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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the most challenging games for shiny hunting

Hunting for shiny versions of certain Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can pose a challenge due to subtle variations in their shiny forms or the...

Hirun Cryer Oct 12, 2023
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the most challenging games for shiny hunting

Hunting for shiny versions of certain Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can pose a challenge due to subtle variations in their shiny forms or their rarity as spawns.

Shiny hunting for Pokemon can be challenging due to factors like color similarities, lighting effects, or even disguises that make it difficult to differentiate shiny variants from regular ones.

Finding shiny versions of certain Pokemon can be particularly challenging due to their low encounter rates or specific evolution requirements.

Shiny hunting has never been easier than in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With features like Outbreaks and Sandwich Powers, you can obtain your favorite shiny Pokemon without even needing the shiny charm. However, it's worth noting that making certain Pokemon appear shiny can still be a bit more challenging.

From Pokemon with subtle differences to those affected by the lighting in the games, some Pokemon are simply easier to find in their shiny forms compared to others. Whether you choose to pursue these specific Pokemon is entirely up to you, but for those seeking a challenge, here are the most difficult Pokemon to shiny hunt in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Updated on October 12, 2023, by Gabrielle Castania: With the recent release of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Teal Mask DLC, and the upcoming launch of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk DLC, we are here to provide an updated list of the most challenging shiny Pokemon to obtain in Scarlet and Violet in its entirety.

10 Special Breed Tauros

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet The Hardest Pokemon To Shiny Hunt

The new forms of Tauros, unfortunately, have received a disappointing shiny form. The only noticeable difference is that a shiny Tauros' face and mane will swap colors to reflect its typing. However, this becomes problematic with Paldean Tauros, as its fur and mane are practically the same color. This alone makes Tauros one of the most challenging Pokemon to shiny hunt. Obtaining a shiny version of the other breeds presents an entirely different level of difficulty.

The Blaze and Aqua Breeds of Tauros are challenging to shiny hunt for the same reason they are difficult to encounter in the first place. They are rare spawns within a herd of "standard" Tauros. It is already quite difficult to find one of these rare breeds!

9 Tatsugiri

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet The Hardest Pokemon To Shiny

Tatsugiri, these adorable sushi-like creatures brought to life, have been ranked as the sixth most popular Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. Consequently, many people desire to add a shiny version of these cute pseudo-dragons to their collection, but there are some challenges associated with this.

Firstly, the shiny versions of the Curly and Stretchy forms of Tatsugiri are the same orange color as the standard Curly form, with only a few subtle differences. Secondly, if you plan to use the Mass Outbreak mechanic, only the Curly form will appear in increased numbers. If you wish to obtain the Stretchy and Droopy forms in their shiny variants, you will need to employ a different method for shiny hunting them. Lastly, for some unknown reason, wild Tatsugiri have the move Memento, so be cautious when hunting for them.

8 Wattrel

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet The Hardest Pokemon To

Paldea's new Electric-Flying type has a shiny form that is subtle but visually pleasing. The black feathers on its head and wings become lighter and acquire a subtle purple hue. Moreover, the shiny form's body is slightly lighter, and its feet take on a darker shade of orange. Although it may not be immediately noticeable from a distance, you can observe these changes, albeit sometimes with difficulty.

During certain times of the day, both the standard Wattrel and its shiny form can appear very similar, to the extent that you may not notice the difference at first glance. Furthermore, since Wattrel tends to fly away as soon as you approach it, there is a high probability that you may not see it before it flies away and disappears.

7 Varoom

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet The Hardest Pokemon

While not without flaws, some of the graphics in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet incorporate interesting visual details for certain Pokemon and their surroundings. The way sunlight and moonlight reflect on water and how light illuminates Pokemon adds a sense of realism to the game. However, the lighting can pose challenges for some shiny hunters.

Due to the high reflectivity of many Steel-type Pokemon in the game, such as Varoom, whose bodies have a reflective gray color, the ambient lighting can make them appear golden, similar to their shiny form. Upon closer examination, it is possible to determine whether a Varoom is shiny or not. However, when casually passing by, there is a chance that you may not notice the difference, especially when they are charging towards you at a high speed of 50 mph.

