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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mewtwo Tera Raid Complete Guide

The Mewtwo Tera Raid, adorned with its seven stars, presents the most formidable challenge thus far that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have posed to play...

Fay Watson Sept 07, 2023
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mewtwo Tera Raid Complete Guide

The Mewtwo Tera Raid, adorned with its seven stars, presents the most formidable challenge thus far that Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have posed to players. The Raid will continue until September 17th, and we are uncertain whether it will be repeated or if there will be future opportunities to acquire Mewtwo, with or without the Mighty Mark.

In this guide, we will lead you through everything you need to know in order to conquer the Raid and obtain Mewtwo.

What Moves Does Mewtwo Have?

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mewtwo Tera Raid Complete Guide

Mewtwo will possess the moves Calm Mind, Psycho Boost, Aura Sphere, Ice Punch, and Recover.

It will immediately utilize Calm Mind and raise its Tera Shield to approximately half of its health, then alternately execute attacks and strengthen itself.

Once you break through the shield, it will utilize Recover and a Chesto Berry to restore its entire health. Its ability, Inner Focus, will also prevent your side from consuming berries.

What Is The Best Pokemon For Beating Mewtwo?

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mewtwo Tera Raid Complete

The optimal Pokémon for this battle is Mew, which you can conveniently obtain for free through the Mystery Gift if you don't already have it.

Mew receives a boost to all of its stats during the battle against Mewtwo, and its ability to learn any TM allows you to utilize a wide range of moves.

Every Mew will receive this stat boost, not just those obtained through the Mystery Gift.

Due to its Psychic typing, it also possesses resistance against two out of Mewtwo's three attacks.

Grimmsnarl is also a good option for team composition, as it can learn several crucial moves and its Fairy typing makes it immune to Aura Sphere.

If you wish to try this strategy with a different Pokémon, avoid anything that is vulnerable to Ice, Psychic, or Fighting-type attacks. Otherwise, Mewtwo will unleash a highly effective attack until your time runs out.

What Is The Best Strategy For Beating Mewtwo?

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mewtwo Tera Raid

The precise implementation of this strategy depends on whether you have friends with whom you can coordinate or not.

If you indeed have individuals with whom you can coordinate, you can create specific Mew variants, each fulfilling a particular role.

If not, you will need to create a versatile Mew that excels in all areas and hope that those you randomly team up with know what to do.

In any case, the underlying concept behind the strategies remains the same.

You want your Mew to have the Tera type of Bug or Ghost. Between the two, Bug offers better physical attacks, but Ghost grants you immunity to Aura Sphere instead of just resistance. Therefore, choose based on your personal preference.

Do not bring a Dark-type Mew, as its weakness to Aura Sphere means it will be quickly taken out with one or two hits.

Give your Mew maximum EVs in HP and Attack, as Mewtwo nullifies any Special Defense drops you want to apply on it through the constant use of Calm Mind. The remaining points should be invested in Special Defense.

Choose a Jolly nature for increased Attack and decreased Special Attack.

For the actual battle, it depends on how you build your Mew and whether you can coordinate with others or not.

If You Can Coordinate

Designate one or two individuals as the main attackers.

They should have either:

  • Tera Bug Mew with Leech Life, Swords Dance, Struggle Bug, and X-Scissor, holding either a Metronome or a Shell Bell.
  • Tera Ghost Mew with Phantom Force, Swords Dance, Shadow Claw, and Snarl or Struggle Bug.

The attacker should choose one attack as their main offensive move. For Tera-Bug Mews that want to spam "Life Dew," hold a Metronome. If you opt for Bug Bite, hold a Shell Bell.

Spend the first few rounds attacking Mewtwo with Snarl or Bug Buzz. These moves will also lower its Special Attack, but mainly you want to prepare to use Teravolt without wasting PP on your attacking moves.

Next, use Swords Dance to maximize your Attack. Then activate Teravolt on your Mew and start spamming your chosen attack. The other move serves primarily as a backup in case you run out of PP.

Set up again when Mewtwo resets your stats.

