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"Immortals of Aveum - Jak and the Unexpected" explained

Immortals of Aveum portrays the protagonist Jak as the Unexpected, someone with untapped magical abilities that disrupt the magical hierarchy of Aveu...

Hope Bellingham Aug 27, 2023
"Immortals of Aveum - Jak and the Unexpected" explained

Immortals of Aveum portrays the protagonist Jak as the Unexpected, someone with untapped magical abilities that disrupt the magical hierarchy of Aveum.

The game utilizes Jak's position to uncover the vast magical world of Aveum and the societal threat posed by unforeseen individuals to the most powerful personalities.

The existence of unforeseen individuals challenges the social order of Aveum, where magical abilities are inherited and concentrated in elite families. This creates an existential threat to the ruling powers.

A large part of the marketing for the fantasy first-person shooter "Immortals of Aveum" by Ascendant Studios focuses on the role of the main character Jak as the Unexpected. With their ability to harness powerful magic without the years of training or carefully cultivated bloodlines of other Magni, the Unexpected in "Immortals of Aveum" provide an unexpected twist in the otherwise strictly enforced magical hierarchy. Living up to their title, which the inhabitants of Aveum pronounce with a mix of fear and contempt, the protagonist Jak and his fellow Unexpected in "Immortals of Aveum" are widely regarded as dangerous deviations from the norm.

Placing players in the role of a member of this despised sub-group of society is not just a convenient way to explain Jak's powers as a Triarch Magnus. Ascendant Studios utilizes Jak's unique position to provide players with insight into the vast world of Aveum and how magic has permeated virtually every part of their society. As players navigate through "Immortals of Aveum," they will not only learn more about the Unexpected and their role in society but also why their mere existence is perceived as a threat to some of the most powerful individuals in Aveum.

Jak and the Unforeseen Upset Immortals of Aveum’s Balance of Magical Power

Immortals of Aveum Jak and the Unforeseen Explained

The opening mission of Immortals of Aveum does a good job of introducing players to the magical world of the game, where the most powerful spellcasters serve as Magni, fighting for the various kingdoms involved in the Everwar. When players first encounter the protagonist Jak, he possesses, like many inhabitants of Aveum, only a limited degree of magical abilities. However, after an encounter with the powers of the antagonist Sandrakk from Immortals of Aveum, the extent of Jak's untapped potential becomes quickly apparent as he unleashes a torrent of magical attacks on his enemies.

Recruited by the Grand Magus of the Immortals, General Kirkan, due to his unexpected outbreak of magical abilities, Jak is informed about his unique position as an Unexpected. Unlike the Immortals and other Magni who must train for years to master their magical abilities, the Unexpected are individuals who suddenly and unexpectedly possess the ability to wield powerful magic. The unrestrained power of the Unexpected makes them a danger to their surroundings and, in Kirkan's eyes, a potentially powerful weapon in Immortals of Aveum's Everwar. However, even as the characters and forces strive to harness these rare individuals for their own purposes, the mere existence of the Unexpected poses a looming threat to Aveum's strictly stratified society.

Minor story spoilers ahead for Immortals of Aveum

The Existence of the Unforeseen Represents a Threat to Aveum’s Social Order

Immortals of Aveum Jak and the Unforeseen

While characters like the warrior princess Zendara from Immortals of Aveum are distrustful of the Unexpected due to their potential for destruction, as previous manifestations of their powers have led to the loss of entire cities in some cases, there are other selfish reasons to disapprove of them. Throughout the story, it becomes clear the central role that magical abilities play in the societies of Immortals of Aveum. Far from merely serving as warriors for the various factions of the Endwar, the Magni are the highest class in society and live in relative luxury compared to the misery of the common people.

Similar to wealth and power in the real world, magical abilities in Aveum are sometimes passed down from generation to generation in esteemed families. By manipulating the ley lines of Immortals of Aveum, the great houses of Aveum have managed to consolidate power over generations and ensure that their descendants are gifted with magical abilities. For this reason, the presence of the Unexpected and their equal access to the magical lifeblood of Aveum poses an existential threat to the powerful.

By making Jak an Unexpected, this not only provides an in-game explanation for his incredible powers but also sets the stage perfectly for the game's magical fish-out-of-water story. And by shedding light on the unsightly underbelly of the world of Aveum, Immortals of Aveum could potentially lead some players to view injustice in the real world more critically.

"Immortals of Aveum" is available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.