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Lords of the Fallen: How to Cast Magic

Lords of the Fallen provides you with the opportunity to personalize your character based on your preferences and preferred playstyle. Whether you enj...

Luke Plunket Oct 13, 2023
Lords of the Fallen: How to Cast Magic

Lords of the Fallen provides you with the opportunity to personalize your character based on your preferences and preferred playstyle. Whether you enjoy using heavy weapons to overpower your foes or dual-wielding two swords for impressive combos, the game caters to your choices. Additionally, it incorporates a range of magical options into the gameplay, further expanding the possibilities for your character.

If you are a spellcaster who takes pleasure in inflicting damage upon enemies from a safe distance, this guide is specifically designed for you. We will thoroughly explore all aspects related to utilizing magic within the game.

How Does Magic Work

Spells Types

Lords Of The Fallen How To Cast Magic

The first thing you should be aware of is that Lords of the Fallen features three distinct types of magic: Radiant, Inferno, and Umbral.

Consider Radiant magic to be similar to the Faith attribute found in the Souls games, Inferno magic comparable to Pyromancies, and Umbral magic as a unique aspect specific to this game.

To cast each type of magic, you will need specific stats. Radiant magic requires the Radiance stat and includes a variety of spells, ranging from damaging enemies to providing healing and enhancing your character's abilities. Inferno magic, as the name suggests, relies on the Inferno stat and primarily focuses on offensive spells, although it also offers some spells for character enhancement.

Umbral magic, on the contrary, requires investment in both Radiance and Inferno stats. This implies that you will need to allocate resources to develop both stats, which can be quite demanding in terms of character development.

Now that you are acquainted with the different types of spells in the game, you will require a catalyst that is suitable for casting a specific type of spell.

For example, if you intend to utilize Radiant spells, you will need a Radiant Catalyst. Similarly, to cast Umbral spells, you will require an Umbral Catalyst, and for Inferno spells, an Inferno Catalyst will be necessary.

Each Catalyst has a limited number of spells that you can assign to it, so it is important to keep that in mind.

Lords Of The Fallen How To Cast

How To Cast Spells

Once you have obtained your Catalyst, you need to equip it in the third slot, which is typically reserved for weapons. Following that, you can assign spells corresponding to the Catalyst in the row below it. Each slot is assigned a specific button indicating which one to use for each equipped spell.

Now it's time to cast your spells.

  • First, switch to your Catalyst using the up d-pad. Then, aim by holding L2 or LT, depending on your platform, to hold the Catalyst and finally press the button corresponding to the spell you want to perform.
  • For PC players, to cast spells, you'll need to press the number 2 key to switch to your Catalyst, then hold Ctrl and press the corresponding button for the spell you want to cast.

If you happen to forget the buttons assigned to your spells, you can locate these buttons conveniently displayed in the lower-right corner of your screen for easy reference.

Lords Of The Fallen How To

Mana Management

Casting spells in the game depends on Mana, which is represented by the blue bar located below your stamina. Each spell has a specific Mana cost associated with it, which needs to be taken into account when casting spells.

If you enjoy casting spells frequently, it is certainly beneficial to find ways to replenish your Mana pool. Luckily, there are two methods available to restore your Mana.

The first method is to rest at any Vestige. Not only does this refill your Mana, but it also restores your health and Sanguinarix uses. While this is a viable option, fortunately, there is a better alternative.

You have the option to use a consumable item called a Manastone Cluster, which gradually replenishes your Mana meter. These items can be found in the game world, obtained as drops from enemies, or purchased from merchants in Skyrest Bridge.