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Lies of P: 10 Most Memorable Quotes

Lies of P is a darker and more intense horror game, reminiscent of the Souls series, that presents a twisted version of Pinocchio's story. It offers i...

Hope Bellingham Sept 27, 2023
Lies of P: 10 Most Memorable Quotes

Lies of P is a darker and more intense horror game, reminiscent of the Souls series, that presents a twisted version of Pinocchio's story. It offers immersive and menacing environments teeming with enemies. However, another aspect where it truly shines is in its well-crafted characters, who engage in meaningful dialogue. As a result, the game leaves players with impactful quotes that resonate with them.

Krat is filled with an abundance of lore, non-player characters (NPCs), side quests, and a captivating story, keeping you engaged in dialogue as much as battling the challenging bosses like Puppet and Petrification Disease in Lies of P. Within the game, you'll come across various memorable lines and conversations that add depth to your experience.

Beware, below you will find some significant spoilers for the story of Lies of P.

1 "Geppetto's Puppet... We Need Your Help." - Sophia

Lies Of P 10 Most Memorable Quotes

These are the initial words spoken by Sophia in the game, even before you become acquainted with her character. They are uttered right at the beginning when Pinocchio is depicted as lifeless, seated in a train car at Krat Central Station. However, his lifeless state is transformed when a blue butterfly merges into his body, granting him life.

This is the crucial moment that marks the beginning of Pinocchio's adventures in the original story, and the game appears to have drawn inspiration from Disney's adaptation, where the Blue Fairy brings Geppetto's puppet to life. This quote also serves as a rallying cry throughout the game, as Pinocchio is chosen by Krat to confront the Puppet Frenzy and prevent the worsening of Petrification Disease.

2 "Ergo Is The Miracle That Made Krat Prosper." - Sophia

Lies Of P 10 Most Memorable

Ergo is the radiant blue essence obtained from defeated enemies, which can be used for upgrades and various purchases. It also serves as the life-sustaining substance for the player character. This situation creates a tragic irony stemming from the Blue Fairy Sophia, as Ergo powers the Stargazers, which restore health and establish checkpoints. However, it is Ergo that ultimately plays a role in the emergence of the Puppet Frenzy and Petrification Disease, leading to the downfall of Krat.

The opening credits and closing scenes unveil that the events that took place in Krat were somewhat reminiscent of the Black Iron Prison experiment in The Callisto Protocol. The founders of Krat unearthed significant deposits of rocks containing blue Ergo fragments, which the Alchemists employed in their quest to accelerate evolution. However, this endeavor resulted in the release of the Petrification Disease, which tragically affected and transformed the innocent townspeople.

3 "Finally, We Meet, Son." - Geppetto

Lies Of P 10 Most

In contrast to the original story and movie adaptations of Pinocchio, Lies of P rearranges the sequence of events, initially introducing you to various other characters before finally reuniting you with Geppetto. Neither Geppetto nor Pinocchio are found in their usual home, and the game takes you on a challenging journey through multiple areas, defeating formidable bosses along the way, until you finally hear Geppetto say, "Finally, we meet, son."

Once you have concluded your Soulslike endeavor by defeating the Mad Donkey boss, Geppetto breaks free from the carriage where he had been imprisoned, finally encountering Pinocchio in his animated and living state. This particular moment is recognized as one of the most beautiful and emotionally resonant scenes in this darker reinterpretation, effectively establishing the father-son bond that will shape the course of the game going forward.

4 "Grand Covenant's Fourth Law: A Puppet Cannot Lie." - Hotel Door, Polendina

Lies Of P 10

Lies of P delves into another significant theme, which is the presence of pre-programmed laws governing all puppets, reminiscent of Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics. However, in Krat, puppets are obliged to abide by four laws, with the fourth law explicitly stating that a puppet cannot lie. This holds particular importance for Pinocchio's character, as Geppetto intentionally designed him to possess the unique ability to tell lies, making him an exception to the established rules.

Pinocchio's ability to defy his programming and act in direct opposition to it becomes a crucial mechanic in the game, leading to significant changes in the story's outcomes. At certain points, you will be faced with choices between lying or telling the truth, and the frequency of your choices will determine one of three possible endings for you to experience.

