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Minecraft: 8 Best Ideas for Building Castles

If you have spent time building various houses or bases in the popular sandbox game Minecraft, it is possible that you have come across some players w...

Levi Winslow Sept 09, 2023
Minecraft: 8 Best Ideas for Building Castles

If you have spent time building various houses or bases in the popular sandbox game Minecraft, it is possible that you have come across some players who have created truly breathtaking structures. Since the game consists entirely of blocks, larger structures such as medieval castles stand out particularly well in the gaming environment, although they can be quite challenging to execute.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of online building guides, all with the unique objective of guiding you through these challenging and time-consuming construction processes. If you are up for a serious building challenge, take a look at the following list to discover some of the finest castle tutorials that the Minecraft community has to offer.

8 Survival Castle By Big Tony MC

Minecraft 8 Best Castle Build Ideas

  • Tutorial by: BigTonyMC

Just because you're constructing a castle doesn't mean you have to rely on creative mode to assist you in the building process. Take a look at BigTonyMC's Survival Castle, as it not only offers practical defense of a stone fortress but also exhibits the simple aesthetics of a blocky castle.

Specifically, this structure consists of a small inner courtyard surrounded by two smaller watchtowers, along with a larger building at the rear of the fortress made of spruce and oak wooden planks. This larger area serves as the main living space of the building, while also serving as the rear defensive wall of the entire fortress, providing protection against raids or hostile creatures.

7 Medieval Castle By Neatcraft

Minecraft 8 Best Castle Build

  • Tutorial by: NeatCraft

While many castles in the real world spread horizontally to cover a defensive position, in Minecraft, you can actually construct extremely vertical towers without having to worry about the architectural integrity of the end product. Take NeatCraft's tutorial for a medieval castle as an example, as this fortress features five distinct towers, all extending vertically into the sky.

Furthermore, all the towers of this structure are topped with a roof made of chiseled deepslate, and the center of the structure houses a grand cathedral-style building, complete with stained glass windows. Although this construction undoubtedly employs a variety of different blocks, it is also a fantastic option if you wish to create something that doesn't take up an enormous amount of ground space.

6 Island Castle By Big Tony MC

Minecraft 8 Best Castle

  • Tutorial by: BigTonyMC

The oceans in Minecraft can aid you in establishing defensive positions against raids, as enemies will struggle to swim through the water to even reach your location. We recommend finding a small island off the coast of a larger landmass and constructing a stone foundation upon which your castle can rest.

Just because you're building a castle doesn't mean the entire structure has to be made exclusively of cobblestone or deepslate. Materials such as concrete and wooden planks can be used to create a warmer living space while still providing the same protection against hostile creatures from the Overworld.

5 Fantasy Castle By Lion Cheater

Minecraft 8 Best

  • Tutorial by: LionCheater

LionCheater's Fantasy Castle is a fantastic example of what happens when you infuse a specific aesthetic into your construction, thereby transforming the overall visual appearance of your creation without compromising on the necessary battlements and defensive features of a castle.

In this case, LionCheater has combined concrete and diorite with cherry wood and crimson wood planks, creating a remarkable color contrast. Lastly, by adding shrubs and leaves as decorations, the construction is further enhanced, increasingly resembling a mythical castle.

4 Hilltop Castle By Daxar123 Builds

Minecraft 8

  • Tutorial by: daxar123_builds

Traditionally, many real-life castles were built on or near hills, as these natural formations provided protection against enemy attacks. The same holds true for Minecraft, as hostile raids from villagers will encounter difficulties in scaling steep cliffs to reach your home.

A great inspiration for this is the tutorial for the Hilltop Castle, as it demonstrates how you can construct battlements and houses in a single project by combining the two architectural styles to create an impregnable fortress. To bring this construction to life, we recommend building the sturdier parts of the castle using stone, while the living areas and upper towers can be crafted from the wood of your choice.

3 Cherry Wood Castle By DiddiHD


  • Tutorial by: DiddiHD

DiddiHD's Cherry Wood Castle is another example of how vertical structures in Minecraft can create impressive architectural masterpieces. This build specifically blends typical medieval construction features like pointed roofs with fantastical elements such as vibrant pink cherry wood planks and a fluttering flag on each tower. I was truly awestruck by it.

To create this base, you will first need to construct a massive stone foundation for the actual castle to rest upon before you start building upwards. To make this project more manageable, we recommend tackling one tower at a time, as it will divide the required resources and provide you with smaller goals to accomplish along the way.

2 Japanese Castle By Cortezerino

  • Tutorial by: Cortezerino

This temple is an absolutely impressive building project that serves more as a training ground for warriors. Cortezeriono's Japanese castle tutorials demonstrate how you can create an entire estate inspired by traditional Japanese architecture.

We recommend constructing this build near a cherry wood forest or a region with large snow-covered mountains, as these two biomes provide the perfect location and environment for your creation. Additionally, keep in mind that this project will require serious building skills and time management, as you will need to gather resources from nearly every biome throughout the game.

1 Classic Stone Castle

  • Tutorial by: LionCheater

There are many different examples, whether fantastical or realistic, showcasing various ways to build a castle. However, none are as iconic and effective as a classic stone structure castle. LionCheater's massive tutorial demonstrates the grand scale that bases can reach in Minecraft, as the video showcases an expansive fortress constructed entirely from different types of stone.

Before you dive into this project, make sure you have the necessary skills to build something as complex as this, and you can even recruit some friends to live in this castle and help you with the construction. While you'll need a tremendous amount of stone to complete this foundation, don't forget to gather other materials like wooden boards to decorate the interior areas of this creation.