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Monster Hunter Now Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter Now is a mobile version of Capcom's popular action RPG series, developed by the creators of Pokémon GO, Niantic. While this version of ...

George Marston Sept 17, 2023
Monster Hunter Now Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter Now is a mobile version of Capcom's popular action RPG series, developed by the creators of Pokémon GO, Niantic. While this version of the franchise is somewhat more compact and beginner-friendly, there are still many things that can be challenging for first-time monster hunters. The game doesn't explain some things particularly well, so these tips and tricks should help Monster Hunter Now players who are having difficulties.

You Have to Play With a Sword and Shield at First

The biggest question that seems to arise for Monster Hunter Now players during the game is, "When can I get new weapon types?" The thing is, players start with a sword and shield, and that's the only weapon they have access to until they reach Chapter 2. The Great Sword is unlocked first, and once players complete the chapter, they gain access to the other four weapon types: Long Sword, Light Bowgun, Hammer, and Bow.

Share Your Referral Code

Monster Hunter Now Tips and Tricks

Potions and paintballs are very important items to have in Monster Hunter Now. Players can stock up on a lot of them by having other players use their referral code when starting the mobile game. Players can find their code by clicking on their character in the bottom left corner and then pressing the 'View' button. When the person using the code reaches Hunter Rank 6, both players will receive 3 paintballs, 5 potions, and 300 Zenny.

You Can Zoom Out

Sometimes it can be difficult to discern what exactly is happening in battles, but players should know that they can zoom out for a better overview of the action by pinching two fingers together.

Don't Upgrade and Craft Everything

Monster Hunter Now Tips and

Since some materials can be extremely rare, players need to make sure they don't upgrade recklessly without first focusing on a specific weapon or armor set. To check the abilities of the equipment, click on any weapon or armor piece and read it carefully. Choose a different one if you feel that the ability is not needed for your playstyle. These abilities unlocked through upgrades will be crucial in defeating powerful monsters in the endgame. Zenny can also come and go, so try not to spend everything in one place.

Prioritize Quests and use Paintballs the Right Way

Players can use the pink-colored orbs from the shop to manually mark monsters they encounter during the game. Some people may wonder why this is necessary, but it is a game-changer for certain tasks. For example, if one of the tasks requires players to kill a specific monster, the colored orb can be used to save other monsters for later, so their deaths can be counted towards another task. Essentially, unless killing a major or special monster is required for a main task, try to use color orbs to stockpile supplies.

Dodge at the Last Second

Monster Hunter Now Tips

When encountering a large monster, one should wait until the monster turns red and dodge at the very last millisecond. If done correctly, a small slow-motion animation will play, and players can execute a counter-attack shortly after. Remember that you can also move backward and forward to dodge attacks or approach the monster for an attack.

Break Parts

By acquiring the targeting ability with the Kulu headgear armor, players can focus on specific body parts of a monster. This is not necessarily required to destroy parts, but it can make things easier for hunters. However, destroying a monster's body part leads to more rewards in the form of monster parts at the end of each hunt, so you should always try different weapons and target different body parts of a monster to find out which parts can be destroyed and what happens. Blunt weapons like the Great Sword and the Hammer are fantastic for destroying heads and arms. And sharp weapons like the Long Sword may be able to sever a monster's tail.

Special Skills

Monster Hunter Now

Special abilities are powerful attacks that can truly change the course of a hunt. Make sure to activate the special abilities directly before a monster attacks - players cannot take damage while using these abilities, so go ahead and give it your all.

Monster and Resource Respawns

We don't know the exact time, but it seems that monsters and resources will respawn every three to four hours.

Fight the Small Monsters

Not only does defeating small monsters increase the players' special ability gauge, but it also provides them with some crafting materials that could be useful. They are easy to defeat, so don't hesitate to grind them.

Monster Hunter Now is available for free on mobile devices.