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Quantum Cubes and Laser Puzzles: Reuniting with an Old Friend in Portal: Revolution

In the exhilarating penultimate chapter of Portal: Revolution, the game-sized Portal 2 mod, brace yourself to reunite with an old friend as both sides...

Claire Jackson Jan 28, 2024
Quantum Cubes and Laser Puzzles: Reuniting with an Old Friend in Portal: Revolution

In the exhilarating penultimate chapter of Portal: Revolution, the game-sized Portal 2 mod, brace yourself to reunite with an old friend as both sides make their case. But hold onto your portal gun, because this time you'll be facing a whole new set of challenges. Get ready to solve mind-bending test chambers using the Quantum Cube, a nifty gadget that can redirect lasers with a flick of its quantum-powered switch.

Now, let's talk puzzles. The ones in Chapter Seven aren't as mind-boggling as those in Chapter Six, thankfully. If you've made it this far, you'll find most solutions pretty understandable. Just think back to how the previous chapters introduced new items, and you'll see how each test builds upon the last.

The Reunion scene mostly involves you gracefully exiting an elevator and watching a heartwarming TV moment. Once it's over, brace yourself for a daring escape through a broken window. Take a right and channel your inner acrobat as you shimmy along the wall.

Keep going along the wall until you reach a set of rail steps. Ascend those steps like a boss and pass through the door, strutting forward until you encounter the Blue Personality Sphere. Give it a ride on a rail, my friend.

Now, here comes the fun part. Shoot a portal through the broken glass, and then swiftly aim another portal on the wall beside you. Glide through the portals like a majestic swan, and patiently wait for the exit door to unlock, revealing the path to the elevator. Take a deep breath, climb the stairs, and confidently stride through two circular doors.

Once inside the test chamber, grab hold of one of the Quantum Cubes and place it strategically in front of a laser to power it up. Embrace the power of physics as you grab the other Quantum Cube and transport it to the other side of a wall. With laser precision, aim the beam at the receptacle, lowering the walls like a grand magician. Now, shoot portals on both sides and pass through the magical gateway.

Carrying the cube with you, direct the laser at the input, conjuring open the exit door. Step through, and with a triumphant air, breeze through the next door, entering the next testing chamber. Inside, take a left and confidently stride through the energy field.

Channel your inner portal virtuoso and shoot a portal on the wall in front of you. Then, place another portal near the Quantum Cube, summoning its divine power. Guide the cube under the laser, precisely aiming it at the input on this side. Now, gracefully glide back through the energy field and harness the laser emanating from the other Quantum Cube. Point it into the input while still basking in the glory of the new laser.

Behold! A miraculous laser output is born from the other cube. If you've aimed it right, it should automatically unlock the exit door. Once again, employ the magic of portals to elegantly traverse the water.

Prepare yourself for the next challenge in the chamber. Drop everything and shoot a color portal at the end of a laser. Then, take the first Quantum Cube and position it behind the first light sensor. Now, shoot the other color portal in front of the light sensor, infusing your Quantum Cube with power. Guide that cube through the other light sensor like a laser-wielding maestro, finally reaching the elevator control. Adjust the second portal accordingly and ride the elevator like a true champion.

As you enter the next chamber, seize the Prism Cube and redirect the laser towards the wall, right by the '04' sign. Marvel at the interplay of light and shadow as you shoot portals where the laser points and in front of the light sensors, illuminating them with brilliance. Pick up one of the Quantum Cubes and position it at the end of the light sensor path. With the other Cube, power up the exit door, paving the way to your triumph.

Stride through the doorway, hop onto the elevator, and let out a victorious cheer. You've conquered yet another section!

Now, onwards to the next test chamber! Follow the available path until you reach a launcher that will propel you to a landing spot. Once you've gracefully touched down, unveil your artistic prowess by shooting portals into the darkened spots on the walls. Oh, what joy! Press the small button and watch as two Quantum Cubes are magically released.

Place one cube under the laser, commanding its magnificent power. Then, aim the other cube through the lower portal, while the higher portal gracefully caresses the sensor. Now, venture near the launcher on the lower level and shoot portals on both slanted walls. With a confident leap, propel yourself through both portals, feeling the exhilarating rush.

As you emerge from the second portal, quickly shoot portals on the darkened areas where the Quantum Cubes were placed. Witness the activation of a splendid platform, awaiting your grand entranceto the next section.

Jump onto the platform and guide it along the path, aligning it with the laser beam. Use your portal gun to redirect the laser towards the input, powering up the exit door. Step through the door with a sense of accomplishment and head towards the elevator.

As the elevator ascends, take a moment to reflect on the challenges you've overcome and the puzzles you've solved. You're getting closer to the climax of Portal: Revolution, where the ultimate showdown awaits.

But that's a story for another time. Stay tuned for the next chapter, where you'll face even more mind-bending puzzles, unexpected twists, and an epic conclusion that will leave you in awe. With the Quantum Cubes and laser puzzles as your allies, there's no challenge you can't overcome in Portal: Revolution.