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Payday 3 "No Rest for the Damned" Heist Guide

"No Rest For The Wicked" could be the first heist in Payday 3, but it is anything but simple or easy. Going in without a plan or simply being unlucky ...

Fay Watson Sept 20, 2023
Payday 3 "No Rest for the Damned" Heist Guide

"No Rest For The Wicked" could be the first heist in Payday 3, but it is anything but simple or easy. Going in without a plan or simply being unlucky can turn even this relatively straightforward job into a fight for survival.

Like any good Payday heist, there's a lot to know if you want to get into the cash-filled vault of the SCB Bank. This guide explains every detail of the heist, whether you're going in stealthily or guns blazing. We have the information - it's up to you to get in and get out with the money.

How To Enter The Bank

Payday 3 No Rest For The Wicked Heist Guide

There are three ways to enter the building before the bank:

Entering through the front door is the easiest option and allows a view of some secure areas, but you won't be able to do much without triggering alarms. In multiplayer mode, at least one team member should wait in the bank's lobby. If the team is detected, that player can immediately put on the mask and take hostages from the numerous customers and employees.

The left side of the bank has a parking lot where you can move without arousing suspicion. The side door is usually monitored by a security guard and a camera, but it is also closest to the vault, located immediately to the right as you exit the storage room. In most cases, this will be your main escape route, through the alley on the opposite side of the bank's parking lot.

The right side of the building has a fence that you can open with a lockpick. Going around the back in this way carries the risk of being discovered by the guards and cameras at the rear, but it offers two advantages if you succeed: First, you can access the rooftop via the fire escape and enter the building's stairwell from above. Second, while wearing the mask, you can break into the manager's office at the corner of the building to steal data related to an important safety deposit box (see below).

The roof is only lightly patrolled, and an observer can assist intruders from the fire escape or skylights by pointing out guards and cameras.

How To Enter The Vault (Stealth)

Payday 3 No Rest For The Wicked Heist

If you can remain undetected, you can deactivate the electromagnetic lock on the safe. First, you need to enter the electrical room, which is randomly located on the second floor or on the roof. A keycard is required, either red or blue, which can be stolen or obtained from the security personnel within the bank. Once you are in the electrical room, hack the computer to put the security system into maintenance mode.

Next, you need to cut off the power supply to the safe. On the ground floor, you will see a red cable that leads from the vault door to a fuse box. Follow the cable and switch off the fuse box. Back in the electrical room, a screen on the server displays one or more symbols when it's activated. Press the switches with the corresponding symbols on the control panel next to the entrance of the safe.

Next, you have to enter a code to open the safe. The bank manager knows the code. Kidnap him from his office and press him against the retinal scanner to the left of the keyboard. The computer in the conference room can be operated and displays four codes, one of which is correct. If you are playing alone, set up a micro-camera and zoom in on the screen to verify the codes as you enter them.

The safe keypad is visible from the reception area; be careful of the guards who might notice your break-in!

How To Enter The Vault (Loud)

Payday 3 No Rest For The Wicked

If the team is detected, you'll need to switch to a new tactic: Use thermite to breach the roof of the vault room. Once the alarm is triggered, take as many hostages as possible while one player heads to the parking lot. Wait there for the helicopter to drop a bag of thermite. Take the bag to the second floor through the stairwell and place it in the target area to the left of the door. Once the thermite is in place, ignite it to burn through the floor.

While you're waiting, the helicopter will return with more thermite and drop it either on the roof or in the parking lot. If you retrieve the additional bags and throw them onto the fire, the process will be accelerated.

During the police assault, the officers will try to activate the sprinkler system. If this happens, you can turn it off by finding the red fire panel. This switch is randomly located on the second floor, either in the break room or in the central office area. By pressing the switch, the sprinkler systems will be deactivated until another officer turns them back on. While the sprinkler systems are active, the thermite will burn slower.

Wait a few seconds after throwing a thermite bag onto the fire before adding another one. If you add a bag while the fire is burning intensely, it will trigger the sprinkler systems.

Once the fire is extinguished, you can drop into the vault room through the hole in the floor and unlock it from the inside.

How To Secure The Loot

Payday 3 No Rest For The

Once you're inside the vault room, you need to enter the security cage. This requires a medium-length lock-picking tool, so someone in your team with the appropriate skills should take care of it. Once the door is unlocked, let your team know when you want to open it. A few seconds after the door is opened, color cartridges in the money bundles will explode, rendering the money worthless. You can deactivate the color cartridges by interacting with them, but this needs to be done collectively by two or more players if you hope to deactivate them all in time.

Before opening the door, assign one player to the left side and another player to the right side. They should be able to deactivate all the color cartridges by meeting in the middle.

Once the money is packed, you need to reach the escape point before the getaway driver heads your way. If you have time or the police presence is too strong to risk escape, you can obtain additional loot by opening the lockers.

Optional Objective: How To Find The Executive's Safe-Deposit Box

Payday 3 No Rest For

Throughout the bank, there are files that lead to a specific locker and contain sensitive data that you can collect for additional profit. These documents can be found randomly on tables and bookshelves in three different locations: the manager's office on the ground floor, the adjacent conference room, and the rooms with photocopiers on the upper floor.

The rooms with the photocopiers also house a safe full of cash, and its exact location will change with each playthrough. Typically, there is also a safe in the manager's office.

Once you have found the correct document, the subtask will be completed, and the locker in the vault room containing the Wixia information will be highlighted. If you are unable to find the documents, you can still continue to open lockers until you find them.

How To Escape

Payday 3 No Rest

The safest route to the evacuation point is through the alley opposite the parking lot. This provides protection from snipers and dumpsters behind which you can hide if you encounter resistance.

Once you emerge on the other side, Shade will inform you that you need to lower the bollards to allow the transporter to approach. You must find and deactivate two power boxes randomly placed along the street. The position of the bollards indicates where the transporter will arrive. If you're lucky, it will be near the alley entrance. If you're unlucky, it will be one block down the road to the left.

The number of power boxes increases as you raise the difficulty level!

While you wait for the transporter, hide all the bags you're carrying between the plant pots on the other side of the street. The police are less likely to try to retrieve them there, and you can quickly load the loot into the transporter.

A well-coordinated team can throw bags in a line from the vault room to the alley to expedite the process of moving out of the bank.

Once the transporter arrives, load as many bags as possible into the rear area and then gather around the vehicle to escape. If you take too long, the police will raise the bollards again. You'll need to disable both power boxes again before you can drive away.