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Nier Replicant The Damaged Map Guide

The remake of Nier Replicant is packed with numerous quests, but there are some that are absolutely mandatory if you intend to witness any ending beyo...

Austin Wood Sept 14, 2023
Nier Replicant The Damaged Map Guide

The remake of Nier Replicant is packed with numerous quests, but there are some that are absolutely mandatory if you intend to witness any ending beyond Ending B. The quest "The Broken Map" is one such quest, and it is only available during the second half of the game.

In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step completion of the quest "The Broken Map." It is one of the longer quest lines in Nier Replicant, but just stick with it. Collecting materials isn't so bad, and obtaining this weapon will bring you one step closer to gathering everything for further endings.

Updated on September 14, 2023, by Sean Murray: It's not immediately clear what to do with the damaged map, so we have updated this guide with improved formatting and added links to other relevant topics in Nier Replicant that may be tricky.

How To Complete The Broken Map Quest

Nier Replicant The Damaged Map Guide

Firstly, you need to pick up the start of this quest from the blacksmith in your village. He will ask you to find a treasure map, and if you accept, the damaged map will be added to your quest log. Now that we have the quest on our list, it's time to head to the library in your village.

It doesn't really matter when you start this treasure hunt; just make sure to complete everything before you go to the Shadowlord's Castle. For your hard work, you will be rewarded with the Call of the Labyrinth.

This time, we won't bother Popola in her office. Instead, go upstairs and look along the wall of the library - there you will find a dirty treasure map. However, we can't do anything with the map, so take it to the Strange Things shop in Facade.

The Strange Things shop in Facade is located directly to the left of the entrance, a few steps down the stairs. The shop owner can repair it, but you need to collect a few goodies to help him.

Remember that when farming items, it's easier if you equip words that increase your drop rate.

To restore the map, you'll need:




Machine Oil


Dropped exclusively from the flying enemies in the Junk Heap. It's easiest to farm them in a room before reaching the boss fight arena with the spiral staircase. (You can also check out our in-depth walkthrough for this).



Available in your village's Grocery Store for 400 Gold (or 320 if you have the discount).

Goat Hide


Dropped by goats along the Eastern Road.

Once you're done, bring your goodies back to Facade and speak with the shop owner again. He will repair your map and give it back to you.

Try to bring it back to the blacksmith in your village, but you will find that he is not at his usual location. Speak to his wife, who is directly to the left of his usual spot. She will be annoyed to hear that he is on another treasure hunt, so she will instead ask you to search for these items.

Nier Replicant The Damaged Map

Instead of trying to decipher the map, take it to Popola in the library. Popola will examine the map and send you to the Lost Chapel. Go up to the second floor, make your way through all the rooms with the large cubes, and find a pile of rubble. You need to walk around and enter the room with this pile of rubble; on the opposite side, you will find a junk heap.

Bring your loot back to the blacksmith's wife in your village, and she will give you her hair accessory. Take the hair accessory to Facade and exchange it for a gold coin at the Strange Things Shop.

Go back to your village with the coin, and this time the blacksmith is back. Give him the coin, and he will give you the first map he ever found, the one that will finally lead you to the good stuff. Take the map back to Popola, and she will send you to the Northern Plains.

Nier Replicant The Damaged

This map will guide you to the point where the broken iron bridge begins in the area. Take the ferry to the Northern Plains, cross the wooden bridge, and investigate under the ruins of the old iron bridge.

Behind one of the pillars, you will see a brightly yellow glow. And that's it - you have found the call of the labyrinth.