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Madden 24 Beginner's Guide for Franchise Mode

Being a sports fan means living in a constant state of illusion, believing that you could assemble a better team than the current management. Madden 2...

Chantal Da Silva Sept 22, 2023
Madden 24 Beginner's Guide for Franchise Mode

Being a sports fan means living in a constant state of illusion, believing that you could assemble a better team than the current management. Madden 24 offers a flexible, innovative franchise game mode that gives you all the necessary powers to build a team capable of competing for the Super Bowl.

The latest version of Madden offers a wide range of options to meet your franchise needs. Being successful in competition in the NFL is easier said than done. Therefore, use this guide on your journey to win a Lombardi Trophy.

Choose Your Team

Madden 24 Beginner’s Guide For Franchise

First and foremost, it is important to perfect the franchise settings. It is highly recommended to use the real NFL online roster to start the franchise with the most up-to-date roster. In addition to the game difficulty, the most crucial setting that should be adjusted is the budget.

Enabling the budget will activate the salary cap, and you will have a limitation on how much money you can spend. The salary cap is used for signing free agents, re-signing current players, and stadium innovations.

Choosing your favorite team or simply the "best" team may be the easiest way, but if you are open-minded and seeking a challenge, we recommend taking a look at the following teams.

Arizona Cardinals

  • One of the highest amounts of available cap space.
  • Projected to have two very high draft picks in the 2024 NFL Draft.
  • Possible tradeable players in Kyler Murray and Budda Baker.
  • Long-term project for rising success.

Cleveland Browns

  • Has the highest-rated running back in Madden 24 in Nuck Chubb.
  • The defense has top-rated stars in Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward.
  • Tough division competition against the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens.

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • A young, exciting team in an easy division.
  • Calvin Ridley joins an explosive offense led by Trevor Lawrence.
  • Other top offensive players include Christian Kirk, Travis Etinne Jr., and Evan Ingram.

Green Bay Packers

  • One of the youngest teams in the NFL.
  • Up-and-coming offensive weapons in Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, and Luke Musgrave, along with veteran Aaron Jones.
  • A young, dynamic quarterback in Jordan Love.
  • Two above-average defenders in Jaire Alexander and Rashan Gary.

Atlanta Falcons

  • Still has question marks at the quarterback position in Desmond Riddler
  • Solid skills players in Drake London, Kyle Pitts, Tyler Allegier, and Bijan Robinson.
  • Should be very competitive in a wide-open NFC South division.

Player Or Owner

Madden 24 Beginner’s Guide For

After selecting the team, you will need to choose between being a player or an owner. As a player, you will build a career aiming to reach the Hall of Fame similar to the Superstar mode. You can either choose an established NFL player or create your own rookie based on the following offensive and defensive positions.

Offense Positions


Field General QB

  • Better accuracy and arm strength but not very mobile
  • Justin Herbert, Aaron Rodgers

Strong Arm QB

  • Big Arm Strength but not as accurate or mobile
  • Josh Allen

Scrambler QB

  • Better running skills but is not as accurate when passing.
  • Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson

Improviser QB

  • Maximizes big play opportunities when the designed play breaks down.
  • Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow

Power Back HB

  • Big, powerful with good trucking but slower than other RBs
  • Nick Chubb, Derrick Henry

Elusive Back HB

  • Fast, elusive with high acceleration but smaller and low trucking.
  • Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley

Receiving HB

  • Receiving HBs is a good fit in passing schemes like Spread or Vertical Offense.
  • Austin Ekeler, Josh Jacobs

Deep Threat WR

  • Smaller, quicker that can get deep but not a precise route runner.
  • Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs

Slot WR

  • Smaller, quicker receiver that can get over the middle and find open space.
  • Cooper Kupp

Physical WR

  • Receiving target that is able to catch in traffic but not as fast or agile.
  • A.J. Brown

Playmaker WR

  • Can turn any reception into a big play. Excels after the catch.
  • Justin Jefferson, Ja'Marr Chase

Vertical Threat TE

  • Taller target who is able to make plays down the field but is not as good a blocker.
  • Travis Kelce, Mark Andrews, Kyle Pitts

Possession TE

  • Possession TEs are a good fit in any offensive scheme.
  • Dallas Goedert, George Kittle, T.J. Hockenson

