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Palworld Glitches: Quirks and Quandaries of Early Access

Palworld is a vast and entertaining game that offers players a unique experience. However, being in Early Access, it's not without its fair share of g...

Ethan Gach Jan 28, 2024
Palworld Glitches: Quirks and Quandaries of Early Access

Palworld is a vast and entertaining game that offers players a unique experience. However, being in Early Access, it's not without its fair share of glitches and bugs. While some of these quirks may seem like game-breaking issues, others add a touch of awesomeness to the gameplay. Pocketpair, the game's developers, are diligently working on patching and updating the Xbox and PC versions, so some of these glitches may not be around for long. In this article, we'll explore some of the most amusing and intriguing glitches found in Palworld.

1: The Pal Sphere Launcher - More Than a Glitch

One of the most well-known glitches in Palworld is the Pal Sphere launcher. By climbing on top of a completed Pal Sphere just before capturing a Pal, players can be catapulted high into the air. Equipped with a parachute or glider, they can traverse great distances or reach lofty heights, akin to the Skyview Towers in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This glitch has become so popular that it almost feels like a feature rather than a bug.

2: The Food Refresh Glitch - A Culinary Time Extender

In Palworld, food slowly rots over time, unless stored in a Cooler Box or similar container. However, clever players have discovered the food refresh glitch, which allows them to transfer food and refresh its timer by right-clicking. This nifty trick keeps the food fresh for a longer period, ensuring they won't go hungry anytime soon.

3: Pal Sphere Glitch vs. Bosses - Aerial Takedowns

The Pal Sphere glitch not only aids in fast travel but also serves as a formidable weapon against bosses. By timing a jumping attack at the precise moment of capturing a Pal, players can apply the same physics to the boss. This launches the boss into the air, leading to a fatal fall upon landing. It's a thrilling tactic, especially when facing bosses like Kingpaca, who have a penchant for leaping.

4: Campfire Shenanigans - Sneaky Pal Takedowns

Surprisingly, building campfires under Pals can cause damage to them without provoking aggression. This clever technique allows players to take down higher-level enemies easily, without engaging in direct combat. The only challenge is getting the Pal to stay put, which can be achieved by cornering or surrounding it. Sadly, this strategy doesn't work when the Pal is sleeping.

5: The Black Marketeer Vendetta - Gold Rush

By setting Pals to "Attack Aggressively" just before encountering the Black Marketeer vendor, players can continuously attack him without any resistance. The timing must be precise to avoid retaliation, as mistiming the assault can result in a swift demise. However, successfully executing this glitch rewards players with a hefty sum of 40,000 gold, which can be repeated infinitely for an endless supply of wealth.

6: The Elusive Grizzbolt - XP and Pal Capture

Although the Grizzbolt glitch, which provided unlimited XP, has been patched out, players can still capture this formidable creature through a complex process. By gaining the "Wanted" status from attacking a human NPC, players can initiate a boss fight against Zoe & Grizzbolt at the Rayne Syndicate Tower. Manipulating the Guard's attack on Grizzbolt causes a temporary glitch that allows for its capture. It's an excellent shortcut to obtaining a high-level Pal early in the game.

7: The Duplication Dilemma - Unlimited Resources?

While not technically a glitch, the duplication glitch in Palworld offers players a means to acquire unlimited resources. By emptying their inventory, crouching on the edge of the base territory, and building a structure within precise timing, players trick the game into thinking it's pulling resources from the base. Cancelling the structure allows them to reclaim the resources, though mastering this technique requires skill and patience.

Despite the existence of glitches in Palworld, they don't detract from the game's overall appeal. As an Early Access title, the developers have already fixed numerous bugs since its launch. While some glitches may be considered cheap or unwanted, others, such as the Pal Sphere launcher, add an extra layer of fun without ruining the overall experience. As Pocketpair continues to refine the game, it's likely that glitches will be patched out, making Palworld an even more polished and enjoyable gaming adventure.