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Mortal Kombat 1 Smoke Guide

After his notorious absence in the previous game, Smoke returns triumphantly in Mortal Kombat 1. The gray ninja is back and ready to confound his enem...

Hirun Cryer Sept 24, 2023
Mortal Kombat 1 Smoke Guide

After his notorious absence in the previous game, Smoke returns triumphantly in Mortal Kombat 1. The gray ninja is back and ready to confound his enemies with invisibility, wild combinations, and fantastic smoke bombs.

If you're looking for straightforward characters, Smoke may not be as inviting as Sub-Zero or Scorpion, but he is by no means one of the most challenging top-tier characters in this game. By simply learning a few tips and tricks, you'll be able to make your online rivals surrender without much difficulty. Let's delve into this guide and learn more about Smoke.

Smoke Overview

Mortal Kombat 1 Smoke Guide

While we could argue that Mortal Kombat 1 is already a fighting game that heavily emphasizes aggression, this holds particularly true for Smoke. This is a character you want to utilize in an offensive manner as often as possible, never allowing your rival to find respite.

What sets Smoke apart in the MK crowd is that with some practice, you can disrupt the opponent's blocking with certain moves. What makes Smoke special are his excellent combinations of low attacks and overhead attacks, as well as vice versa, apart from special moves that may appear similar but attack in different directions.

Using these tools in unpredictable ways will be the key to your success and victories. Additionally, most of his beginner combos have generous timing windows, so you don't really need to learn precise inputs—at least not for your initial steps.

Smoke Special Moves

Mortal Kombat 1 Smoke

Do you enjoy swiftly and spectacularly appearing behind your enemy? That's great, because that's one of the special attacks we will be using most frequently with Smoke.

Below is a list of all special attacks of Smoke.



What Is It

Shadow Blade

Down, Back, 1

Anti-air projectile.

Smoke Bomb

Down, Back, 2

A teleport that ends in an overhead hit on the other side of the opponent.


Down, Back, 4

A teleport that ends in a low hit on the other side of the opponent.

Vicious Vapors

Down, Forward, 3

A dash with invulnerability that ends in an overhead. Can be canceled.

To avoid confusion with the various platform buttons, we will use the universal numerical notation commonly used by Mortal Kombat players:

Front Punch: 1

Back Punch: 2

Front Kick: 3

Back Kick: 4

Smoke Tips

Mortal Kombat 1

Do you remember what we said about mix-ups with Smoke? Well, Smoke Bomb and Smoke Port are the two special attacks you want to alternate between. Both start off practically the same, but one attacks as an overhead and the other as a low attack. They are perfect for confusing your opponent, making them defend low and then attacking from above, and vice versa.

Furthermore, if you use the enhanced version of Smoke Port, you can stay in the air and perform an aerial combo sequence. Alternatively, if you have good timing, you can perform a second enhanced Smoke Port and hit the opponent again, then continue the combination.

However, you should not exploit these moves thoughtlessly. While Smoke Bomb doesn't make you too vulnerable, a blocked Smoke Port will undoubtedly be punished by your rival.

The enhanced version of the Smoke Bomb doesn't attack, but rather makes you invisible. This is a great tool to enhance the element of surprise. However, note that invisibility ends when you get hit or after a few seconds.

Vicious Vapors is not the attack you imagine. Sure, having a flashy overhead attack that strikes in front of you is great, but the real potential of this move lies in canceling it. You can do this by adding Block and Back. By canceling it, you get a free combo extension or a throwing opportunity - a great tool to surprise an unsuspecting opponent.

When it comes to throws and revisiting Smoke Port a bit, you can execute a unique combo sequence with Smoke that ends with a throw. This is achieved by pressing Forward 1, 2, and Throw. Before the animation ends, you can perform Smoke Port and attack your opponent with this move. Enhance it to keep the party going!

Smoke Kameos Tips

Mortal Kombat

Many cameos fit well with Smoke, but we have decided to choose two friendly ones: Sareena and Cyrax.

Sareena is pretty much the best cameo you can use while learning the game. Period. Her backward cameo attack throws two projectiles that hit the opponent twice and then leave them vulnerable, with a generous window of time to jump in and hit hard.

For example, when you have your cameo meter full, you can use Forward 1, 2, backward cameo twice, and then continue your combination with a launcher or whatever you prefer.

Cyrax is another popular choice for many players for various reasons. Firstly, one of his cameo attacks hits opponents in the air, allowing you to juggle them or wait for their fall and continue the combo. He also has a stun in his backward cameo attack, where he throws his signature net, immobilizing the opponent for a few seconds.

Smoke Fatalities


Just like the rest of the roster, Smoke has two fatalities. The great thing about them is that you can perform them from any distance.




Fatality 1


Back, Forward, Down, 1

Fatality 2


Down, Forward, Back, 2