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Lies Of P Kings Flame Fuoco Boss Guide

Once you finally clear Venigni Works, you'll be greeted by King's Flame Fuoco. There is no other boss in Lies Of P that forces you to utilize your sur...

Chantal Da Silva Sept 24, 2023
Lies Of P Kings Flame Fuoco Boss Guide

Once you finally clear Venigni Works, you'll be greeted by King's Flame Fuoco. There is no other boss in Lies Of P that forces you to utilize your surroundings as much as Fuoco. The stage is lined with pillars, and each one will be somewhat of a lifeline. However, as the battle progresses, you'll have fewer and fewer of them to protect yourself.

We will show you how to deal with all of Fuoco's fiery attacks. We will tell you when to fight, when to run away, and how to best preserve the important pillars. With our help, you will be the one melting Fuoco's health bar!

Kings Flame Fuoco's Attacks

Lies Of P Kings Flame Fuoco Boss Guide

Fuoco's standard melee attacks consist of huge, swirling strikes. He often performs three of them rapidly in succession. Fortunately, the timing is consistent, and you should be able to block them perfectly without too much difficulty. Remember that you can block early at any time, hold the block, and then improve your timing for the next rotation.

Definitely aim for a perfect block when it comes to Fuoco's spinning attack. A perfect block will easily allow you to land stagger hits.

Lies Of P Kings Flame Fuoco Boss

One of Fuoco's attacks involves him bending over and emptying the molten contents of his belly onto the ground. After a few seconds, a large portion of the floor will be surrounded by flames. This attack cannot be blocked, but you will have enough time to run to the other end of the arena.

It is worth noting that this is also an opportunity to use the pillars to shield yourself from the spreading flames.

Lies Of P Kings Flame Fuoco

The weapon that Fuoco holds is not just for show. Around halfway through the fight, he will start firing shots. This is where the pillars come into play, as they will block his fiery bullets.

If you are close to Fuoco when he fires these bullets, they often miss their target.

Fuoco will also launch huge clumps of oil that he will ignite with the flaming projectiles. Naturally, you'll want to dodge those.

Furious Attack

Lies Of P Kings Flame

When Fuoco starts rotating his wrist, he is preparing an attack where he charges across the entire stage. Once he begins that wrist rotation, sprint away and to the side. This will completely evade Fuoco and he will miss you entirely.

Fuoco also has a giant fist strike attack. He will charge towards you, dragging his hammer fist on the ground before slamming it down on your head. This is also a fairly easy opportunity to time a perfect block, but you can also simply sprint around Fuoco and he will miss beside you.

Lies Of P Kings

Sometimes, instead of the striking attack after stumbling, Fuoco will unexpectedly unleash a quick kick. You're likely to get hit by it. However, it doesn't deal much damage, so you shouldn't stress too much about it.

Kings Flame Fuoco Strategy

Lies Of P

The key to defeating Fuoco is to stay mobile and try to preserve the pillars. Fuoco can be easily outmaneuvered, and you will be able to dodge the majority of his attacks. Even most of his aggressive attacks can be easily sidestepped and avoided. His toughest attacks are all easily countered if you have a pillar nearby. However, Fuoco can easily destroy them, so you should consciously lead him away from them.

In order to keep the columns intact you should...

  • Try to engage him in the center of the arena.
  • When he is preparing his charging, attack lead him away from the columns.
  • Only duck behind the columns when he is firing his cannon or lighting the floor on fire.

Lies Of

Fuoco has a whirlwind attack as well as horizontal strike attacks. You can maneuver around these movements, but they are all quite easy to time, which makes them perfect for a perfect block. However, this does not mean that Fuoco is not dangerous. As predictable as these attacks may be, they inflict exceptionally high damage. So, a wrong move can quickly lead to downfall.


When Fuoco crouches down and pours out its molten core onto the ground, you must run away. Get as far away as possible! You will have time to land some heavy hits. If you've almost made Fuoco stagger, you can probably land two fully charged heavy attacks (depending on your weapon), but be fairly certain that it's close to being stunned. Otherwise, land a charged attack and then run away. The pillars will also protect you from the approaching flames.

When Fuoco starts firing its cannon, position yourself behind one of these pillars. This will not only protect you from its attacks but it's also the ideal time to heal yourself and sharpen your weapon.

Throughout the entire battle, Fuoco will be vulnerable. This is especially true after the Tin Titan performs its whirlwind attack sequence or slams its hammer fist onto the ground. However, don't overextend yourself. You can land a charged heavy attack or a quick attack combination, but don't do much more than that. Keep up the pressure, and Fuoco will eventually fall.

Rewards For Slaying Kings Flame Fuoco

As a reward, you will receive the High-Performance Flame Amplifier, Kingflame Ergo, and the Flame Sharpening Stone. Bring the High-Performance Flame Amplifier back to Eugenie, and you will be rewarded with the Flamberge Legion Arm. As for the Kingflame Ergo, exchange it with Alidoro.