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Lords of the Fallen - Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal Boss Guide

Lords of the Fallen features a multitude of formidable bosses that must be overcome in order to advance in the game. Shortly after completing the tuto...

Chantal Da Silva Oct 14, 2023
Lords of the Fallen - Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal Boss Guide

Lords of the Fallen features a multitude of formidable bosses that must be overcome in order to advance in the game. Shortly after completing the tutorial area, you will face your first significant boss encounter, known as Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal.

Do not be deceived by the fact that she is the initial boss; Pieta is far from being an easy adversary. Engaging in a two-phase battle, she requires you to understand her attacks and devise a strategy to overcome her. This encounter establishes the tone for the game, highlighting the importance of astute pattern recognition and tactical deliberation.

Pieta, She Of Blessed Renewal Attacks

First Phase

Lords Of The Fallen Pieta, She Of Blessed Renewal Boss Guide

During the first phase, Pieta wields a lengthy holy sword as her primary weapon, and all of her attacks are centered around it. Allow me to provide a detailed breakdown for you.

Pieta's initial maneuver consists of a dual-swing combo, extending the reach of her sword. Following this assault, a favorable opening presents itself to unleash a complete combo upon her before cautiously retreating.

Occasionally, if you are in close proximity, she may escalate this attack into a four-swing combo, necessitating your preparedness to counteract it accordingly.

Lords Of The Fallen Pieta, She Of Blessed Renewal Boss

When you approach Pieta closely, she may initiate a sweeping attack, followed by a retreat to create some distance between you and her.

Subsequent to this maneuver, she commonly follows up with an attack where she raises her weapon in the air and releases a straight-line beam attack.

Lords Of The Fallen Pieta, She Of Blessed Renewal

Undoubtedly, this particular move can be quite challenging to handle. You have two primary options: either swiftly sprint to the side to evade it, or, for even greater effectiveness, time your dodge precisely as she unleashes the beam.

Another ranged attack in her arsenal is when she summons a holy sword from above, causing it to descend and unleash a linear pattern of falling swords that home in on your position.

Evading this attack is relatively straightforward: just ensure you stay clear of the trajectory of the descending swords.

Lords Of The Fallen Pieta, She Of Blessed

The ultimate attack in this phase is her leaping swing, employed to bridge the distance between you and her. Similar to her initial attack, this maneuver provides a favorable opportunity for you to execute a complete combo.

Keep in mind that the mentioned opportunities can be utilized not only for launching attacks but also for mending yourself when the need arises.

Second Phase

Lords Of The Fallen Pieta, She Of

The second phase of the Pieta encounter amplifies the level of challenge by introducing a multitude of fresh onslaughts that demand your unwavering vigilance.

Initially, Pieta undergoes a metamorphosis, assuming the form of a four-winged knight. She proceeds to execute an assault wherein she retreats to the rear of the arena, subsequently propelling herself forward while summoning a cluster of swords suspended in the air, which descend upon her arrival at the opposing side.

To evade this particular attack, position yourself either on the right or left side of the arena where the boss fight takes place.

Throughout this phase, she retains the ability to execute her two or four-swing combo, presenting you with an opportunity to deal damage to her.

Bear in mind that there is frequently a pause following every two attacks, so exercise caution and refrain from approaching her until you are certain that she has completed her combo.

Pieta also maintains her sweeping back attack, jump swing attack, and beam attack from the previous phase, so it is important to remain mindful of those as well.

Lords Of The Fallen Pieta, She

During this phase, Pieta has the ability to summon specters, which can prove to be bothersome. These summoned specters possess four distinct attacks:

  • The first mirrors the beam attack from the first phase, but this time, two of her summoned specters perform it.
  • The second resembles the linear sword attack she used in the first phase, but now two of her specters perform it. Just steer clear of their path.
  • The third attack involves the summoned specters appearing near you and launching a melee combo. Sometimes it's just one specter but often its two of them.
  • The last attack is akin to the one she uses when entering her second phase. However, this time, she retreats to the end of the arena and summons two specters that take positions on either side, diving in a line and leaving a trail of falling swords. This one is also easy to evade; just pay attention to which part of the trail is clear; left, right, or the middle—and stick to it until the attack concludes.