5 "I'm Gemini, Your Friendly Puppet Guide. Or Friendly Guide Puppet? One Of Those." - Gemini

Lies Of P

In Lies of P, a more lighthearted and humorous quote comes from your cricket companion named Gemini. Yes, it's indeed the same Gemini, spelled like the astrological sign, who resides inside a lamp attached to your waist. True to the story and as the quote suggests, this talking cricket serves as your guide throughout the gameplay.

Gemini is in a state of shock as you begin interacting with him, so please understand that he may have difficulty finding a more suitable title for himself. The cricket is aware of his role as a guide for puppets and acknowledges that he is not precisely a puppet. Therefore, the term "guide puppet" is clearly unfitting in this situation. However, using "puppet guide" can also lead to potential misinterpretations.

6 "This Is Where Evolution Becomes Real." - Champion Victor

Lies Of

This line is quite humorous and effectively emphasizes the use of Ergo as a catalyst for unlocking accelerated evolution and eternal life. Champion Victor proudly utters this line during his introduction as he enters the arena for a fierce battle. Upon observing his appearance, one cannot help but draw comparisons to Bane, but with the added enhancement of Ergo fluid.

Victor, the enormous mutant abomination, is filled with anticipation and enthusiasm to demonstrate the effects of his evolution resulting from excessive Ergo consumption. He stands as one of Simon Manus' most prominent champions, not only in combat prowess but also in terms of ideology. This quote could be considered an unconventional display of self-assurance, and its impact is undeniable – it's unlikely that you'll easily forget it.

7 "Ah, And When I Return, I Will Find Her. For Sure. Another Key Of Ours, Dorothy." - Paracelsus


This quote raises a lingering question that Lies of P concludes with – is Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz the next character being adapted by Neowiz? The mere mention of her name in the post-credits scene, accompanied by the final shot of her tapping the ruby slippers three times, creates one of the most astonishing moments in the game, leaving players in awe.

This quote unveils that Pinocchio and Krat were not the sole targets, or "keys," in the Alchemists' pursuit of immortality. The character Philippus Paracelsus, disguised as the merchant Giangio in the game, draws inspiration from a real historical figure and is depicted as a leader within the organization. He is determined to locate Dorothy before their next encounter, effectively setting up the groundwork for a sequel story adaptation.

8 "Give Me Your Heart, Son." - Geppetto

The ultimate decision you are compelled to make in Lies of P is whether to give Geppetto your heart or refuse his demand. Geppetto pledges to transform you into a human, aligning with the lore of the original story. However, something seems amiss. Despite having placed your trust in him thus far, Geppetto ultimately reveals himself to be a treacherous villain with ulterior motives. He intends to use your heart to resurrect his true son, Carlo.

This decision directly leads to one of the multiple endings and serves as a setup for the surprising twist involving Geppetto. Choosing to give up P's heart requires careful consideration, more so than usual. It may even prompt you to revisit the decision after completing the game in order to explore different outcomes, as it represents a life-and-death moment for both Pinocchio and Geppetto.

9 "Moneybags Himself, Lorenzini Venigni, Is Inside The Factory This Very Moment." - Red Fox

Lorenzini Venigni is an entertaining character, not only because his first and last names rhyme perfectly and sound like a pasta dish but also because of his reputation as an arrogant, brilliant, and wealthy inventor of Krat's puppets. This has led to the amusing nickname "Moneybags" Venigni being attached to him.

He is initially referred to as "Moneybags" by the NPC Red Fox in the vicinity of his factory. When you personally encounter Venigni for the first time, you will immediately notice his vanity and prosperity showcased in the décor of his office and the way he speaks about himself. The nickname "Moneybags" is bound to stick given his demeanor and self-promotion.

10 "People Have No Idea So Many Secrets Are Buried In Krat..." - Antonia

Antonia, despite being an unwell hotel owner in Krat, provides a refuge for those seeking respite from Petrification Disease and the Puppet Frenzy. However, she possesses knowledge beyond what she reveals about the town's dark past and its actual intention.

Throughout the game, you develop sympathy towards Antonia and her affliction with Petrification illness. However, her character also exudes an eerie and enigmatic aura. This quote captures the intriguing yet unsettling nature of her persona. Nonetheless, whatever other secrets she may possess, she carries them to her grave, leaving them undisclosed.