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Lies of P - All Record Locations

A central mechanic in "Lies of P" is the ability to imbue the player character, Pinocchio, with more humanity. By lying or twisting the truth in vario...

Ali Jones Sept 18, 2023
Lies of P - All Record Locations

A central mechanic in "Lies of P" is the ability to imbue the player character, Pinocchio, with more humanity. By lying or twisting the truth in various ways, behaving more like a human, and completing certain quests, one increases their humanity, bringing them closer to the state of being a "real boy" - this affects the available endings.

One way to enhance humanity - and something that must be done to fully embrace the "Liar" path of the game - is by collecting and listening to various records found within the game. Something about the melodies contained within will mysteriously ignite a certain humanity within the feathers of the marionette.

All Record Locations

Lies Of P All Record Locations

The table below contains every entry in the game, along with information on how to obtain them.

Please note that some of these entries are only available in New Game Plus, and some may be missed due to required conditions.

It is not necessary to collect every single entry to achieve a Liar ending, but the more you can hear, the greater your chances of success will be.


How To Obtain

New Game

Divine Service

Location: St. Frangelico Cathedral

Speak to Cecile, who can be found near the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library Stargazer. You'll need to find the Archbishop's office, towards the end of the area, and pick up the Holy Mark there. Return this to Cecile and then check back at her location after beating the boss of this area to find the record.

Far East Princess

Location: Hotel Krat

When confronted with Alidoro at the Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field, you must choose to kill him to obtain Alidoro's Cryptic Vessel. Give this item to Venigni, read the letter you'll obtain, and then speak to Eugénie. Tell her that you think Alidoro was a talented stalker and you'll get this record.


Location: Estella Opera House

Take the right-hand stairs up from the entrance to the opera house to eventually find Adelina, who requests something sweet. You'll need to purchase the Apple from Polendina back at Hotel Kratand then give it to Adelina. Return to Adelina's position after beating the opera house's boss to get this record.


Location: Elysion Boulevard

Complete the quest to find the Weeping Woman's lost baby by finding and returning the Broken Baby Puppet from the city hall. You will get this record regardless of your answer at the end of the quest.

Memory of Beach

Location: Hotel Krat

Complete Polendina's quest by having Giango create a cure for Antonia's Petrification Disease and have Polendina administer the cure. Then, wait until you've beaten Laxasia and return to Hotel Krat. If you've done everything correctly, you'll find the record in Geppetto's office on the second floor.

Misty E'ra

Location: Hermit's Cave

A difficult enemy in Hermit's Cave drops this record upon defeat.


Location: Grand Exhibition

After beating the boss of the Grand Exhibition, you'll unlock the passageway to the next area of the game. Before getting on the train, though, give the two stalkers a Gold Coin Fruit to get this record.

Shadow Flower

Location: Ascension Bridge

After beating Laxasia and finding Sophia, choose the 'Give Her Peace' option. You may need to be on the Real Boy/Lie route for this to work.


Location: Malum District

Purchased from the Wandering Merchant who can be found on the second floor of the Red Lobster Inn. The ladder up to his level is near the door that comes out onto the entrance to the area.


Location: Hotel Krat

After beating the boss of the Grand Exhibition, return to Hotel Krat to find Belle (if you spoke to her before beating the boss). Later in the game, once you've unlocked the passage beneath Antonia's portrait, talk to Belle to be given a quest to find her companion. You'll find him in Krat Central Station - speak to him and then return to Belle to complete the quest and get the record. The answer you give does not affect your ability to get the record.

New Game+ Only

Fascination (Golden)

Location: Rosa Isabelle Street

After meeting Test Subject 826 twice at Arche Abbey and getting the Happy gesture, head to Rosa Isabelle Street once you've beaten Black Cat. Find Test Subject 826 on Rosa Isabelle Street to be able to purchase this record.

Memory of Beach (Golden)

Location: Abandoned Apartment

Purchase this from the Wandering Merchant near the Stargazer.

Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1

Location: Hotel Krat

Follow the same steps you'd need to follow to obtain the Far East Princess record in a regular New Game but choose the dialogue option that reveals Alidoro to be Eugénie's brother instead.

Proposal, Flower, Wolf Part 1 (Golden)

Location: Cerasani Alley

Purchase this from the Wandering Merchant near the Stargazer.

Quixotic (Golden)

Location: Elysion Boulevard

Purchase this from the Wandering Merchant near the Stargazer

Shadow Flower (Golden)

Location: Lorenzini Arcade

Purchase this from the Wandering Merchant, who you'll unlock halfway through this area.

How To Listen To Records

To listen to records, you need to play them on the turntable located at the Krat Hotel, which is situated to the left of the towering Stargazer in the lobby.

Simply interact with the turntable and play a record. If you want to gain a point of humanity from the record, you must listen to it in its entirety. You can track which records you have already listened to through the record menu - the ones you have listened to will have a different symbol than those you have not yet listened to.

After selecting a record to play, you can exit the turntable menu and go about your business in the Krat Hotel. If it is a new record, you will receive a notification that your humanity has increased once the song finishes, as long as you are not currently engaged in a conversation or menu.