6 Mimikyu

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet The Hardest

Once again, Mimikyu is a Pokemon whose shiny form is significantly influenced by the lighting, making it one of the most challenging Pokemon to shiny hunt in Scarlet and Violet. In normal circumstances, you would easily spot a grayscale imitation Pikachu roaming around. However, things are different in Paldea.

In almost every location where Mimikyu appears, there are large trees that can make it incredibly challenging to spot a shiny Mimikyu when these Ghost-Fairy types wander beneath them. In the shade, a regular Mimikyu will appear nearly identical to its shiny counterpart. This can be extremely frustrating as it leads to constant doubt and uncertainty when encountering Mimikyu.

5 Ditto, Zorua, And Zoroark

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet The

Finding these three Pokemon is already quite challenging. With their ability to transform into other Pokemon, the only way to distinguish a Ditto, Zorua, or Zoroark from their disguises is by using the Lock-On function in the game. This is all well and good, but when it comes to locating a shiny version of these elusive Pokemon, things become a bit more complicated.

Firstly, these Pokemon will not appear shiny in the overworld. As mentioned earlier, they conceal their true appearances by taking the form of other Pokemon, which includes shiny versions. The only way to ascertain if a Ditto, Zorua, or Zoroark is shiny is by engaging it in battle or attempting to send out a Pokemon to Auto Battle, as your Pokemon will not attack a shiny Pokemon.

4 Dusk Form Lycanroc

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first games where you can obtain the highly sought-after Dusk Form Lycanroc without relying on an event. Not only can you encounter them in the wild during the five-minute dusk period in the game, but Rockruff with the Own Tempo ability also spawn in the wild. The latter is a rare discovery, and regular Rockruff cannot obtain this ability through an Ability Capsule or Ability Patch. It is due to these factors that shiny hunting a Dusk Form Lycanroc poses a challenge.

Due to the already low odds of encountering a Rockruff with Own Tempo, the chances of finding a shiny one decrease significantly. While you can try to target Dusk Form Lycanroc directly, the short window of time in which they appear is so limited that it can be equally frustrating.

3 Tynamo

Pokemon Scarlet And

Shiny hunting Pokemon with subtle shiny variations is challenging, to say the least. They are difficult to notice without closer inspection, making them easy to overlook while progressing through the game. However, no other Pokemon's shiny form is as difficult to spot as Tynamo's.

Due to Tynamo's small size, it is nearly impossible to discern the light blue coloration of its shiny form. Furthermore, as the electric eel Pokemon from Generation V only spawns in the northeastern half of the ocean, players also have to deal with the game's glitchy water effects. In many instances, you may not even spot a regular Tynamo appearing in the water, let alone a shiny one.

2 Family Of Three Maushold And Three-Segment Dudunsparce

Pokemon Scarlet

Acquiring the shiny versions of the Maushold's Family Trio and the Three-Segment Dudunsparce is challenging for the same underlying reason. The odds of a Tandemaus or Dunsparce evolving into these specific forms are incredibly low, with a mere 1/100 chance. Obtaining these forms through regular means is tough since they do not appear in the wild, further contributing to their difficulty and establishing them as some of the most challenging Pokemon to shiny hunt.

Furthermore, the evolution of each Tandemaus and Dunsparce into a specific form is determined by a unique Encryption Constant. This means that resetting your game in the hopes of obtaining your desired form is ineffective. Even with the assistance of Sparkling Power and the Shiny Charm, the chances of encountering a Tandemaus or Dunsparce capable of evolving into the desired form are approximately 1 in 68,300. This rarity makes them some of the most elusive shiny Pokemon.

1 Authentic Sinistea


This particular Pokemon has been a source of frustration for the shiny hunting community for years, and it has become even more challenging in Paldea. Encountering a Sinistea with the Authentic stamp is already difficult, but obtaining a shiny tea cup with this stamp is nearly impossible.

The chances of coming across a shiny Authentic Sinistea are approximately the same as encountering a shiny Tandemaus that can evolve into the Family of Three. However, unlike Tandemaus, neither Outbreaks nor Encounter Power have any impact on the spawn rate of Authentic Sinistea. In fact, they only increase the number of Phony Sinistea. If you wish to obtain an authentic pink teacup, you'll need luck on your side with the random number generator (RNG).