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Persona 5 Royal The Best Accessories, Ranked

By stacking accessories in Persona 5 Royal, you can significantly enhance the abilities of your team, regardless of whether you are a magic user, phy...

Amy West Sept 05, 2023
Persona 5 Royal The Best Accessories, Ranked

By stacking accessories in Persona 5 Royal, you can significantly enhance the abilities of your team, regardless of whether you are a magic user, physical attacker, or healer.

Some top-tier accessories include effects such as increased chances to evade magical attacks, ignoring elemental weaknesses, bolstering defense, and much more.

Acquiring powerful accessories may involve purchasing them from shady merchants, finding them in dungeons, or converting Personas into items, but the benefits are worth it for stronger battles and strategic team compositions.

Equipping your team members with a variety of powerful accessories has become somewhat of a standard in RPGs, and the epic JRPG Persona 5 Royal offers plenty of choices. Whether you want to increase damage, withstand hits better, or unlock additional bonus advantages, there is definitely an accessory for you.

Magic users, physical attackers, and healers alike will be able to find items that enhance their already impressive powers. Whether you purchase them from the shadiest merchants in Tokyo, discover them in dungeons, or convert Personas themselves into items, we have curated our top selection for the best accessories in Persona 5 Royal.

Updated on September 5, 2023, by Gabrielle Castania: It has been quite some time since we last reviewed our recommendations for the best accessories in Persona 5 Royal. Therefore, we have returned to this list to adjust it according to our current formatting standards, exchange some photos, add additional hyperlinks, and overall ensure that we still stand by our selection for the best accessories in P5R.

11 Magic Rosary

Persona 5 Royal The Best Accessories, Ranked

President Tanaka is a staple in Persona, and fans were delighted to see the old rogue appear in Tanaka's Shady Commodities in P5R, accessible through the laptop in Joker's room. He offers a fantastic selection of items, if one doesn't dwell on how he acquired them.

Among them is the Magical Rosary, which can be purchased for ¥50,000 and increases chances to evade magical attacks. It proves helpful against foes with low evasion capabilities and can be further enhanced with evasion-boosting abilities.

10 Ring of Vanity

Persona 5 Royal The Best Accessories,

This accessory is exclusive to Persona 5 Royal, as it is created by locating all three Will Seeds within Madarame's Palace. It is definitely worth the effort to find them, as it allows the wearer to completely ignore their inherent elemental weakness.

Not only that, but by upgrading the Crystal of Vanity to the Ring of Vanity with the assistance of Jose, a defensive ability is added that allows the user to completely nullify a single non-Almighty attack. This significantly enhances the strategic aspect of your team composition and should definitely not be overlooked during your exploration of the second palace.

9 Vajra Belt

Persona 5 Royal The Best

The Vajra Belt is a useful accessory if you aim for a more balanced party with targeted support for the team. The belt automatically casts Rakukaja, which increases the defense of a random ally for three rounds. It doesn't require any SP when cast from the belt, allowing you to have enhanced defense and room for the use of other abilities.

Over time, its usefulness may diminish, but as an accessory for the early stages of the game, the Vajra Belt can certainly be useful while exploring dungeons to protect your team members without having to use an ability.

8 Saintly Devotion Charm

Persona 5 Royal The

The ability to transform a variety of skills into accessories through the Electric Chair opens up a world of possibilities for items. Numerous Personas can be converted into items, but Maria offers one of the absolute best accessories.

Maria becomes available at level 93 after maxing out the Faith Confidant. She is exclusive to the third semester, and her transformation into an item grants the Charm of Sacred Devotion when created during a Fusion Alarm. While it may be challenging to obtain her, the effort is worthwhile.

7 Regent

Persona 5 Royal

Regent is perfect for party members who rely on physical attacks. It increases the strength of the wearer by three points and boosts the critical hit rate.

This transforms the wearer into a heavy hitter, which is always useful when relying on pure strength during battles. You can obtain this accessory by converting the treasure demon of the same name, which you encounter early in the game, into an item.

6 Hope Diamond

Persona 5

The Hope Diamond increases all attributes by three points when worn, which is a significant boost and can certainly influence the outcome of a battle in favor of the player. Additionally, it grants Regenerate 3, meaning the user regenerates a portion of their health with each turn. Search for the Hope Diamond and transform it into an accessory to obtain this Persona 5 accessory.

It is great for prolonged battles when you equip a melee-focused party member with it, as it makes them stronger while also keeping them alive through continuous healing.

5 SP Adhesive 3


If you're a player who relies heavily on magic, the SP Adhesive 3 is the perfect accessory - it restores a decent amount of SP to the wearer each time. You can obtain this accessory from the Takemi Medical Clinic after completing some tests and reaching Rank Five in the Takemi Confidant.

The SP Adhesive 3 is one of the most useful accessories you can obtain during your first playthrough, as it saves you a lot of time collecting SP recovery items. These items can be scarce, so take care of replenishing your SP whenever possible!

4 Omnipotent Orb

This accessory is somewhat difficult to classify in a ranking, as it sounds extremely overpowering on paper. The Almighty Ball is an accessory that you obtain in New Game+ after successfully defeating Caroline and Justine. It grants the user immunity to all types of damage, except Almighty damage.

It may not have the greatest impact in boss battles, but if you know how and when to use it, it can be useful throughout the game, even if it seems a bit overpowering.

3 Ring of Envy

This is another exclusive feature of Persona 5 Royal, unlocked by collecting the Will Seeds in Sae Niijima's Palace. If you find all the Will Seeds in this palace, you will obtain the Crystal of Envy, which allows you to create the Ring of Envy with the help of Jose.

The Crystal of Envy grants the wearer Masukukaja, and the additional Automatic Concentration from the Ring of Envy is the real highlight. Concentration is one of the best abilities in the game, but when it is automatically activated at the beginning of the battle, it makes it even better.

2 Divine Pillar

If your playstyle relies on tank-like builds where your characters simply defend against enemy attacks, then the Divine Pillar is the perfect accessory. What it does is halve the incoming damage, but at the cost of evasion options. Although evading damage is good, it's not guaranteed, so the next best option is to only suffer half the damage each time.

The Divine Pillar is a possible item that can be dropped by the Reaper in Mementos. What makes this accessory even more useful is its combination with the "Firm Stance" ability, which reduces incoming damage to only 25 percent. As a result, it ranks among the best accessories in Persona 5 Royal.

1 Crystal Skull

By far the best accessory in Persona 5 is the Crystal Skull, and for good reason - not only does it increase all attributes by five points, but it also grants a high chance to evade magic.

If you manage to obtain a few of these to give to multiple party members, they become practically unstoppable, as the accessory greatly enhances their combat abilities and survivability. The only way to obtain it is by finding the Treasure Demon of the same name in the Sheriruth Path of Mementos.