Lords Of The Fallen Pieta,

Additionally, exercise caution regarding her grab attack, which she typically employs when maintaining a distance. In this maneuver, she swiftly propels herself towards you, unleashing an assault that can inflict significant damage.

Pieta, She Of Blessed Renewal Strategy

Lords Of The Fallen

Conquering Pieta is no easy task; it hinges upon seizing the opportune moments to strike and employing your three Sanguinarix charges judiciously.

During the initial phase, it is generally advisable to maintain close proximity to her. Her swing combo is relatively straightforward to evade, and it presents an excellent opportunity to unleash a series of strikes.

At times, you may find it necessary to retreat momentarily to replenish your stamina or mend your wounds. However, it is important to remain vigilant, as she is likely to retaliate with her devastating beam or linear sword attack.

For those adept at parrying, it serves as an effective technique to diminish her defenses and induce a staggering effect.

Lords Of The

While it is customary for Pieta to transition to her second phase when her health is diminished by half, there are instances where she may undergo this shift earlier than expected. Therefore, it is essential to remain vigilant and alert throughout the battle.

Upon her transformation into the four-winged knight form, it is advisable to maintain a safe distance and allow her to execute the falling swords attack unhindered. Endeavoring to strike her during this transformation will prove futile, thus it is best to retreat, restore your stamina, take a moment to collect yourself, and prepare for the true and decisive confrontation ahead.

During the second phase, Pieta undergoes a notable increase in aggression and agility, often taking flight around the arena and relentlessly closing in on you. Nevertheless, it is crucial to recall the opportunities we previously highlighted following her swing combo. These are the moments you should patiently await, as venturing to take risks at other times might render you vulnerable to her attacks.

In this phase, her specters essentially replicate the same attacks witnessed in the first phase, which you should already be familiar with in terms of how to handle them. Therefore, there is no need to panic when you encounter them.

Lords Of

One attack that requires extra caution is when her two summoned specters assume positions on opposite sides, swiftly diving in a straight line while leaving a trail of descending swords in their wake.

These specters occupy a significant portion of the arena, limiting your available movement paths to just one. However, it's important to note that Pieta will still be relentlessly pursuing you. Consequently, it is advisable to employ blocking or even parrying techniques to defend against her attacks, as she frequently follows them up with her swing combos.

This battle requires utmost patience, so it is crucial to resist the temptation of greed, as it may ultimately result in your defeat. Remain vigilant, study her attack patterns, and always remember that the majority of her attacks can be easily evaded through timely dodges.

Seize those opportune moments to inflict damage upon her or heal yourself when needed, and in due course, you will succeed in vanquishing Pieta, the embodiment of Blessed Renewal.

Should you encounter difficulties in facing this boss, there is an alternative available to you: summoning Iron Wayfarer at the entrance of the boss fight. Seek out the ethereal moths that outline his presence, and upon locating them, interact with the manifestation.


Upon emerging victorious against Pieta, your spoils shall consist of a Vestige Seed and eight Umbral Scouring. Nevertheless, there are further rewards to be obtained.

Upon venturing into Umbral, you will be presented with the chance to engage with an Umbral memory that resembles a fragment from Pieta's past.

This interaction grants you the opportunity to witness a poignant scene from Pieta's history. Upon successfully completing this encounter, you shall receive the Remembrance of Pieta, the embodiment of Blessed Renewal.

By bringing this Remembrance to Molhu at Skyrest, you will gain the ability to purchase Pieta's weapon, armor, and the Blessed Reflections Radiant spell using Umbral Scouring as currency.