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Nine Exceptional Hello Kitty Games

Ever since making its debut in merchandise back in 1974, Hello Kitty has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, transcending various forms of media, g...

Ashley Bardhan Oct 15, 2023
Nine Exceptional Hello Kitty Games

Ever since making its debut in merchandise back in 1974, Hello Kitty has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, transcending various forms of media, games, and products. Throughout the years, numerous Hello Kitty video games have been released, including some of the earliest console games ever created. The extensive presence of Hello Kitty in the gaming realm is truly remarkable.

Among the vast array of games available, not all manage to encapsulate the distinctive appearance, essence, and uplifting sentiments that have made Hello Kitty an iconic figure. However, within the extensive catalog of Kitty games spanning various platforms and consoles, a select few stand out for their exceptional ability to authentically portray the world of Hello Kitty.

9 Hello Kitty World

9 Best Hello Kitty Games

The lore surrounding Hello Kitty World has transformed this game into somewhat of an urban legend. However, amidst the theories and myths that surround it, it's important to note that Hello Kitty World was indeed an official Nintendo game released in Japan in 1992. Serving as a sequel to Balloon Kid and an extension of the Balloon Fight series, Hello Kitty World follows the side-scrolling format typical of NES games during that era. The objective of the game is to navigate and remain airborne using your balloons.

The absence of official NES branding on the game has contributed to rumors suggesting that it might be a bootleg. However, it is worth noting that the score for the game was composed by the renowned NES legend, Hip Tanaka, and the design and gameplay elements bear the unmistakable authenticity of Nintendo.

8 Hello Kitty Picnic

9 Best Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Picnic was released on Nintendo 3DS in 2012. This delightful game features the complete lineup of beloved classic characters, including Keroppi, Chococat, and My Melody. It offers a plethora of enjoyable activities, such as the option to customize Hello Kitty's outfits. Additionally, a diverse selection of mini-games ensures that the entertainment remains engaging and captivating for a significant duration of playtime.

The inclusion of extra unlockable rewards provides players with an incentive to continue their progress. This game, in essence, is a straightforward, enjoyable, and adorable experience that perfectly aligns with the charming nature of the Hello Kitty franchise.

7 Hello Kitty: Cafe

9 Best Hello

Hello Kitty: Cafe is part of the collection of straightforward point-and-click time management games centered around a restaurant setting. However, this particular game offers a more immersive and detailed experience compared to others in its genre. In the game, you will have the opportunity to hire staff, serve customers, handle payments, and ensure the smooth operation of your cafe in order to maintain its success.

The best aspect is that it's available for free on mobile devices. The game offers ample gameplay to keep you engaged and entice you to return for managing more and more customers. Furthermore, the game's visual design embraces the classic Hello Kitty aesthetic.

6 Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams

9 Best

In this game, Hello Kitty has ventured out from home to chase her dream of living a luxurious life in the bustling city. Your objective is to assist Kitty in climbing up the social ladder, quite literally, as she progresses from a ground floor apartment to a magnificent penthouse situated at the pinnacle of a towering building.

This game offers an enjoyable experience centered around extensive interaction with various characters within its world. Throughout your journey, you can discover 16 distinct mini-games, adding to the excitement. Big City Dreams has garnered numerous positive reviews, and its gameplay is utterly captivating. You'll find that time flies by effortlessly as you become engrossed in the game for hours on end.

5 Loving Life With Hello Kitty & Friends


Hello Kitty & Friends, which made its debut on Nintendo DS in 2011, entails Kitty providing aid to her companions across an array of tasks. You can lend a hand with their academic assignments, accompany them during their shopping excursions at the mall, and revel in the joy of encountering a multitude of familiar characters from the series. Countless beloved characters will make an appearance in this delightful endeavor.

Additionally, the game incorporates a shopping component that allows you to acquire a diverse range of items. Despite its E rating, the game's captivating nature is such that it can easily engross individuals of all ages, leading them to get immersed in this captivating virtual realm.

4 Hello Kitty: Puzzle Party

This PSP game was released in commemoration of Hello Kitty's 35th birthday. The puzzles within the game present a delightful challenge, stimulating your mind to think in various unique ways. Each puzzle you solve unlocks distinct features, including customizable options that enable you to infuse your own personal style into the game.

Puzzle Party is an entertaining Hello Kitty game that offers challenges suitable for players of all ages. Explore the diverse range of puzzles and push yourself in various ways. As a party game, you have the option to enjoy it solo or engage in multiplayer with others.

3 Hello Kitty World 2

Contrary to its name, Hello Kitty 2 does not closely resemble or play as a direct continuation of Hello Kitty World, the NES game. This so-called "sequel" is essentially an independent game, as it deviates from the balloon-floating concept. Instead, it allows you to construct your very own theme park, where you can incorporate decorations, rides, and all the desired elements you envision for your park.

This game offers an abundance of activities to engage in, such as exploring and visiting theme parks created by other players. It even features fashion battles, tapping into the prevalent theme of fashion within Hello Kitty games. Fans of the series are bound to adore this aspect, as it adds an extra layer of enjoyment and excitement to the overall experience.

2 Hello Kitty: Fantasy Theater

Imagine if Hello Kitty were a princess in a fairy tale. In Hello Kitty: Fantasy Theater, you can witness this enchanting scenario come to life. Kitty and her friends take part in captivating stories that unfold on a grand stage. As you progress, one of your objectives is to collect characters and forge meaningful friendships, which is indeed a delightful goal to pursue.

This game has garnered remarkable popularity, especially in Japan, thanks to its captivating blend of fantasy theater and Hello Kitty. The various gameplay options offer multiple avenues for enjoyment, allowing players to embark on countless adventures and create an array of captivating stories. The possibilities for imaginative exploration within the game are virtually limitless.

1 Hello Kitty Seasons

Hello Kitty Seasons was released on the Wii in 2010. The objective is to establish a thriving community centered around beloved Hello Kitty characters. By doing so, new levels are unlocked, and exciting adventures await. The game offers a multitude of engaging mini-games and a wide array of achievements to earn. Additionally, the inclusion of bonuses, power-ups, and various extras adds to the overall enjoyment, making this game truly entertaining.

If you've ever thought about designing your own world for Hello Kitty to live in, this game will make that dream come true.