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Lies of P - Parade Master Boss Guide

Well, it's time to face the music: We have now reached the first boss of Lies Of P. All in all, the Parade Master is not particularly challenging as a...

Phil Hayton Sept 20, 2023
Lies of P - Parade Master Boss Guide

Well, it's time to face the music: We have now reached the first boss of Lies Of P. All in all, the Parade Master is not particularly challenging as a boss. However, when you encounter him, you may not have fully immersed yourself in Lies Of P just yet. Ultimately, the Parade Master is somewhat like a pop quiz.

So, what exactly is on this pop quiz? Well, a significant part of it will be how to effectively utilize your Perfect Guard, but also learning when to dodge is another crucial aspect. Fortunately, we can guide you through this entire encounter and ensure that you ace this test!

Parade Master's Attacks

Lies Of P Parade Master Boss Guide

The Parade Master has several attack patterns, but one of its main combos involves the puppet performing straight linear strikes, often alternating from left to right. They often come in groups of three. Once you see the Parade Master charging up, prepare to defend against the attack with a Perfect Guard. Don't wildly tap on it, or you will get hit. Instead, guard when the attack is about to land. Start with caution and gradually refine your timing.

When you see the Parade Master bringing both arms together in the air, it is preparing to strike with both arms simultaneously. This attack hits everything around the front of the Parade Master (if you manage to get behind it, you'll be safe). Pay attention to its hands. Once they start moving downward, prepare to block or dodge the attack.

Although this attack hits everything in front of the Parade Master, it is relatively short, so you can also simply jump to the side.

Another attack that the Parade Master likes to use is a big belly flop. This attack is quite slow, and it hangs in the air for a while, making it easy to time. This presents a reliable opportunity for a Perfect Guard. Make sure to attack him while he is on the ground.

Second Phase Attacks

Lies Of P Parade Master Boss

The Parade Master will get some new tricks once he transitions into his second phase. After his belly flop attack, as he gets up, he will perform a spinning attack. He will also execute an attack where he raises his bat above his head, then jumps forward twice and slams it down on you. He will always jump forward twice before slamming the bat, so use that to time your defense!

The biggest change is that he now performs spinning attack combos. These often come in groups of three and are easy to dodge, but he has a deceptive attack where he raises the bat over his right shoulder to make you believe he will swing to the left, only to then spin 360 degrees and swing from the right. It's really tricky, so you might want to switch to blocking when you see him raise his bat.

Furious Attack

Lies Of P Parade Master

The Parade Master's enraged attack is a powerful overhead strike. He pauses for a solid second before slamming his fists down on you. You can time this attack for a Perfect Guard, but another option is simply to run away.

During the second phase, he will perform this attack more frequently, and due to the bat in his hands, his reach will be significantly extended. You still have enough time to sprint away, but the timing will be tighter. However, the timing for Perfect Guards has largely remained unchanged.

Parade Master Strategy

Lies Of P Parade

Staggering Enemies

Before we begin, we would like to briefly explain how the stagger system works for players who are just starting out. When you land attacks or perfectly block an enemy's attack, you build up their stagger gauge. Once their health bar starts glowing white, they are in a staggered state. By performing a charged heavy attack, they will then be staggered. Now, stand in the brightly red circle and press forward, then execute a light attack to deal a massive amount of damage!

The Parade Master will attack with a shoulder charge. In general, when you create distance, the Parade Master will attempt to reach you again with this attack. Distancing yourself during this attack can be a bit tricky, so we recommend simply blocking it normally. A light attack will quickly recover lost health points.

You can keep your distance from the Parade Master for the majority of this fight and heal yourself. However, be prepared for the shoulder charge when you do so, as it is the Parade Master's preferred way to close the distance again.

Now he will attack you with a series of straight punches. Before landing a hit, he will wind up, giving you enough time to prepare for a Perfect Guard. If you are using a light weapon, you will always have enough time to perform a light attack between these punches.

Lies Of P

After he finishes his combo, you will receive one of three endings...

  • He will perform his double slash attack, which is easy to dodge through.
  • He will use his belly flop, which is easy to Perfect Guard.
  • Or he will use his Furious Attack, which isn't too hard to Perfect Guard, but you can just run away from it if you aren't comfortable trying to Perfect Guard it.

Lies Of

All of these options will make him vulnerable afterward. So, charge up a heavy attack and get ready to deal damage.

Once you have weakened the Parade Master enough, he will drop his cage and acquire a baton. While he does this, take advantage of the lull: heal yourself and sharpen your weapon. He still performs many similar attacks in this phase but is now more aggressive.

Get ready for the barrage of spinning attacks. Dodge them (towards the side he swings his baton while winding up), and then perform a light attack before repeating this step for the next swing. Just like with the punches, he usually swings three times.


Just like during the first phase, after the three-hit combo, he will perform the same moves. However, now, after the belly flop, he will execute a spinning attack when he gets up, and instead of the double-handed strike, he will perform a downward strike with his baton (which works in the same way).

The pace of this encounter increases quite dramatically in the second phase, but as long as you stay vigilant and follow the game plan, you will ultimately put an end to this puppeteer.

Rewards For Slaying The Parade Master

As a reward for defeating your first boss, you will receive Quartz and the Parade Leader Ergo. While you can use the Parade Leader Ergo to obtain a large amount of Ergo for leveling up, it is a special rare Ergo that can also be exchanged for a unique weapon or accessory later on. We strongly recommend keeping it.

As for the Quartz, it is a special material used to upgrade your P-Organs, which becomes unlocked once you defeat the third boss in the game. Quartz is one of the most valuable items in the game, so be sure to keep it safe!