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EnergyX-23 ensures that you not only gain an additional energy but also receive it without penalties. You...10 YonduYondu fulfills a destructive r...

David K Sept 12, 2023


X-23 ensures that you not only gain an additional energy but also receive it without penalties. You...

10 Yondu

Marvel Snap 10 Best Cards For An X-23 Deck

Yondu fulfills a destructive role...

If that wasn't enough, he is also an excellent fodder for your destruction cards and...

9 Bucky Barnes

Marvel Snap 10 Best Cards For An X-23

Bucky may seem like a straightforward card that doesn't add too much flavor, but he remains true to the theme. In the...

If you're playing the Destroyer strategy, you don't have to trigger him before the last turn. Even if he's your only card at that location,

8 Venom

Marvel Snap 10 Best Cards For An

To trigger X-23, you need many cards with the ability to destroy, so you might as well

And don't forget about the combinations that Venom and Arnim Zola can make, especially in the Bar Sinister

7 Carnage

Marvel Snap 10 Best Cards For

One of the best triggers for X-23 is Carnage, as he can not only

Carnage allows you to do everything for just three energy, while most others would require at least four energy to do the same. Not only that, but

6 Wolverine

Marvel Snap 10 Best Cards

Earlier, Wolverine was the only card you could repeatedly destroy to gain significant benefits from it. However, later on, Nimrod emerged as

Since X-23 possesses a similar strength, you can reliably access these locations, which means...

5 Killmonger

Marvel Snap 10 Best

One-cost cards can be so powerful and game-changing that any deck with a Killmonger in it is better. He is...

Although armor still counters the majority of what you're trying to do, if the opponent instead plays Cosmo, you

4 Arnim Zola

Marvel Snap 10

The fact that Arnim Zola has no strength does not mean he is not powerful - quite the opposite. He

Usually, you want to prepare the Arnim move in advance, but thanks to X-23, you can set up an interesting Deadpool...

3 Knull

Marvel Snap

With the introduction of more cards that can be repeatedly destroyed...

In addition to a stronger Knull, X-23 also allows you to play him on the sixth turn

2 Death


Playing Death cheaply has always been easy, but it depends on specific locations and games. If things become too...

This consistency allows you to consider other ways of playing Death, for example...

1 Deadpool

Deadpool has been both a blessing and a curse in destruction decks.

Thanks to X-23, you don't have to make