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P's Lies: How to Find the Weeping Woman's Baby

Lies Of P is a surprisingly solid game that falls into the Soulslike category, offering you a challenging experience. What sets this game apart from o...

Anne Ostler Sept 17, 2023
P's Lies: How to Find the Weeping Woman's Baby

Lies Of P is a surprisingly solid game that falls into the Soulslike category, offering you a challenging experience. What sets this game apart from others in the genre is its linearity, which brings a fresh perspective.

Like all other Soulslike games, Lies Of P offers a variety of exploration opportunities, including weapons, equipment, and NPC quests. These NPCs often provide subtle hints about their needs, leaving it up to you to decipher them independently. An early notable NPC is the Weeping Woman, who presents you with a peculiar request that will surely pique your interest.

Where To Find The Weeping Woman

Lies Of P How To Find The Weeping Woman

You can encounter the Weeping Woman early in the game on Elysion Boulevard.

Once you reach the interior of the house on Elysion Boulevard called Stargazer, exit through the front door and follow the path to the right.

Be wary of puppet enemies along the way, and you can choose whether to destroy them or bypass them.

Lies Of P How To Find The Weeping Woman

When you reach the rooftop, you will discover a passage on the left side that leads to another building.

Proceed there and enter the door on the left side.

Continue along this path, and you will come across a ladder that you can descend. Go all the way down, and on the right side, you will notice another ladder. Ascend it.

Lies Of P How To Find The Weeping

Here, you will catch a glimpse of the silhouette of a woman through a window. As you approach her, you can interact with her; that's the Weeping Woman.

After you interact with her, she will ask for a favor: to find her baby.

Her only clue is that the baby is located in the town hall of Krat.

You will be given the choice between "I will find it" or "Decline." Naturally, we want to help, so be sure to choose the first option.

How To Find The Weeping Woman's Baby

Lies Of P How To Find The

After accepting the Weeping Woman's request, your task is to find the broken baby marionette, and fortunately, it is not far from your current location.

Start by descending the ladder and going through the gate in front of you. Here, you will encounter the Krat Police Marionette.

Your best approach here might be to simply run past it, but you should return later and defeat it to obtain its weapon.

Lies Of P How To Find

Afterward, continue your path to the right until you reach a bridge where a strangely aggressive donkey stands.

Before you can proceed, you must defeat this crazy donkey miniboss to progress. This encounter is an important part of the storyline, and we won't reveal too much about it.

An easy method to defeat him is to sneak up from behind and execute an ambush. You'll be surprised at how easily you can overcome him. Not only that, it's also the perfect opportunity to practice backstabbing enemies, as you'll find it very useful.

After defeating the crazy donkey, you can unlock the door at the end of the bridge and proceed further.

Lies Of P How To

You will come across a Stargazer that you should repair to replenish your supplies.

After using the Stargazer, descend the stairs and follow the path. Here, you will encounter numerous enemies, so keep that in mind.

On the left side, you will find another staircase that you can ascend. This leads to more enemies and the main progression path.

Here, if you take the left path, you can unlock a shortcut to the Stargazer.

Lies Of P How

If you continue, you will come across another staircase. Climb it, and on the right side, you will see an enemy striking the ground near a blue light object - that is the broken baby marionette.

You have two options: defeat the enemy and grab the item, or quickly grab the item and run away.

It becomes clear that the "baby" the weeping woman asked for is actually a marionette. Nevertheless, it is time to return to her.

Should You Lie Or Tell The Truth To The Weeping Woman

Lies Of P

Now that you have the required item, return to the weeping woman and interact with her to hand over the "baby". She will be overjoyed to see her "baby" again and ask if it is adorable. At this point, two options will be presented to you.

That's A Puppet

The first choice is "It's a marionette," which means you will tell her the truth.

Although it may be a little harsh to shatter this woman's happiness, especially since she is literally called the weeping woman, if you choose to do so, she will respectfully accuse you of lying. Nevertheless, she will reward you and give you the Lively Ergo Fragment.

She's A Cute Baby

Choosing the option "She is an adorable baby" is the obvious choice in line with the theme of the game. If you do so, you will lie to her, but it will fill the woman's heart with joy.

She will express her gratitude for fulfilling her only wish and reward you with both the Lively Ergo Fragment and the Emotion Log.

The recordings can be played at the Krat Hotel and contribute to P's humanity.