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Ranking of all Legion Arms in Lies Of P:

The Legion Arms in "Lies Of P" offer various functionalities, including the ability to ignite enemies and unleash far-reaching projectiles.Certain L...

David K Sept 24, 2023
Ranking of all Legion Arms in Lies Of P:

The Legion Arms in "Lies Of P" offer various functionalities, including the ability to ignite enemies and unleash far-reaching projectiles.

Certain Legion weapons, such as Fulminis and Flamberge, are more useful against ordinary enemies rather than bosses.

Pandemonium is considered the finest unupgraded Legion weapon, while Falcon Eye, despite its weak start, becomes one of the best when fully upgraded.

Legion weapons are one of the many tools at your disposal during your time in Lies Of P. Their abilities range from the power to ignite enemies to providing long-range projectiles. While all Legion weapons offer a certain level of utility, there are certainly some that prove to be particularly advantageous.

While we have attempted to evaluate each Legion weapon based on its own merits, we must say that ultimately the greatest determining factor was how useful they are in boss battles. Eliminating a group of puppets is all well and good, but we could likely accomplish that simply with our sword as well.

8 Fulminis

Lies Of P All Legion Arms, Ranked

Hey, guess what, folks? Now we can shock our enemies with the aid of the almighty Fulminis! Slowly. Very, very slowly. And all you have to do is stand within kissing distance. We don't want to deceive you, but we feel like we've missed out on something because even after it's fully upgraded, the Fulminis... feels underwhelming.

With upgrades, its range improves, and it delivers a powerful strike once fully charged, but that takes an eternity and then some. We can't imagine this Legion weapon ever being worthwhile in a challenging boss battle. It just feels painfully underpowered and in dire need of some improvements.

7 Flamberge

Lies Of P All Legion Arms,

This Legion weapon is quite similar to the Fulminis. However, we have found that the Flamberge is significantly more useful, despite these two weapons being extremely similar on paper. It is challenging to use against bosses, so it is primarily suited for dealing with groups of ordinary enemies.

However, you may find that you can strategically inflict some flame damage against some of the smaller bosses with the Flamberge. We don't truly believe it can compete with the best Legion Arms in the game, but if a flamethrower-type arm appeals to you, the fully upgraded version of the Flamberge could be a Legion Arm you could work with.

6 Deus Ex Machina

Lies Of P All Legion

The Deus Ex Machina allows you to deploy mines that, once activated, explode when an enemy is in close proximity. Unfortunately, the duration of activity for these mines is quite short. However, through upgrades, they can remain active for a longer period and become stronger.

Here's the thing: The Deus Ex Machina can be effective when dealing with regular enemies. In this regard, it is similar to the Flamberge. Additionally, deploying the mine is relatively fast, so you're not too vulnerable during the process. However, when it comes to facing bosses, it is only moderately helpful, and it seems that some of the other Legion Arms are simply better.

5 Pandemonium

Lies Of P All

In our opinion, the Pandemonium is the best among the elemental Legion Arms. Unlike the Flamberge or Fulminis, you are not bound to a specific location. Instead, acid puddles are placed on the ground, gradually poisoning anyone who stands on them. This means that the Pandemonium can be useful even at its basic level, especially when you have staggered an enemy while they are standing on it.

Of course, it becomes stronger with each level upgrade. You will have the ability to throw the poison puddles from a distance, and once it is fully upgraded, these puddles will even explode. Pandemonium is not the best Legion Arm in the game, but it is probably the best non-upgraded Legion Arm.

4 Aegis

Lies Of P

This is a very situational choice. Overall, we do not consider this to be a great Legion Arm. If you already have a weapon with decent defense statistics, it simply doesn't feel like the Aegis does anything special. The charged attack is okay, but there are better options for dealing significant damage (which we will discuss later).

However, what the Aegis Legion Arm allows is for players who want to use a light weapon to do so without sacrificing their defensive capabilities. Once the Aegis is sufficiently upgraded to grant you Perfect Blocking, it becomes practically a necessity for a fast build, as having a shield means that the low defense stat of your rapier will not hinder you.

3 Left Arm Of Steel

Lies Of

Okay, yes, we see you there, shaking your head. You're judging us. "The Left Arm of Steel is the worst Legion Arm," you exclaim. "It doesn't do anything special," you scream. Well, here's the thing: Almost all Legion Arms are initially bad. But you know what the Left Arm of Steel is? Light!

And that alone is enough to make it a strong choice for more than half of the game. When almost all Legion Arms are useless, the Left Arm of Steel can significantly lighten your load. If you have partially upgraded arms that are more like junk, then it's the best option to shed the unnecessary weight.

2 Puppet String


We would like to begin with a disclaimer here. Although it ranks second on this list, we consider the Puppet String, in the right hands, to be the most powerful Legion Arm in the game. Once fully upgraded, it allows you to bridge the distance from the other side of a boss arena by pulling yourself towards an enemy while simultaneously executing a devastating follow-up attack.

Furthermore, you can also use the Puppet String as a grappling hook to snatch smaller enemies from their positions and separate them from their comrades. It is also a great way to undermine traps.

1 Falcon Eyes

The Falcon Eye is such a peculiar bird of a weapon. It starts off incredibly useless. We know that most, if not all, Legion Arms are relatively weak before being upgraded, but the Falcon Eye is among the weakest of the weak at the beginning. The time it takes to fire a single bullet is simply agonizingly long.

Good luck using the Falcon Eye at its base level for anything other than shooting an unsuspecting enemy. However, once it is fully upgraded, it immediately becomes an indispensable tool as you can fire it during a sprint and immediately follow up with a second shot if desired. The ability to unleash fast and powerful explosions from your Legion Arm is simply unbeatably good. Based on its poor start, one would never believe it, but the Falcon Eye undoubtedly belongs among the best Legion Arms in the game.