority of combat encounters in Cyberpunk 2077 can be classified into two distinct categories: either engaging in a fight against adversaries that pose little challenge, or finding yourself overwhelmed and outmatched. Painkiller is specifically designed for those intense engagements that fall into the latter category.

Although seemingly modest, the ability to regenerate health during combat can prove to be the decisive factor between survival and demise. Additionally, there exist various methods to bolster your health regeneration, including the utilization of cyberware or the acquisition of Adrenaline perks, thereby amplifying the potency of your regenerative capabilities.

Comeback Kid

The healing becomes more efficient as your injuries worsen. This synergy with Painkiller is highly beneficial and ensures that you can maintain your physical condition for combat, even in the face of adversity.

The Best Early Intelligence Perks

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Best Skills To Buy

It is not necessary for everyone to possess advanced netrunning skills. Even the most physically powerful and firearm-focused mercenaries can utilize these early-game perks to gain an advantage in the later stages.

Eye In The Sky

While newcomers to Cyberpunk can reap the greatest rewards from this perk, even experienced players may occasionally overlook an Access Point. By highlighting them in conjunction with cameras, you can ensure a steady flow of currency and avoid attracting unwanted attention from adversaries.

To fully maximize the benefits of this perk, it is advisable to invest more points into the Intelligence attribute. However, even with just a few perks, you can acquire a substantial amount of currency during the early stages of the game. As your Intelligence may eventually become inadequate for hacking Access Points, you can reallocate this perk to a more advantageous category for your character's progression.

Foreckill Cypher

If you find yourself struggling with Access Point puzzles or simply wish to expedite the process, this perk can greatly enhance your utilization of the Eye In The Sky ability.

If you do intend to pursue the path of a netrunner, it is highly advisable to also acquire the Optimization and Encryption perks. Otherwise, you can leave them to the dedicated hackers. While the Car Hacker perk can offer a delightful experience, its practicality is somewhat limited until you obtain a cyberdeck of higher caliber.

The Best Early Reflexes Perks

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Best Skills To

The majority of combat encounters in Cyberpunk are rapid and frantic, requiring frequent repositioning from cover. Alternatively, you might find yourself wielding a katana, swiftly decapitating enemies like a homicidal roadrunner. In either case, these perks are likely to be highly desirable for your character build.


Regardless of whether you're evading or engaging in combat, Slippery can help you avoid being overwhelmed by enemy gunfire. If you choose only one perk from the Reflexes tree, make it this one.

Muscle Memory

Having to interrupt everything just to escape can be quite frustrating. However, with this perk, your tactical retreats or repositioning maneuvers can also serve as opportune moments to reload your weapon. This proves valuable for anyone who intends to wield firearms while on the move, which is likely the case for the majority of players.


If you've played any other shooter in the past decade, not having this perk can feel rather peculiar. It complements Muscle Memory effectively and prevents considerable frustration when engaging in gunfights in Cyberpunk.

The Best Early Tech Perks

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Best Skills

In the early stages of Cyberpunk, there might not be an extensive selection of Technical Ability perks, but there is one particular perk that is undeniably valuable for nearly every character build.

Glutton for War

Formidable encounters frequently necessitate a higher quantity of healing resources or grenades than what you initially possess. By reclaiming five percent of both your grenade and healing item with each successful kill, you can ensure a continuous supply of these essential items even in the midst of the most arduous firefight scenarios.

The Best Early Cool Perks

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty - Best

Despite our desires, being stealthy is an essential aspect of Cyberpunk 2077 and Phantom Liberty. Whether you choose to specialize in stealth or not, these perks can greatly assist you when you prefer to remain undetected and unseen.

Feline Footwork

Given that crouching is the primary method of sneaking, having a 15 percent increase in movement speed while sneaking enables you to swiftly transition between hiding spots without attracting attention. Additionally, while crouched, you benefit from a 15 percent higher chance of mitigating damage, which proves invaluable when you find yourself exposed in open areas.

Blind Spot

When you combine this skill with the heightened mitigation chance provided by Feline Footwork, it significantly prolongs the time it takes for enemies to detect you. This can transform a potentially disastrous sneaking mission into a flawless escape. It is highly recommended to acquire this perk.


In the early stages of Cyberpunk 2077, it's highly likely that you'll find yourself in gunfights. Most players instinctively seek cover, and this perk will enhance your chances of survival by granting a substantial increase in mitigation.

Killer Instinct

A 25-percent increase in sneak damage is significant and can determine whether a single shot from a silenced pistol results in a kill or simply annoys your target. Even if your build primarily revolves around loud-firing machine guns and shotguns, the occasional utility of a silenced pistol should not be underestimated.

Gag Order

Mistakes are inevitable. There are times when you might miss your initial shot or fail to eliminate the target with it. In such situations, Gag Order can grant you valuable seconds to devise an alternative plan before the alarm is raised.

If your intention is to disregard or intentionally fail every stealth-oriented mission in Cyberpunk, you can choose to forgo Killer Instinct and Gag Order. However, it's important to note that constantly resorting to gunning down everyone will likely result in your fixers becoming increasingly displeased with your actions.

The Best Early Relic Perks

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty -

Even if you rush through all of the early quests in Cyberpunk to reach the Phantom Liberty DLC, it's unlikely that you'll gain access to the Relic perks until several hours into your gameplay. However, there are certainly certain Relic perks that are worth unlocking before others.

Vulnerability Analytics

Regardless of whether you prefer using blades, blunt force, or firearms, Vulnerability Analytics empowers you to deal greater damage to your enemies. Simply aim for the designated weak point and witness the damage numbers soar. If you inflict enough damage, you can even trigger a massive EMP blast capable of taking out entire squads. Undoubtedly the finest Relic perk available, it is highly recommended to acquire it as your first choice.


Having one of the four arm-based cybernetic enhancements is advantageous for nearly all builds, and Jailbreak significantly enhances each of them. Projectile Launch gains additional rockets, Monowire acquires extra hacking capabilities, Mantis Blades transform you into a lethal grasshopper, and Gorilla Arms send enemies flying with tremendous force.

No matter which cybernetic arm you choose to replace V's original arm with, Jailbreak will provide significant benefits. However, it is recommended to acquire this perk after obtaining Vulnerability Analytics.