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Palworld: Catching Humans and Unleashing Chaos!

Palworld, the wildly popular survival and creature-collecting game, has taken the gaming world by storm since its launch into Early Access. Dubbed as ...

Josh West Jan 30, 2024
Palworld: Catching Humans and Unleashing Chaos!

Palworld, the wildly popular survival and creature-collecting game, has taken the gaming world by storm since its launch into Early Access. Dubbed as "Pokémon with guns," this game has proven to be much more than that, pushing the boundaries of what players thought possible. One aspect of Palworld that has raised eyebrows and sparked debates within the online community is the ability to capture humans alongside the monster-like Pals. Brace yourselves, folks, because things are about to get wild!

Now, before you gasp in horror, let me clarify that the game does acknowledge the inhumanity of capturing humans on Palpagos Island. But hey, it's a virtual world, and anything is possible! Humans, although quite different from Pals, are relatively useless once caught, besides serving as a means to earn some Gold or perform Handiwork. The community, however, is divided on whether these captured humans possess any skills beyond Handiwork. As of now, there's no concrete proof that they can do mining, crop maintenance, or any other chores around the base, but who knows what secrets Palworld still holds?

Capturing a human in Palworld follows the same method as capturing a Pal - engage in combat, lower their health, and then toss a Pal Sphere at them, hoping for a successful capture. Once you've brought them back to your base, you can rename them just like any other Pal. So, imagine having a captured Syndicate Thug named Fluffykins. It adds a certain charm, doesn't it? These humans will need a Pal Bed and food, just like their furry counterparts, but thankfully, they can't breed. Phew!

Now, capturing Pals is no easy task, but capturing humans is a whole different ball game. It takes skill, patience, and numerous attempts to secure your human prize. It's best to weaken them as much as possible before you make your move. Remember, practice makes perfect!

But here comes the truly disturbing part: the dreaded Meat Cleaver. This weapon, used to butcher Pals and obtain their loot drops and meat, can also be used to butcher captured humans. In doing so, you'll get the usual loot you'd get from killing humans in the wild, like Bread and Gold Coins. But let's be honest, there's something about butchering humans that feels even more gruesome than simply shooting them. Yikes!

Now, I know what you're thinking. Is there any redeeming quality to capturing humans in Palworld? Well, hold on to your hats because here's a juicy tidbit: humans can be a lucrative source of income! Once captured, you can sell them to the Black Marketeer Vendor without any questions asked. Depending on the type of human you're selling, they can fetch quite a sum, ranging from 80 to 1200 Gold. Just be careful not to sell a Black Marketeer Vendor to the Black Marketeer. That might raise a few eyebrows, even in this wacky world.s can also be assigned to your base in Palworld. If they're not occupied with a job, they'll wander around as if they actually want to be there. It's almost as if you've become friends, rather than someone who beat them down and stuffed them into a Pal Sphere against their will. Ah, the power of imagination!

When humans are captured in the Pal Sphere, they lose their weapons and the ability to equip new ones. They become significantly weaker than when they were free, armed with only their mighty Punch. According to the Paldex, humans are not Pals and don't possess Partner Skills. So, while they can join your adventure party, they're not as useful in combat as any trusty Pal would be. Sorry, humans, better start working on your combat skills!

Luckily, humans do have one skill up their sleeves - Handiwork. Assigning them to a workbench at your base can be a stroke of genius. They can craft useful items like Pal Spheres, enabling you to go out and catch even more Pals. Talk about a productive captive workforce! Who knew enslaving humans could be so handy?

But wait, there's more! The ultimate reason to capture a human in Palworld is to have a merchant permanently stationed at your base. Once you've captured one of these merchants, you can trade and sell items to them. It's like having your very own marketplace within the walls of your base. Just be cautious when doing this on public servers, as some NPCs may never respawn, leaving the merchant permanently unavailable to others. On dedicated, private servers, however, these merchant NPCs should respawn after a server reboot (fingers crossed!).

So there you have it, folks. Palworld, the game that pushes boundaries and tests our moral compasses. It's a place where capturing humans is a thing, but hey, at least it's a means of quick cash, right? With thequirky ability to rename and assign captured humans, the game allows players to imagine a friendship rather than a forceful capture. And let's not forget the gruesome option of butchering humans with the Meat Cleaver - it's enough to make you shudder.

But Palworld is more than just capturing and exploiting humans. It's a world where creativity and crafting thrive. Assigning humans to workbenches unleashes their Handiwork skills, allowing them to craft useful items like Pal Spheres. And if that's not enough, capturing a merchant gives you a permanent marketplace within your base. Just be mindful of your server choice, as some NPCs might vanish forever, leaving others merchant-less.

Palworld is a game that challenges our notions of what is acceptable and what is simply outrageous. It's a world where humans become commodities, but they also bring a touch of humor and chaos to the mix. So, if you're ready to dive into this wild and unpredictable adventure, grab your Pal Sphere and get ready to capture some Pals, and maybe a few humans along the way. Just remember to keep your imagination handy and your moral compass intact. Palworld awaits!