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Marvel Snap - The 10 Best Cards for a Cerebro Deck

In Marvel Snap, archetypes are typically determined by abilities. However, certain archetypes depend on a single card. When it comes to uniqueness, Ce...

Bradley Russell Sept 10, 2023
Marvel Snap - The 10 Best Cards for a Cerebro Deck

In Marvel Snap, archetypes are typically determined by abilities. However, certain archetypes depend on a single card. When it comes to uniqueness, Cerebro stands out. To benefit from its ability, you would need to ensure that all your cards are equally strong.

This is easier said than done, as you have to concern yourself not only with your opponent but also with the locations. The most successful Cerebro decks are referred to as C2 and C3. Once you become familiar with the cards comprising the deck, you will understand why they can consistently achieve victory.

10 Invisible Woman

Marvel Snap 10 Best Cards For A Cerebro Deck

The Invisible Woman is a fantastic tool for concealing your combination, and the same applies to C3. Enchantress is Cerebro's main weakness, but with the protection of the Invisible Woman, your main card is fully safeguarded.

Although this is the primary use of the card, it is by no means the only one. If you know that you don't have to worry about Cosmo, one of the most cunning moves is to play Shang-Chi. Nobody really expects it, and thanks to the Invisible Woman, you don't even have to worry about priority. It's a great way to steal dice as they won't see it coming and consider that location as won.

9 Crystal

Marvel Snap 10 Best Cards For A Cerebro

Crystal had difficulty seeing any kind of play at all, despite her ability to draw cards being so valuable in a game like Marvel Snap. Now that she costs three energy points, she adds something to C3 that it desperately needed: consistency.

Although you also allow your opponent to draw cards, it doesn't really concern you; as long as you can get your hands on Cerebro, victory is almost guaranteed. And even when you have Cerebro in hand, C3 heavily relies on other pieces of the combination, so it's even better the faster you obtain them. Crystal is still far from gaining attention in mainstream play, but in Cerebro, she has finally found a home.

8 Bast

Marvel Snap 10 Best Cards For A

If it weren't for Bast, C2 would simply be the superior version of Cerebro. However, Bast can elevate any card in your deck to the required strength and even allow you to use cards that wouldn't normally fit in the deck.

Even by strengthening only Cerebro, it is enough to make the most out of the slot where the card is played. The only issue with Bast is the space it occupies on the battlefield. Therefore, you must ensure that you strengthen at least two cards with it. Furthermore, you can use it as a sacrificial lamb in destructible locations or simply eliminate it with Killmonger, another natural addition to C3.

7 Iron Man

Marvel Snap 10 Best Cards For

Although Iron Man may not be the first card that comes to mind when creating a Cerebro deck, his ability is so effective that he has found his way into all sorts of decks. For good reason, he is among the best zero-energy cards, and it is precisely this zero-energy aspect that you are trying to exploit.

Iron Man will not disrupt the disparity in strength among your cards; rather, he will simply double the overall strength, practically securing the location. However, what makes him fantastic is when he is played after Bast, as he will now be strengthened by Cerebro as well, enabling him to contend against formidable combinations like Infinaut and She Hulk on the seventh turn.

6 Storm

Marvel Snap 10 Best Cards

C2 has many cards that are individually strong, and that's what makes it so good. One of them is Storm, already a powerful control card. You want her not only for her lockdown potential but also for her ability to remove troublesome locations.

When planning a move with Storm, it all comes down to priority. It's always best to have priority for Storm, as even if your opponent plays Juggernaut, you can play Brood to keep units in play. Additionally, you can play Echo at the location you're targeting with Storm, ensuring that powerful cards like Darkhawk don't thwart your plan.

5 Blue Marvel

Marvel Snap 10 Best

Although Blue Marvel himself costs three energy points, he is more of a card for C2. While he evenly strengthens all, he does not receive a Cerebro bonus in C3. This is only possible in C2, as it raises the power of all to three, thus equalizing his strength with the other cards.

Blue Marvel serves a similar purpose to Iron Man, as both are ongoing play cards with a value of five that enhance your game. However, Blue Marvel increases the strength of all, making his location less relevant. It is recommended to place him and Cerebro at different locations to avoid strong countermeasures.

4 Goose

Marvel Snap 10

A well-placed Goose can force many of your opponents to retreat as it severely restricts their gameplay. Combine that with Storm, who locks down another lane, and you will realize that the strength of C2 lies not in numbers but in disruption.

Add things like Echo and Spider-Ham to the list in your deck, and in moments where you don't draw Cerebro, you could still win through exhaustion alone. Be aware that Zabu can pose a problem, as many powerful four-cost cards can now easily reach Goose's location. However, thanks to the Cerebro bonus affecting your cards, it might still not be enough for Darkhawk to sneak in and potentially defeat your strength.

3 Magik

Marvel Snap

Magik has such a powerful ability for her cost that she fits well in both C2 and C3. Clearly, she fits better in C2 since she herself costs two energy points. Without cards like Crystal for drawing, the extra round can be a lifesaver. And when you have everything you need, you can always deceive your opponent by playing Storm in Limbo, ending the game one turn earlier and stealing the victory.

In C3, the combination of Magik and Crystal means that you will likely always have your combination pieces. In the worst case scenario, Magik will simply occupy a slot without affecting the Cerebro bonus. However, with Bast, Magik can easily join the team of powerful cards.

2 Luke Cage


Due to the popularity of the C2 variant, Luke Cage has found his way into almost every Cerebro incarnation. He may not always be empowered by Cerebro, but his support is invaluable as he not only avoids dangerous places like the sewer but also reads your opponent's cards like a scorpion.

Even C3 makes great use of Luke with Bast, so there is no disadvantage in using him. In C2, the temptation to use Hazmat is obvious, but with her, you would depend on both Cerebro and Luke in every single game.

1 Mystique

There is not a single Cerebro deck that does not use Mystique. Ultimately, she is what makes the deck work because giving each card a plus point is nice, but four plus points mean winning the game. Every card mentioned before has a way to interact with Mystique, regardless of the variant.

Mystique is the reason why you would include cards like Blue Marvel or Iron Man, as you still have a target to copy with her if you don't draw Cerebro. The consistency and strength she provides to the deck is what brings it to the top. Just remember to distribute the placement of your ongoing cards in case Enchantress is in play.