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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The 10 Best Pokemon for Early Game Progress

Every Pokémon journey has a beginning, and the Pokémon you catch at the start can play a crucial role throughout your entire adventure. Scarlet and Vi...

Josh West Sept 09, 2023
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The 10 Best Pokemon for Early Game Progress

Every Pokémon journey has a beginning, and the Pokémon you catch at the start can play a crucial role throughout your entire adventure. Scarlet and Violet have numerous Pokémon that you can capture at the beginning of the game, and due to the new open-world format, the possibilities are greater than ever before.

The region of Paldea has bestowed upon us many fantastic new Pokémon to catch. Here are some of the finest early Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet.

Updated on September 9, 2023, by Gabrielle Castania: With the imminent release of the first half of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC, The Teal Mask, we wanted to revise our list of the finest early Pokémon to add a touch of brilliance for those embarking on their journey anew or returning to Paldea to experience further Pokémon adventures.

10 Lechonk

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet 10 Best Early Game Pokemon

Many trainers underestimate the Normal-type Pokémon on Route One, but Lechonk is not one to be ignored. Lechonk learns solid moves like Disarming Voice and Covet at low levels and evolves fully at level 18, which means it receives a significant base stat boost early in the game.

Moreover, its stat values are by no means negligible and are characterized by solid attack and special defense. In addition to learning useful moves like Yawn, this Pokémon is more than meets the eye.

9 Nacli

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet 10 Best Early Game

Rock-type Pokémon are generally quite sturdy, and Nacli is no exception. With a base defense stat of 75 in its earliest stage of evolution, Nacli is one of the safest bets as one of the top Pokémon to start the game with.

Its repertoire of moves is equally impressive. Nacli learns early moves such as Rock Throw and Headbutt, and later acquires powerful attacks like Stone Edge and Earthquake. While it may take some time for it to reach its final stage of evolution, it is more than capable of holding its own until then.

8 Maschiff

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet 10 Best Early

As you progress through the Path of Legends story, you are surely familiar with Arven's Mabosstiff. And if you have fallen in love with the Pokémon, you can actually catch it fairly early by starting with Maschiff.

Maschiff learns many great moves early on, such as Bite and Blade Storm. It gets even better as it levels up and learns moves like Crunch, Withdraw, and even Outrage. With strong attack and defense power, this dog is one you don't want to miss.

7 Smoliv

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet 10 Best

The Grass type is one of the most versatile in Pokémon and offers many resistance possibilities. If you desire a reliable Grass Pokémon, Smoliv is an excellent choice. Smoliv learns many of the best special Grass moves, such as Leech Seed and Energy Ball, and possesses high defense, special attack, and special defense values.

Although it may be tiny at first, Smoliv blossoms into a great Pokémon later on and fits well in many teams.

6 Klawf

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet 10

Single-stage evolution Pokémon can be excellent choices for the early game, and Klawf is proof of that. The first Pokémon you encounter in the Quest of the Path of Legends is a valuable addition to any team.

With strong attack and defense stats, this crab can dish out damage as well as take hits. With a moveset that includes moves like Rock Throw and X-Scissor, as well as useful moves like Protect and Swords Dance, this Pokémon will serve you well.

5 Tarontula

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

It's not often that you see a massive Bug-type Pokémon, but Tarontula is here to make a statement. With impressive defense and special defense stats, along with a respectable attack stat, Tarontula turns the concept of a Bug-type Pokémon on its head. Its evolution at a low level of 15 means you can benefit from these great stats early on.

Tarantula learns moves that capitalize on its robust nature, such as Block and Counter, as well as some great offensive attacks like Throat Chop and Megaton Punch. One of the most unconventional Bug-type Pokémon is definitely worth a spot on your team.

4 Paldean Wooper

Pokemon Scarlet And

Wooper may not be a new Pokémon, but its new form gives it a fun, fresh identity. Wooper is best known for its incredible defense stat, and the Paldean Wooper continues this tradition. Combined with useful moves like Yawn and Toxic Spikes, you have a fantastic Poison-type tank to add to your team.

After evolution, you might be surprised to see that it doesn't evolve into Quaxwell but instead into a similarly silly Pokémon called Klodsimor. It possesses many of the same strengths as Quaxwell but with a completely new type. If you love Quaxwell, you will surely love Klodsimor just as much.

3 Pawmi

Pokemon Scarlet

The newest Electric-Mouse Pokémon doesn't disappoint. Pawmi is an early encounter in the game that learns the move Cuddle early on, an electric move that always paralyzes the opposing Pokémon. If you want to gain an early advantage or paralyze a troublesome Pokémon, Pawmi is the right choice for you.

Pawmi can also reach its final stage very early if you take 1,000 steps with Pawmo, starting from level 18. Pawmi and its evolutions are fast physical attackers, so if you're looking for an Electric-type that can outperform the competition, you don't need to look any further.

2 Fidough


In Scarlet and Violet, you will encounter many adorable puppy Pokémon, and Fidough is among the best. The Fairy type is one of the strongest in Pokémon, and Fidough represents it well. Its best stat lies in defense, although its speed and attack are also solid.

When it evolves, it also gains the ability "Well-Baked Body," which grants it immunity to Fire-type moves and boosts its defense. Additionally, it learns the move "Scuffle" as early as level 18, even before it evolves. If you love dogs and strong Pokémon, you should definitely catch this sweet Pokémon.

1 Charcadet

One of the best Pokémon you can catch in the entire game happens to be an early encounter as well. Charcadet is a very powerful Fire-type with the potential to evolve into one of two formidable Pokémon. With great stats and many fantastic moves, it is one of the best investments you can make in a Pokémon early in the game.

Charcadet is somewhat rare, and you may need a special picnic recipe to summon it. Additionally, the item required to evolve it only becomes available quite late in the game. Nevertheless, this is a Pokémon that will definitely reward you if you make the effort to obtain it.