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Lies of P: The 8 Best Technique Weapons

Technology-based weapons in Lies of P offer versatile movement patterns for both combat against regular enemies and boss encounters, making them a va...

Hirun Cryer Sept 23, 2023
Lies of P: The 8 Best Technique Weapons

Technology-based weapons in Lies of P offer versatile movement patterns for both combat against regular enemies and boss encounters, making them a valuable choice for gameplay.

The Booster Glaive, the Dancer's Curved Sword, and the Tyrant Slayer's Dagger are all effective technology-based weapons with unique advantages such as range, attack rhythm, and critical damage potential.

The Sword of Two Dragons is considered the best weapon for a technology-based build due to its excellent scaling, versatility, and the ability to land heavy attacks and critical hits in a single strike.

Lies of P is a game with many unique weapons to choose from, but the most versatile options are those with good technology scaling. In other games, you would consider these weapons as dexterity-based weapons, but since the protagonist is not human, the statistics are named differently.

While you might be tempted to choose the path of agility (strength) to maximize raw damage per hit, technology-based weapons offer a wider range of movement patterns for both swarms of enemies and boss battles. Technology weapons are usually smaller, so they block less damage, but the compromise is worth it considering the diverse possibilities.

8 Booster Glaive

Lies Of P 8 Best Technique Weapons

Although the starting weapon for technology builds does its job fairly well, you can make an early switch and replace it with the Booster Glaive. The blade itself has better reach, even though it's slightly heavier than what you're used to.

What you really want, however, is the handle. It allows for some nice wide swings that complement your initial thrust attack set, and the heavy attack is an impressive gap-closer. However, be mindful of openings as you can still be caught off guard while charging up.

7 Dancer’s Curved Sword

Lies Of P 8 Best Technique

A great weapon for general exploration is the Dancer's Curved Sword. It covers a wide area in front of you with repeated slashes, easily dispatching disorienting enemies in no time. While you can combine the handle with other blades, the weight of the standard sword provides a great attack rhythm.

As with most basic weapons, the handle is the real gem as it has good technology scaling. And its special technique is great for capitalizing on openings by wildly swinging while standing in place. It can be excellent for exploiting the opening created by a perfect parry.

6 Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger

Lies Of P 8 Best

Daggers are a classic choice for dexterity-based builds in all games, and that holds true for technology-based builds in Lies of P as well. Although their main drawback is the short range, the speed of their attacks compensates for it. They are capable of surpassing most weapons with the same amount of energy.

Since it's a regular weapon, you can detach the handle and deliver swift strikes with a larger blade. Although they will be slower, they will still be faster than any other handle. However, that doesn't mean you should completely disregard the blade, as it allows for incredible critical damage.

5 Etiquette

Lies Of P 8

When it comes to style, Etiquette already wins, as you're essentially fighting with an umbrella, and that always looks cool. Furthermore, it has one of the best technology scalings among all weapons and features a fast movement pattern that includes a perfect block as well.

However, since it's a unique weapon, you need to have access to Alidoro if you want to obtain the weapon. Aside from that, it's easy to acquire since the boss you need to defeat to obtain it is one of the earliest in the game, making this umbrella an easy loot.

4 Uroboro’s Eye

Lies Of P

Although the technology scaling is decent, what sets Uroboro's Eye apart from other weapons are its unique special techniques. If you find that the basic attacks of weapons are sufficient for you, the special techniques of this weapon will complement your playstyle perfectly.

To start off, you can throw the blade like a projectile, allowing you to engage with ambushes at your own pace or even catch fleeing enemies. Additionally, the other ability allows you to spin the weapon, causing the blade to rotate in place and adding significant damage to your attacks.

3 Puppet Ripper

Lies Of

Hidden behind one of the most challenging bosses in the game, the Puppet Ripper is worth the effort. It offers all the qualities one would expect from a special weapon, and the additional advantage is that it covers an enormous range, not just in front of you but also around you.

Furthermore, the entire range is covered by the heavy attacks, meaning you don't have to expend valuable resources to defeat a group of weak enemies. While other technology-specific weapons may surpass the Puppet Ripper, it's still great to have it on hand for mass cleaving.

2 Trident Of The Covenant


The Trident of the Covenant is good in both expected and unexpected ways. Being a trident, it has a spear-like movement pattern with corresponding range, allowing you to damage your enemies before they can get close to you. It even has small gap closers to finish off a pursuit.

The unexpected part is its special blocking ability. While other weapons cause more damage when blocking, the trident performs a backflip when timed correctly. This means that you can parry an attacking enemy and stay within optimal range to continue attacking without having to worry about a counterattack.

1 Two Dragons Sword

The Sword of Two Dragons is simply the best weapon for a technique build, not only because of its excellent scaling but also due to the versatility you get from a single weapon. Its legendary abilities alone include the fastest gap-closer and a massive area-of-effect attack.

However, the main feature of the entire move set is the heavy attack, a special parry attack that deals significant damage when successful. Not only is Lies of P a game heavily reliant on the parry system, but you also need to land heavy attacks to achieve critical hits. The fact that all of this is accomplished with a single strike makes this weapon the best in the game.