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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every new Pokemon in the Teal Mask DLC

The Teal Mask DLC, the third DLC ever released for a Pokémon game, introduces the new region of Kitakami, brand-new characters, and a story based on a...

Ali Jones Sept 15, 2023
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every new Pokemon in the Teal Mask DLC

The Teal Mask DLC, the third DLC ever released for a Pokémon game, introduces the new region of Kitakami, brand-new characters, and a story based on a reversal of the folk tale of Momotaro. It may not be an exceptionally long adventure, but the true joy of Pokémon has always been, well, the Pokémon themselves.

The Teal Mask adds around 100 returning Pokémon to the game, as well as a handful of brand-new ones. After all, it wouldn't be a Pokémon game without new Pokémon. While some of the new legendaries are a bit average (mainly average), there are also some truly entertaining new Pokémon, both in terms of their design and abilities.

8 Dipplin

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Every New Pokemon In The Teal Mask DLC

Apples are a pretty amazing fruit. They are very common, come in many different varieties, and are extremely versatile. An apple can become anything, even a Pokémon. Introduced in the 8th generation, Applin is actually not an apple but a small worm that resides inside the apple. Similar to a turtle and its shell, essentially.

Applin already had two evolutions, but The Teal Mask adds a third one called Dipplin. It's like a regular Applin but dipped in sugary syrup. They specialize in slowing down opponents, making it difficult for them to escape your attacks. Additionally, now there are two worms inside your apple, which is to be expected with all that sugar.

7 Poltchageist

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Every New Pokemon In The Teal Mask

The beloved Pokémon of the British - ah, the residents of Galar - Sinistea was a delightful little teacup that happened to be inhabited by a Ghost-type Pokémon. Fun fact: They possess you when you drink from their cup. That probably explains the British, right?

However, plain black tea is not a universal delicacy, and the region of Kitakami has its own distinct form of Sinistea - Poltchageist. In the style of matcha tea, they are much more focused on support play, providing health to all party members upon entering battle.

6 Sinistcha

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Every New Pokemon In The Teal

As Sinistea evolves after being placed in a larger teapot from its humble teapot kettle, Poltchageist evolves from its teapot into a marvelous poured form. Sinistcha, much like Poltchageist, is all about making you feel welcome. They even have a cute whisk on their head.

That being said, they can also cause damage with their unique move, Matcha Gotcha, inflict damage on enemies, heal the user, and also have a chance to burn. And like their deviant relatives, Sinistcha can have a special branding that marks their rare status, although they are extremely difficult to find in the wild.

5 Bloodmoon Ursaluna

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Every New Pokemon In The

Legends Arceus was the biggest revolution in Pokémon game design ever. It was the first time the series took a leap in a completely new direction, abandoning arenas and traditional catching mechanics. With this older setting, they also introduced some ancient Pokémon, with Ursaluna representing the final evolution of Ursaring into a werebear.

During the time of Scarlet and Violet, it can be assumed that most Hisuian forms became extinct, except for Perrin's Hisuian Growlithe. However, Perrin seems to be a key to the past, with their investigations in the Timeless Forest leading to a unique Ursaluna that has managed to adapt to Kitakami and become a terrifying nocturnal beast.

4 Okidogi

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Every New Pokemon In

Four legendary Pokémon were added with the "Teal Mask" DLC, each playing an important role in the story and representing a variation of the animals that helped Momotaro defeat the evil Oni. Okidogi takes the place of the dog in this story, although his greed ultimately overcame him.

He steals one of the four masks from Ogerpon and hides in the Paradise Wastelands. As a Poison/Fighting type, he possesses strong offensive and defensive abilities, as well as the Toxic Chain ability, which allows him to randomly poison any enemy he hits. After completing the main story, he can be captured in the same location.

3 Munkidori

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Every New Pokemon

Like the other members of the Loyal Three, Munkidori takes the place of the monkey from the story of Momotaro, and his mischievous ways lead him to steal one of Ogerpon's masks. Admired by the people in Kitakami, he feels empowered to do whatever he pleases.

He is battled at a lake in the Melancholy Fields and can be encountered and captured there again in the post-game, putting an end to his silly scheming. He shares the Toxic Chain ability with the other members of the Loyal Three and is of Poison/Psychic type. He is more of a trickster, setting traps and using delayed moves to win.

2 Fezandipiti

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Every New

The final (and strongest design of a weak group) member of the Loyal Three is Fezandipiti, who reflects the pheasant from the story of Momotaro. Like the others, he is revered by the people in Kitakami and exploits this love to abuse them and gain free reign over the land.

Unlike the others, Fezandipiti must be briefly chased through a cave before being battled at the cliff's edge on the other side. Additionally, he is extremely difficult to capture. He possesses the Poison/Fairy type, and his attacks aim to confuse enemies while restoring his own health, hoping to wear down the opponent.

1 Ogerpon

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Every

The adorable mascot of the "Teal Mask" DLC, Ogerpon, is a reversal of the evil Oni in the story of Momotaro. Instead of being inherently evil, he is actually a misunderstood traveler who has to live in seclusion due to the fear of people in Kitakami towards strangers. Despite his cute appearance, he has been despised over generations. Cruel.

Ogerpon is a central character in the DLC and is captured after a friendly battle towards the end. They also have some unique mechanics and can swap their type and abilities with their masks, even attaining a unique terastilized form with each mask.