The remaining players should act as support, and you should have at least one of each:

  • A Mew with Life Dew, Mud-Slap, Misty/Electric Terrain, and Struggle Bug/Snarl
  • A Mew with Life Dew, Mud-Slap, Light Screen, and Struggle Bug/Snarl

If you have a Grimmsnarl, it can use Misty Terrain, Light Screen, Spirit Break, and then a free move.

Make sure you have at least one Mew with Life Dew.

The supporting players should each set up Light Screen or the terrain. Then, one should use Mud-Slap, while the other uses Bug Buzz, Snarl, or Spirit Break.

Mud-Slap lowers Mewtwo's accuracy, and approximately three or four uses should be enough for it to frequently miss its attacks.

The other three moves will lower Mewtwo's Special Attack and should be used continuously as Mewtwo continues to use Calm Mind.

While you probably won't be able to reduce its Special Attack to a minimum due to the frequency with which Mewtwo uses Calm Mind, you'll prevent it from maximizing its Special Attack and thus avoid it taking out your team with a single hit.

If necessary, you can use Heal Pulse to heal the entire team or reapply Light Screen or the terrain.

Reapply buffs whenever Mewtwo removes negative effects from itself.

The main advantage of using Misty Terrain or Electric Terrain is that it prevents Mewtwo from recovering its HP with Rest. Misty Terrain also prevents you from being frozen by Ice Beam.

With that, you should be ready to gradually weaken Mewtwo with your attackers, while the support mitigates damage and heals.

If You Are Alone

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mewtwo Tera

If you rely on online matchmaking, the entire process will be somewhat more dependent on luck, but it is still doable.

You simply need to create a Mew that can handle a little bit of everything and hope that the other players have a similar strategy.

You’ll want your Mew to have either:

  • Bug Tera with Leech Life, Swords Dance, Misty/Electric Terrain, and your choice of Mud-Slap or Struggle Bug, holding a Metronome.
  • Bug Tera with X-scissor, Swords Dance, Misty/Electric Terrain, and your choice of Mud-Slap or Struggle Bug, holding a Shell Bell
  • Ghost Tera with Shadow Claw, Swords Dance, Misty/Electric Terrain, and your choice of Mud-Slap, Struggle Bug, or Snarl, holding a Shell Bell.

Spend the first three to four rounds lowering Mewtwo's stats with Mud-Slap, Bug Buzz, or Snarl.

You only have room for one move, so choose the one you consider more important: lowering accuracy or lowering Special Attack.

After doing that, you can prepare with Swords Dance. At this point, you should be able to use your Teravolt. Do so and use your STAB attack.

I have never received the message that Mewtwo has stolen a portion of my Teravolt charge, but I have had a few situations where it took unusually long to activate my Teravolt, as if it was preventing it. If that happens, simply continue using your stat-lowering attack consistently until you can activate Teravolt.

Adjust accordingly when Mewtwo resets your stats or its own, and keep an eye on your health while doing so.

The last slot will be filled with Misty Terrain or Electric Terrain. This is less crucial than in team building, as you won't be able to have it active constantly.

If you only need two or three more hits to break the shield, set up the terrain to prevent Mewtwo from using Rest.

Mewtwo will only attempt this once, so you don't have to worry about maintaining it.

For other parts of this setup, you simply have to go in and hope that one of your allies has the move you didn't select. Always have the terrain with you if you can't guarantee that someone else has it.

If you fail to prevent Mewtwo from using Rest, you won't be able to defeat it in time before the time runs out.

Afterwards, continue weakening Mewtwo, boosting yourself, and then attacking.

If you feel comfortable leaving the majority of the attack to strangers, you can use Mew with Heal Pulse, Bug Buzz, Misty Terrain, and Mud-Slap, and focus entirely on support.

Use PP Up on the moves that you will be using repeatedly, such as your attacking move, Heal Pulse, Mud-Slap, Bug Buzz, etc., to avoid running out of power points. Although relying on the kindness of strangers can be a risk, this method has consistently led to victory in random online matches.

If you notice that most players are using certain attacks while others are not, you can also adjust Mew's moveset accordingly based on the situation.