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Lies Of P Laxasia The Complete Boss Guide

Lies Of P undoubtedly stands out as one of the superior Souls-like games ever created, and Laxasia The Complete stands as perhaps its most exceptional...

Phil Hayton Sept 28, 2023
Lies Of P Laxasia The Complete Boss Guide

Lies Of P undoubtedly stands out as one of the superior Souls-like games ever created, and Laxasia The Complete stands as perhaps its most exceptional boss encounter. This exhilarating battle offers a delightful blend of Perfect Guards and invincible dodge rolls, demanding players to employ a mix of these techniques. However, it is worth noting that while Laxasia provides an exceptional fight, she also presents an immensely challenging obstacle.

This particular encounter falls into the category of battles where you will essentially be facing two bosses. Just as you become adept at countering Laxasia's multiple overhead swing combinations, you will then have to contend with an airborne Laxasia who relentlessly launches electric projectiles at our unfortunate protagonist. Fortunately, we have already acquired all the necessary knowledge about this fight, allowing you to engage her in combat without the need for initial experimentation.

Laxasia The Complete's Attacks

Lies Of P Laxasia The Complete Boss Guide

Laxasia poses a formidable challenge, yet she also exhibits remarkable fairness in her combat mechanics. She executes two distinct attack patterns involving a series of rapid slashes and swings—one sequence features upward swings, while the other involves downward swings. The rhythm of these strikes initiates at a significantly slow pace and progressively accelerates. This presents an excellent opportunity to execute numerous Perfect Guards, as the gradual acceleration enables you to grasp the timing effectively. Successfully performing these two sequences will highly likely result in staggering the opponent.

The primary distinction between the two multi-hit combinations lies in Laxasia's conclusion: the upward swing variation culminates in a spinning attack, while the downward swing sequence concludes with a fierce assault.

By adopting a Perfect Guard-focused strategy, you can effectively stagger Laxasia without fail. However, it's important to note that once you stagger her, she executes a specific attack. When she stumbles forward, she raises her sword above her head before swiftly bringing it down upon you. Therefore, after staggering her, capitalize on the opportunity to land a few swift attacks, but remain prepared to evade her formidable swing.

Lies Of P Laxasia The Complete Boss

During Laxasia's energetic charge across the arena, leaving behind a trail of electricity, we highly advise swiftly sprinting away from her. This presents a favorable moment to either repair your weapon or tend to your healing needs.

Laxasia often employs a charging shoulder attack. To counter this, you can rely on your standard blocking technique, effectively halting her advance. Subsequently, she will be left exposed, allowing you to swiftly deliver a slashing strike to recover any lost health incurred from the block.

Lies Of P Laxasia The Complete

Laxasia possesses another charging attack where she drags her sword behind her while sprinting towards you. Once she ceases her sprint, the residual trail of electricity she left behind will detonate. However, unless you are burdened with excessive weight, her sprinting speed is notably slower compared to yours. Therefore, you can simply evade her by running away.

Furious Attacks

Lies Of P Laxasia The

Lexasia possesses several Furious Attacks in her arsenal. One occurs following a spinning attack, while another follows her sequence of overhead sword swings. These attacks maintain the same rhythm as her regular swings, rendering them relatively simple to Perfect Guard. However, you will also have ample time to create distance by running away. Additionally, you can dodge these attacks by sidestepping since they exhibit a highly linear trajectory.

Second phase

Lies Of P Laxasia

Upon entering her second form, Laxasia undergoes a complete transformation in her moveset. The second phase commences with her soaring into the air, unleashing a barrage of six lightning balls towards you. Should you execute a Perfect Guard on these projectiles, they will be deflected back at Laxasia. Following the final projectile, she proceeds with a diving attack. Naturally, you have the option to block this diving maneuver.

Additionally, Laxasia will frequently ascend into the air and launch one or two projectiles towards you. It is advisable to reflect these projectiles back at her during this phase as well.

