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Lies of P: The 10 Toughest Bosses

Lies of P wears its inspirations on its sleeves and has proven to be the gold standard of indie souls-like games. The game definitely does not disappo...

Austin Wood Sept 20, 2023
Lies of P: The 10 Toughest Bosses

Lies of P wears its inspirations on its sleeves and has proven to be the gold standard of indie souls-like games. The game definitely does not disappoint when it comes to extremely challenging boss battles and is identical in every way to a FromSoftware title. Who would have thought that all it takes for an outstanding Bloodborne-like experience is a little inspiration from Pinocchio?

This game is a loose adaptation of Carlo Collodi's "The Adventures of Pinocchio" and is set in the dystopian city of Krat, plagued by the pestilence, where puppets and mutated monsters have become corrupt and dangerous. As you navigate the world as Pinocchio, you will also face these seemingly impossible and intimidating enemies.

10 All The Mini Bosses Around Krat

Lies Of P 10 Hardest Bosses

The developer Neowiz has done a great job with all the bosses in this game, including the variety of mini-bosses. Their designs and attacks always feel original, and they are just as challenging to defeat as the larger main bosses. It may even take a few attempts in the starting area to finally obtain the key from the tough police boss and leave Krat Central Station.

Then you have the industrial mini-bosses around the Venigni Works Factory, like the Double Shield Butcher and the shovel-swinging Furnace Man. The more human-like pursuers such as the White Lady, Survivor, and of course, the obligatory Insane Donkey, in order to save Geppetto, showcase more intense swordplay. There's also the insane clown puppet on Rosa Isabelle Street that looks like Spawn's Violator and Pennywise had a baby.

9 Scrapped Watchman

Lies Of P 10 Hardest

Although the Forsaken Guardian is the second giant boss you encounter outside the City Hall of Krat, he is not inherently the most difficult. His attacks are better suited for parrying, as you can predict the pattern of his arm swings and determine the perfect moment for a counter with a single strike followed by a red double strike. The movements are somewhat slower than those of most other enemies you will encounter, but not as slow and straightforward as those of the Future Doll.

Where it becomes slightly more challenging is in the middle of the battle when the Mustache Doll enters phase two and electricity comes into play. The Forsaken Guardian maintains its attack patterns but now also leaves behind electric fields that can shock you. Its red Fury attack also creates a field of lightning, but the edges provide enough space for you to dodge away from it.

8 Parade Master

Lies Of P 10

The Parade Master is placed before the Forsaken Guardian primarily because he is the first major boss fight in the game when you are still trying to master the Perfect Block mechanic. This boss is not a walk in the park due to his incredibly unpredictable movements in the second phase, especially if Lies of P is your first Souls-like game. And you have to defeat him in order to reach the main hub of Krat Hotel.

Both phases occur at least under one health bar instead of splitting into two full phases, but it is a challenge. He will perform belly flops, thrusts, digs, and swing his clawed arm at you. Sometimes the timing of defense can be a bit tricky, and you'll rely on dodging maneuvers. The other half of the battle involves him removing his mop-like headpiece and using it as a club, swiftly swinging it around in addition to heavy striking attacks.

7 King's Flame, Fuoco

Lies Of P

King's Flame Fuoco brings literal and figurative heat in Lies of P. It is a giant mechanical puppet that spits and shoots flames with a built-in oven and fireball cannon, delivering powerful punches and wide swings against you. There are some advantages in this battle that make it not completely impossible to defeat him.

One trick is to use the rusty metal pipes in the room as protection against fire attacks, whether it's fireballs or when the floor is set ablaze by the oven. You will also have many opportunities to attack between his moves, especially landing many hits from behind. But there will be much more dodging involved than attempts to perfectly block his attacks.

6 Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Lies Of

Fallen Archbishop Andreus is the first main boss who is not a doll but a giant mutated creature that has fallen victim to the petrification disease. In the St. Frangelico Cathedral, Krat's archbishop presents quite a grotesque battle. The boss design strongly resembles Bloodborne and Elden Ring and consists of two separate phases.

