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Legendary Actions Unleashed: Surviving Baldur's Gate 3's Most Dangerous Battles

Baldur's Gate 3's Honour Mode presents a challenge that only the bravest and most skilled players can conquer. With its single save file, every swing ...

Josh West Jan 27, 2024
Legendary Actions Unleashed: Surviving Baldur's Gate 3's Most Dangerous Battles

Baldur's Gate 3's Honour Mode presents a challenge that only the bravest and most skilled players can conquer. With its single save file, every swing of the sword and every uttered word can determine the outcome of the game. Unsurprisingly, this mode introduces significant changes and exceptionally difficult battles.

In Honour Mode, the stakes are high, especially with the single life rule. Players find themselves hesitating at every fork in the road, realizing that one wrong move could lead to an untimely demise. Boss fights have also undergone a transformation with the introduction of Legendary Actions, making them more formidable and terrifying than ever before. These enemies have truly upgraded their tactics to keep players on their toes. Fortunately, careful dialogue choices can help you bypass some battles and avoid a premature end. But if you're still up for a challenge, brace yourself for the most dangerous Legendary Actions that lie ahead.

  1. Mind-Claw Of Tu'narath: Inquisitor W'wargaz
    Prepare yourself for a daring journey through the treacherous Mountain Pass. Deep within the old Monastery, you'll stumble upon the Githyanki crèche. While it's not necessary to venture into the crèche, it offers valuable experience points and delves into Lae'zel's captivating story.

However, depending on your choices, you might find yourself at odds with Vlaakith, making the rest of the crèche your enemies. Inquisitor W'wargaz and a group of Githyanki will stand in your way. The main threat here is the Mindsteal Link, which can inflict substantial damage. It's crucial to defeat Inquisitor W'wargaz swiftly before he unleashes its devastating power. With his Psychic damage and Armor boost, he proves to be a tougher opponent than initially anticipated.

  1. Yurgir: The Invisible Menace
    Yurgir, a familiar face for those who've braved the Gauntlet of Shar, awaits your arrival. As Raphael's acquaintance, you and your party are tasked with vanquishing this mighty foe to earn a favor.

Beware of Yurgir's ability to turn invisible, adding annoyance to the fight. But that's not all—his Legendary Action can deal up to 50 Radiant damage, swiftly decimating your party. Moreover, the status effect he inflicts renders spellcasters and ranged attackers ineffective. To triumph over Yurgir, ensure you have melee characters who can deliver crushing blows. Keep your healers close by, as Yurgir packs quite a punch.

  1. Balthazar: A Bone-Chilling Encounter
    Act Two brings forth the unavoidable and formidable Balthazar. To make matters worse, his Spectral Aspect ability grants him resistance and immunity to various types of damage, rendering him impervious to restraint. The added risk of becoming Bone Chilled further complicates the battle, demanding careful timing for strikes.

Although Balthazar possesses The Dead Wastes action, attacking him effectively becomes challenging due to his Spectral Aspect. It might be wise to use those turns to clear the room of other enemies and heal when needed.

  1. Viconia DeVir: Beauty with a Deadly Touch
    Many fortunate souls have managed to avoid a confrontation with Viconia DeVir. However, for those seeking a unique battle and an interesting challenge, engaging her might be worthwhile. But beware of her Heartwrench action, capable of dealing up to 120 Psychic damage.

Even with a successful save, the target still suffers half the damage, a significant blow to any class. Mitigating this attack can be near impossible, so underestimating Viconia is not an option. Prepare accordingly before facing her.

  1. Cazador: A Swarm of Trouble
    Cazador's Legendary Action may not sound too intimidating at first, dealing up to 96 damage and an additional 32 damage per turn. But when your party is swarmed by bats and vulnerable to Piercing damage, the situation quickly becomes overwhelming. The accumulating damage can dismantle your party deceptively fast if caution is thrown to the wind. The key is to maneuver your way out of the swarm and eliminate Cazador swiftly.

  2. Raphael: A Fiery Challenge
    Raphael, one of the game's main antagonists and the Chosen of Bhaal, presents a daunting fight. Not only does he inflict significant damage himself, but his Slayer form adds another layer of danger. The Slayer's attack can deal up to 64 damage, knocking targets back and causing them to bleed.

Surviving this fight becomes increasingly difficult, as the affected player suffers from damage over time and a constitution debuff. Once weakened, Orin will exploit the opportunity, delivering another devastating attack. Playing reactively under such circumstances puts you at a severe disadvantage.

  1. Gortash: The Steel Watch's Enforcer
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