Defense Positions


Speed Rusher LE

  • Smaller and quick with good finesse moves but low block shedding
  • Micah Parsons, Von Miller

Power Rusher LE

  • Uses strength and power to push to the QB.
  • Myles Garrett, Nick Bosa

Run Stopper RE

  • Big, powerful end that plugs running lanes and sheds blocks.
  • Aaron Donald, Cameron Heyward

Power Rusher DT

  • Use size and strength to push toward QB.
  • Dexter Lawrence II, Vita Vea

Speed Rusher DT

  • Smaller, and quicker with good finesse moves but lower strength and tackle.
  • Quinnen Williams

Run Stopper DT

  • Plugs running lanes and sheds blocks but has trouble getting to the QB.
  • Chris Jones

Field General MLB

  • High play rec and sure tackler but is poor in coverage.
  • Fred Warner

Pass Coverage MLB

  • Good speed and coverage but poor run defense.
  • Roquan Smith, Demario Davis

Run Stopper MLB

  • Great at shedding blocks and taking down ball carriers.
  • Bobby Wagner, Lavonte David

Speed Rusher LOLB

  • Smaller, and faster with good pass rush skills but lower coverage and strength.
  • T.J. Watt, Maxx Crosby, Haason Reddick

Power Rusher LOLB

  • Bigger and stronger with good pass-rush skills but slower and poor in coverage.
  • Joey Bosa, Matthew Judon

Pass Coverage ROLB

  • Good in coverage but gets stuck on blocks and has trouble rushing the QB.
  • Matt Milano, Dre Greenlaw

Slot CB

  • Slot Cornerbacks are good at tackling and playing in space.
  • Marshon Lattimore

Man-to-Man CB

  • Better at man coverage and less skilled in zone.
  • Jalen Ramsey, Sauce Gardner

Zone CB

  • High Zone Coverage with good closing speed.
  • Darius Slay Jr., Jaire Alexander

Hybrid FS

  • Faster with good man coverage skills but poor tackling ability.
  • Tyrann Mathieu

Zone FS

  • Backstop of the defense, erases mistakes in Deep Zone coverage.
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick

Run Support SS

  • Bigger, stronger with higher hit power but slower and lower coverage skills.
  • Harrison Smith, Budda Baker

Madden 24 Beginner’s Guide

As an owner, you have not only the responsibilities of a coach but also the financial duties of signing players and maintaining the stadium. If you have enabled budgets, you will need to carefully consider which players should be retained in your roster while also searching for improvements in the free-agent market. Similar to players, you will choose from three owner background stories that will influence how your franchise starts.

  • Former Player: This backstory gives you an advantage when it comes to team popularity but less money to start with.
  • Lifelong Fan: This backstory gives you an advantage with fan happiness but starts with less money and overall happiness.
  • Financial Mogul: This backstory gives you an advantage financially but low player happiness.

Upgrading Players And Coaches

Madden 24 Beginner’s

Throughout the season, you earn skill points to improve your players and staff points to upgrade the coaches on your team. When upgrading players, you should either aim for categories that align with the team's offensive or defensive schemes, marked with a purple puzzle piece, or simply enhance their overall strengths.

The coaching staff will have a slightly more detailed skill tree, including categories that impact performance on the field or activities during the offseason.

Madden 24

If you plan to keep your coaching staff for the foreseeable future, we recommend unlocking skills that focus on on-field performance, such as improvements in lineman development and effectiveness.


Skipping the preseason may seem like the best idea, but you will miss out on some easy experience points. There are a variety of mini-games in the training camp that focus on each position and allow you to quickly earn experience points to upgrade your team before the regular season.

Scouting And Drafting

Nobody wants to be a one-hit wonder, so it is important to utilize the NFL Draft to continuously bring talent into your team. It is recommended to download a community draft class from Madden Share to get the most realistic drafting experience. Otherwise, the game will automatically generate a balanced draft class.

Use this scouting and drafting guide for a deeper insight into the dominance of the NFL Draft. The most crucial step is to assign scouts to key regions that focus on their position strengths to unlock information about college prospects.

There will be five mock drafts leading up to the NFL Draft, and as you unlock more attribute information each week, you can use the mock drafts to get an idea of how the actual draft will unfold.