Laxasia possesses two jumping attacks: one involves her leaping towards you, executing a spin, and then forcefully bringing her sword down upon you, while the other entails her leaping into the air, gathering energy, and subsequently dive bombing towards you. To counter the spinning attack, it is advisable to assume a guarding stance just as she concludes the full rotation of her midair spin. As for the leaping attack, simply sprint away from her, and she will fail to make contact with you.

You will easily recognize when Laxasia is about to execute the dive bomb attack, as she will levitate in the air for a considerable duration before descending with force.

Lies Of P

Laxasia will also employ a fairly standard combo consisting of swinging attacks that are relatively manageable. However, when she enters her electrified state (indicated by her sword glowing with electricity), she gains the ability to teleport, which adds a level of complexity to this combo. In general, we discovered that dodging through these attacks proved to be more effective.

Furthermore, Laxasia possesses a new projectile attack in which she unleashes two consecutive energy waves towards you. Fortunately, evading these projectiles is quite straightforward.

Lies Of

Finally, similar to her first form, Laxasia executes an attack when she is stunned. She lunges forward with two slashing strikes and proceeds to generate a massive electrical sphere. Therefore, it is advisable to create some distance once you successfully land that stunning blow.

Laxasia The Complete Strategy


As evident from the aforementioned section, Laxasia possesses a multitude of attacks. However, your approach to handling these attacks is relatively straightforward, and individually, they are not particularly difficult to manage. Throughout Laxasia's initial attack phase, your primary focus will be on executing Perfect Guards as frequently as possible.

When Laxasia executes her multi-attack combos or wide circular swings, it is recommended to utilize Perfect Guard. The same applies to her leaping attack, charging attack, and lunging stab attacks—Perfect Guard! Perfect Guard! Perfect Guard! You understand the pattern, correct?

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to achieve a Perfect Guard for every single instance. By successfully executing a few Perfect Guards, you can often recover the damage taken from non-Perfect Blocks. This is why it is advisable to adopt a conservative approach when aiming for Perfect Guards.

That being said, there are a few moves you should completely avoid. If Laxasia charges towards you while dragging her sword behind her, it is best to create distance and keep away from the electrical effects, as you don't want to engage with that aspect.

Similarly, and this is crucial, if Laxasia remains stationary and swings her sword around her body twice, concluding with a powerful slam into the ground that generates lightning branching out in multiple directions, it is imperative to avoid this attack. While it is possible to block the entire sequence, a more effective approach is to dodge through her sword swing, positioning yourself behind her to completely evade the lightning portion of the attack.

Second Phase

There are two important things you need to know about the second phase of Laxasia...

  • First, when Laxasia powers up, she gains access to the ability to teleport. This makes it easier for Laxasia to get in close while also making her harder to hit.
  • When Laxasia fires her lightning projectiles from the sky, you need to try to Perfect Guard them you will send them right back at her.

A significant portion of your damage will likely come from reflecting those projectiles.

Now, as Laxasia transitions into her second phase, you will still utilize Perfect Guard to some extent, particularly when she is launching projectiles at you from the sky. However, you should begin focusing on dodging through her attacks, especially when she starts teleporting unpredictably. In general, when Laxasia is in an energized state, it is advisable to dodge and defend until the effect wears off. Only seize the opportunity to attack when she is recovering from a large, missed attack. Avoid attempting quick attacks in between her combo attacks, as it is not recommended.

When Laxasia performs her leaping and dashing attacks from the sky, it is advisable to dodge through them. However, in the case of her dive bomb attack, it's better to run away. If you do choose to block these attacks, keep in mind that they will create a pool of electricity beneath Laxasia, which will eventually explode.

She still retains her forking lightning attack as well. Therefore, be sure to dodge through those swings, as it will provide you with an excellent opportunity to unleash a fully charged attack on her.

Rewards For Slaying Laxasia The Complete

Defeating Laxasia The Complete will grant you the Sad Zealot's Ergo and 16,000 Ergo as rewards. Additionally, you will unlock the ability to ascend the tower and confront the game's final boss. Congratulations, you are now in the homestretch.