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Madden 24 Beginner Tips

Another trip around the sun means another installment of Madden Football. Madden 24 delivers the most authentic football experience while offering a v...

George Marston Aug 30, 2023
Madden 24 Beginner Tips

Another trip around the sun means another installment of Madden Football. Madden 24 delivers the most authentic football experience while offering a variety of game modes for every football aficionado to get lost in.

While the main objective of winning football games has remained unchanged over the years, the complexity of Madden has grown. With so many new techniques and play styles to achieve greatness on the field, we have compiled the best beginner tips to assist you in your quest for success in Madden 24.

Game Style

Madden 24 Beginner Tips

One of the most important gameplay options you can choose is the game style. There are three game styles to choose from: Arcade, Simulation, and Competitive.


Frequent, exciting highlight-reel plays.

Limited penalties.

No injuries.

No fatigue.


Authentic NFL style that plays true to player and team ratings.





Utilize stick skills.

No injuries.

Dampended fatigue.

Only player-controlled penalties.

If you're looking for the traditional Madden experience, the Simulation game style is the right choice. On the other hand, the Arcade game style offers more exciting plays for a thrilling experience, while the Competitive style prepares you for potential online matches in the future.


Madden 24 Beginner

It may seem like a minor detail, but the weather forecast can have a significant impact on a football game. Sunny and clear weather allows offenses to perform well, while rainy or windy weather can disrupt them. With the "Quick Play" option, you can choose from seven different weather conditions or set it randomly.

  • Clear
  • Overcast
  • Partly Cloudy
  • Windy
  • Light Rain
  • Rainy
  • Light Snow

In rainy, windy, and snowy weather, quarterbacks can have difficulties throwing the ball accurately. The weather can also affect a receiver's ability to catch the football, meaning that a team will rely more on their running game. The defense is not as strongly influenced by the weather as the offense, but cornerbacks and safeties could slip in the backfield on a wet or snowy playing surface.

Pass Styles

Madden 24

Madden 24 gives you the flexibility to customize the way you throw the football. There are three different passing styles that will impact the quarterbacks.

  • Classic: Disables Skill-Based Passing to use classic Madden passing button controls.
  • Placement + Accuracy: Enables a timing element for perfect accuracy on bullet passes on top of visual targets to control the pass placement and power.
  • Placement + Power: Enables visual targets to control the pass placement and power only, leaving accuracy to be determined by player ratings.

For a more traditional Madden experience, stick with the classic passing style. In this style, you use the simple passing mechanics by pressing the corresponding button for a receiver to throw the ball. Holding down the button will result in a quick pass from the quarterback, while a brief tap will produce a lob pass.

The two "Placement" passing styles require a bit more precision. When you select a receiver to throw the ball, a fast timer appears above his head, serving as an accuracy indicator. In "Placement + Accuracy," the timer determines both accuracy and power, while in "Placement + Power," only the placement and power are controlled, and the accuracy is automatically evaluated based on your quarterback's accuracy rating.

Game Planning


Before starting a game in Quick Play mode, you can select a specific offensive and defensive game plan to implement. There are six different offensive and defensive game plans that your team can focus on.

Offensive Game Plans

Run Inside

Run Outside

Throw It Short

Throw It Medium

Throw It Deep

Blitz Counter

Defensive Game Plans

Defend Inside Run

Defend Outside Run

Defend Short Pass

Defend Medium Pass

Defend Deep Pass

Contain QB Scramble

Selecting offensive and defensive focal points will not prevent you from choosing other types of plays in the game, but the suggested plays from the coach will be tailored to what you are focusing on. If you choose "Deep Passing," you will primarily see deep passes in the offensive plays. If you select "Defend Inside Run," you will mainly see blitzes or a strong emphasis on the defensive line.

Although you can still choose any play during the game, it is important to take this selection seriously. Especially on defense, it will help you learn more about the offensive tendencies of the opposing teams. Executing the plays is crucial, but do not overestimate the importance of selecting the right plays.

Play Preseason In Superstar Mode

The Superstar Mode is the start of your personal journey in the NFL. After creating a custom player, you participate in the NFL Combine and complete exercises as well as an interview to determine which team will select you in the draft. After the draft, the preseason begins, but you have the option to simulate directly to the regular season.

Although it might be tempting to skip games that don't matter, playing the preseason is a great way to familiarize yourself with the pace of the Superstar Mode and reap some easy rewards. If you fast-forward directly to the regular season, you will miss out on these rewards, and your superstar player will have a lower rating at the beginning of the season.

Franchise Roles

One of the most frequently played game modes in Madden is the Franchise Mode. The main objective in Franchise Mode is to win the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season, but you can choose between two different roles.

Player: Choose to be a player and build your legacy on the path to the Hall of Fame.

Control just your Player.

Choose the team to play on.

Earn XP and Upgrade Ratings.

Compare your Legacy to others.

Owner: Owners manage the financial aspects of the team.

Manage and Coach the Team.

Rebuild your stadium or relocate.

Set prices for everything you sell.

Get feedback from your advisers

If you choose the player role, you will be relieved of the stress that comes with building the team and managing the fan experience. However, you won't have control over how the team is assembled. Your main objective will be to perform on the field similar to the Superstar Mode.

Try downloading a community draft class instead of using the automatically generated class of Madden rookies. The Madden community creates a class that closely resembles real college players who are about to enter the NFL, providing the most authentic franchise experience possible.

Owners will reflect the traditional Madden franchise experience, and you will have the ability to control everything, from talent selection for upcoming draft picks to setting season goals. Each week, you will have the opportunity to practice specific plays to prepare for the offensive and defensive tendencies of the upcoming game. These game plans will influence the suggested plays in the game and help you achieve your weekly objectives to upgrade your coaching staff.