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Ranking of all leg types in Armored Core 6:

Mobility is one of the most crucial aspects when designing your mech in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. You will encounter a variety of enemy types,...

Isaiah Colbert Sept 09, 2023
Ranking of all leg types in Armored Core 6:

Mobility is one of the most crucial aspects when designing your mech in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. You will encounter a variety of enemy types, ranging from other Armored Cores to attack helicopters and warships, so you must have a good sense of how your own AC is controlled.

Of course, different situations require different types of mobility, and fortunately, Armored Core 6 offers a solid selection of options when it comes to how your AC moves. From hovering with three-legged legs to rolling across the battlefield in a tank, here is our ranking for each leg type in Armored Core 6.

4 Bipedal Legs

Armored Core 6 All Leg Types, Ranked

The standard legs you start with in Armored Core 6 are bipedal legs, which are quite versatile, albeit not spectacular. They may lack some of the standout features of the other leg types in the game, but there are definitely scenarios where you'll find yourself returning to these tried and true leg types.

An example of this is the DF-LG-08 Tian-Qiang legs, a bipedal set designed by Dafeng Core Industries. These legs are designed with a heavy upper section that rests on comparatively thin ankles, allowing your AC to carry a solid load without compromising too much speed or aerial capability.

Of course, other types of legs are often better suited for both attributes, which makes bipedal legs somewhat lower in priority. However, there are few "bad" options for your build in Armored Core 6, and bipedal legs can still be useful if you're looking for a pair that performs well in most statistics.

3 Tetrapod

Armored Core 6 All Leg Types,

Your preference in legs will certainly depend on your playstyle, and you may surprisingly find yourself getting along well with certain movement styles in Armored Core 6. With that being said, it can be said that certain legs tend to be more versatile than others, and depending on how you play the game, the effectiveness of the quadruped tetrapod build can vary.

On one hand, the ability to hover in the air gives you a clear advantage over enemies who have to move on the ground more frequently or are essentially limited to the surface of Rubicon. If you can effectively control this style of AC, you can freely navigate through the area and rain bullets, missiles, and more upon your enemies. Furthermore, you don't have to stop to fire heavy weapons.

On the other hand, when gliding over the ground, you will be quite slow and could be targeted by some of the overwhelming attacks or fast enemies you encounter. However, some players may have less difficulty than others by managing their altitude and boost gauge to overcome these issues. Therefore, the quadruped tetrapod build is definitely worth a try.

2 Reverse Joint

Armored Core 6 All Leg

In addition to their cool appearance, the reverse-jointed legs also have a range of practical applications. You should try these legs for your faster and lighter builds as they offer the best Quick Boost statistics in Armored Core 6. If you prefer to swiftly maneuver around enemies while evading their missiles and shots, you will love them.

The reverse-jointed legs also allow your AC to perform the highest possible jump and catapult you into the air even before you deplete your boost gauge. This gives you high maneuverability in the air, especially when combined with a good booster and generator.

Unfortunately, most reverse-jointed legs in the game are limited to lighter builds and have a relatively low load capacity statistic. While there are heavy reverse-jointed options in the game as well, even they have a rather low posture stability compared to other leg types, meaning you'll be susceptible to staggering when hit by a strong attack. Fortunately, if you're fast enough, you won't encounter this problem too often.

1 Tank

Armored Core 6 All

In a typical modern FromSoftware game, "tank" builds are usually large, powerful characters that have enough health to withstand significant damage and enough strength to carry the biggest available weapons. This is also the case in Armored Core 6, and with the right weapons, your tank build will be able to plow through many of the toughest battles in the game.

Tanks share the ability of the quadrupeds to fire huge weapons without interruption, allowing you to zip back and forth while hitting the enemy with everything you've got. The advantage of the tank lies in having the best load capacity among all leg types, which means you can accumulate large cannons, guns, and missile launchers without overloading yourself.

Of course, your tank build won't offer you as much maneuverability on the battlefield and will particularly limit your aerial capabilities and Quick Boost. However, you can keep your AC in constant motion to dodge many attacks without relying too heavily on the Quick Boost. In particular, the smallest tank legs excel in this regard as they are the fastest legs in the game. With such offensive versatility and solid defense, tank builds belong to the top tier in Armored Core 6.