The Archbishop hides within the shell of this beetle-tarantula-lizard-like creature, so you must focus on defending against its long blue tongue, claw swings, and furious body slams. The first phase is not too difficult to parry the opponent and throw it off balance. However, when Andreus emerges with his winged centipede body, it becomes incredibly challenging as you now fight against both the front and back of the boss, occasionally being hit by an Ergo beam.

5 Simon Manus, Arm Of God And Awakened God


The main antagonist and "final boss" of Lies of P is Simon Manus, an alchemist with the traits of a Resident Evil villain, who employs Ergo and the petrification disease as means to further human evolution. His overdose of Ergo grants him this mutated final form, resembling an even more massive combination of the Rat King and the Boss William Birkin G2 from Resident Evil 2.

Manus' boss wields a gigantic Ergo-powered hammer with a wide swing range that can be dodged or blocked, but the jumping smash might be somewhat challenging to avoid. The second form reveals a connected blue spirit emerging from a cocoon and being touched from above by a set of arms. More magical elements are employed against you, the movements are much faster, and the giant hand creates storms of debris by touching the ground. Believe it or not, this is still more manageable than some of the other battles.

4 All Of The Black Rabbit Brotherhood

If you barely survived the boss fight against the Elder of the Black Hare Order in the early game, a longer and more intense challenge awaits you when you have to fight against all three younger members simultaneously and then face the Elder again. The Battle Maniac, the Youngest, and the Eccentric of the Order now have individual boss health bars on the screen and are no longer just background enemies.

The battle takes place within a rather confined area, and each of these members is relentless, swiftly launching their attacks. Particularly noteworthy are the nimble combat maniac and the eccentric individual wielding a spear staff, who delivers powerful blows and executes a furious drilling assault. The eldest member, being the final part in this instance, is alone, yet even more aggressive due to their Ergo corruption.

3 Romeo, King Of Puppets

The Puppet King serves as the boss in the game, placing emphasis on the narrative, as this character holds a significant connection to Pinocchio's story. It commences with an interlude set in the opera house, featuring a marionette show performed by Geppetto, who takes P's heart and places it into a new puppet, foreshadowing events that will unfold towards the conclusion. Subsequently, the actual battle commences.

The puppet form is the most imposing one thus far, featuring two enormous flexible tubular arms accompanied by two additional sets of mechanical supports. The pliant arms are rather disquieting, as they have the ability to anchor the boss towards your direction, much like Doc Ock, and can significantly extend the range of swinging attacks, not to mention the vortexes they create that give rise to wind traps.

When Romeo steps out of the mech suit, the situation becomes even more chaotic and unpredictable. Romeo can sprint like lightning and generate fire with his scythe, and his maneuvers are incredibly swift, thrusting you into the danger zone when it comes to blocking and evading.

2 Green Monster Of The Swamp

This boss battle may evoke flashbacks of the fight against the Blazing Bull in Sekiro, with the distinction that this is a main boss encounter featuring two phases, wherein the health bar is notably larger than that of the bull. It is also one of the most unique boss concepts in the game: a swamp creature mutated by petrification, adorned with sharp, insect-like antennae, capable of merging with puppets and delivering an unforgettable and merciless battle in its second phase.

In the first phase, the monster attacks you by body-slamming, hurling its antennae at you, and thrashing about wildly. It can even burrow underground in the confined space and spring up directly beneath you. Its frenzy attack inflicts massive damage but occasionally grants you enough time to execute a perfect block. Its form as the Green Devourer of Puppets resembles the Scrapped Watchman on Ergo-based steroids, and it will simply compel you to run away.

1 Laxasia The Complete

Laxasia is Simon Manus' right-hand and an even tougher boss than him. You can certainly regard her as a blend of Malenia and Knight Artorias in Lies of P. She is adorned in heavy knight armor and wields a massive sword and shield. This battle consists of two phases, and both are equally challenging to overcome.

The weight of the sword holds no significance for Laxasia. She can swing it with elegance, unleashing a frenzy of sword attacks that you'll want to avoid entirely. She also employs kicks, charges her sword with electric current to create a wave of electricity on the ground, and generates a larger shockwave from it. In phase two, now without her armor, Laxasia transforms into an electric entity, teleporting, utilizing her shield, and hovering in the air to unleash bursts of electric shocks upon you, which can be defended against.