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Lies Of P Mad Donkey Boss Guide

Are you Lampwick? Well, there's only one way to find out; we have to forcefully remove that mask! Unlike some bosses in Lies Of P, the crazy donkey ha...

Hope Bellingham Sept 18, 2023
Lies Of P Mad Donkey Boss Guide

Are you Lampwick? Well, there's only one way to find out; we have to forcefully remove that mask! Unlike some bosses in Lies Of P, the crazy donkey has a very specific problem with a solution that isn't just "block better." Of course, that is also a possible way forward.

In fact, we would argue that the crazy donkey is your first real opportunity to learn how to deal with the many pursuers you will encounter throughout the game! This guide will explain Mad Donkey's attack patterns, weaknesses, and the best approach to defeat him. With this guide by your side, we'll chase away this donkey in no time.

Mad Donkey's Attacks

Lies Of P Mad Donkey Boss Guide

The crazy donkey is equipped with the Bone Saw Blade - a weapon you will obtain later in the game. The Bone Saw Blade is powerful and has good reach but consists of slow, predictable swings. Since all of these attacks are quite predictable, it is relatively easy to perfectly block them.

A Beginner's Approach To The Perfect Guard

If you're still getting used to Perfect Guard, we recommend aiming for Perfect Guard but then holding the block button if you miss the Perfect Guard, so you can at least block his attack normally. Some people may try to tap quickly, and while that may be more likely to result in a Perfect Guard, it's also more likely that you'll get hit.

Lies Of P Mad Donkey Boss

A series of attacks from Mad Donkey are vertical strikes. When fighting against Mad Donkey, circle around him slowly, which will cause most of these vertical strikes to miss completely. Remember this advice, as we will come back to it later.

Furious Attack

Lies Of P Mad Donkey

His Furious Attack consists of a three-hit combination. He will pause for a moment before leaping forward and performing a quick horizontal slash followed by a swift vertical slash. Then, he charges up briefly before delivering a powerful overhead strike. Needless to say, you cannot block these attacks unless you perfect block them.

This sequence happens quite quickly and poses the most challenging challenge to perfect block when Mad Donkey uses it against you. However, you can simply run away as you have more than enough warning to create distance from him. Honestly, this is probably the best approach unless you are truly confident in your timing, as you have little margin for perfect blocking this attack.

Mad Donkey Strategy

Lies Of P Mad

So, let's start with the most important knowledge you need for fighting the Stalkers in Lies Of P. You can backstab ALL Stalkers. And you know who's the perfect candidate for an ambush? An enemy that utilizes slow, elaborate attacks. That's an excellent description of the Mad Donkey.

That means the game plan is to approach Mad Donkey cautiously, block his big strikes until you get close enough, and then circle around him. While he swings, he will mostly miss you, and while he's stuck in some of his long animations, you have the opportunity to turn your back to him. Once you see the three red slits on his back, press forward and attack to inflict massive damage.

The ambush alone already inflicts tremendous damage, but don't forget to hit Mad Donkey while he's upright to cause even more damage.

Lies Of P

While dodging around him, make sure to always block when he performs a horizontal strike, as these attacks can sometimes hit you even if you mostly have his back in sight. There's no need to despair.

Since an ambush restores a significant amount of health, you can primarily use standard defense here. Especially since it can be difficult to time such attacks that only narrowly hit you.

When you see him start to glow, hold down the dodge button and run away. There's no reason to stay close. Gain some distance and then heal yourself with a medkit and repair your weapon with a whetstone. If you're still in pretty good shape and relatively close, Mad Donkey will be an easy target after missing the final attack in that Furious Attack Combo.

Maintain this strategy, don't overextend, and you will ultimately defeat this crazy donkey.

Rewards For Slaying Mad Donkey

Lies Of

After you have killed Mad Donkey, you will receive the Mad Donkey hunting attire, the Mad Donkey mask, the key to Krat City Hall, and the Enigma assembly tool. Of course, you will need the key to progress to the next area, but more excitingly, the Enigma assembly tool allows you to craft your own weapons!