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Lies Of P: 8 Best Weapon Combinations

Lies of P has many unique features; however, the feature that garners the most attention in this game is the blade and hilt customization system. In L...

George Marston Sept 25, 2023
Lies Of P: 8 Best Weapon Combinations

Lies of P has many unique features; however, the feature that garners the most attention in this game is the blade and hilt customization system. In Lies of P, you have the ability to customize the combination of blade and hilt for almost every weapon, except for some special weapons.

However, with the right combination of hilts and blades, standard weapons can surpass the quality of special weapons, and they are often available much earlier. So, what are some of the best combinations of blade and hilt in Lies of P?

8 Wintry Rapier Blade And Salamander Dagger Handle

Lies Of P 8 Best Weapon Combos

While the standard weapon combinations you unlock at the beginning of the game in Chapter 1 may not be particularly useful if you carry them throughout the rest of the game, they can surprisingly be durable if you dismantle the blades and hilts and combine them with other parts.

An amazing example of this is the Wintry Rapier blade, which can be automatically unlocked depending on the path you choose or purchased later in Chapter 1. It can then be combined with the Salamander Dagger hilt, which grants you incredible speed for a technique-oriented build. The hilt can be found hidden at the entrance of the Workshop Union.

7 Fire Axe Blade And Wintry Rapier Handle

Lies Of P 8 Best Weapon

If you want to prioritize speed and damage in an technique-oriented build, it's an excellent choice to keep the Wintry Rapier hilt. It is one of the most versatile hilt options when building a technique-oriented build. If you desire a weapon that maximizes its damage, then the Fire Axe blade, which can be found in Venigni Works in Chapter 3, is a great option.

The weapon is fast and has excellent technique scaling; however, it also has a very short range and weak defense. Aside from that, it is one of the best technique-based options in the game.

6 Electric Coil Stick Head And Electric Coil Stick Handle

Lies Of P 8 Best

While mixing and matching blade and hilt combinations can be a great method to increase damage, sometimes sticking with the standard combination can be surprisingly effective. A good example of this is the Electric Coil Stick head and hilt, which you can obtain fairly early in Chapter 2.

The combination is sold by the wandering merchant you will find in Elysion Avenue, and the shock status effect is particularly effective against puppets, which are the most common enemy class at the beginning of the game.

5 Greatsword Of Fate Blade And Krat Police Baton Handle

Lies Of P 8

It might be surprising to discover that one of the best options for a two-handed sword in Lies of P is actually the standard blade for two-handed swords obtained in Chapter 1. The blade of the Greatsword of Fate is unlocked by choosing the path of the Sweeper: Strength, but it can also be purchased for only 300 Ergo from the merchant before the first boss.

To enhance this blade and achieve even better range and mobility, you add the Krat Police Baton hilt, which you obtain by defeating the Police Puppets in Chapter 2 near the weeping women.

4 Booster Glaive Blade And Big Pipe Wrench Handle

Lies Of P

If you're playing a mobility build in P, you may encounter the issue of having difficulty dodging enemy attacks after dealing damage. One of the best ways to counter this is to use a weapon combination with greater range that still maintains good physical damage output and scaling with mobility.

One of the best weapon combinations that benefits from this is the Booster Glaive Blade with the Pipe Wrench hilt. You will be able to obtain both parts of this weapon combination before reaching Chapter 4, with the Booster Glaive Blade hidden in Venigni Works and the large Pipe Wrench hilt found after defeating Fuoco.

3 Puppet’s Saber Blade And Fire Axe Handle

Lies Of

If you choose the path of the Locust: Balance, you will receive the Puppet Saber Blade to accompany you through Chapter 1. This is a great blade if you plan on building P with a quality build that balances both mobility and technique.

You can keep it with its standard combination. However, if you want to enhance it for a quality build, you can combine it with the Fire Axe hilt, which you can find in Venigni Works during Chapter 3. This hilt has good scaling and slightly improves the range of the blade to maximize damage output.

2 Acidic Crystal Spear Blade And Big Pipe Wrench Handle


One of the best ways to inflict additional damage in Lies of P is by choosing a blade that inflicts a status effect on an enemy. One of the best options for this is the acid-infused crystal lance blade. The main issue with the standard combination of this blade is that it lacks range. This problem can be resolved by combining it with the pipe wrench grip, which also improves mobility scaling.

You will have to wait until reaching the Pilgrim's Path in Chapter 5 to obtain the blade for this combination. However, the grip should be relatively easy to find in the mines beneath Venigni Works after encountering Fuoco.

1 Salamander Dagger Blade And Booster Glaive Handle

Similar to the combination of the acid-infused crystal lance and the pipe wrench grip, using a longer handle to compensate for the short range of dagger blades is a great way to increase damage and inflict status effects on enemies.

This combination of the Salamander dagger blade and the Booster glaive grip is particularly useful for a technology build due to its scaling. If you want to apply overheating to the enemy from a safe distance, this is a great option. Both the blade and the grip can be found in Venigni Works, so you can complete this combination before the boss in Chapter 3.