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Ranking of Team Advantages for Each Archetype in Remnant 2

Taking on the enemies of Remnant 2 alone can be a challenging task, which is why it is always recommended to bring a friend along as you make your way...

Hirun Cryer 4 Days Ago
Ranking of Team Advantages for Each Archetype in Remnant 2

Taking on the enemies of Remnant 2 alone can be a challenging task, which is why it is always recommended to bring a friend along as you make your way through supernatural monsters. Venturing out as a group greatly increases your chances of survival and you will also be rewarded nicely by utilizing Remnant's team bonuses.

Remnant's bonuses can help you in difficult situations, and team bonuses generally serve the advantage of the entire group. Unfortunately, some are not as good as others, but all can prove useful in critical situations. The most challenging task is knowing which one is the best.

11 Power Creep - Archon

Remnant 2 Every Archetype Team Perk, Ranked

The team bonus "Archon" is useful, but tailored to the use of mods. The bonus grants the ability for five percent of mod power spent after using a mod to be regenerated within ten seconds for all allies. Upon upgrading to level seven, allies additionally receive another five percent mod power generation as long as the bonus is active.

Power Creep is a great advantage for you if you enjoy using mods, as it primarily focuses on increasing mod generation for all members of the group. On the other hand, the team bonus "Archon" falls among the weaker options due to its specific use, meaning it cannot compete with other mods that enhance damage or resilience.

10 Loophole - Invader

Remnant 2 Every Archetype Team Perk,

"Loophole" grants a boost to damage dealt by all allies at both ranged and melee attacks by converting five percent of it into life steal as long as the enemy is distracted by a decoy of the Infiltrator. Upon upgrading, the advantage grants seven and a half percent of damage as life steal. This advantage is useful as life steal restores health, which can be handy when your group is looking a bit battered.

The only drawback of this advantage is that the difference between the base version and the upgraded advantage is not particularly significant. It only grants an increase of two and a half percent. While it can be useful as life steal and help you heal when needed, compared to some other advantages, it can easily be overlooked.

9 Intimidating Presence - Challenger

Remnant 2 Every Archetype Team

The Challenger class is already powerful and practically unstoppable with the right group and suitable advantages. The team bonus means that enemies within ten meters will deal ten percent less damage for 15 seconds after activating a Challenger ability. At level seven, there is an additional damage reduction of two and a half percent for each affected enemy, up to a maximum of ten percent.

The advantage can provide a significant amount of damage resistance, which can help the team withstand more damage. It can be particularly useful when the team is facing large numbers of enemies or a hard-hitting boss.

8 Return To Sender - Hunter

Remnant 2 Every Archetype

Return To Sender is an advantage that increases ammunition drops by 25 percent when enemies are killed through weak points or critical hits. The advantage encourages you and your team to focus on more precise shots when engaging enemies, which is always beneficial. By upgrading the advantage, ammunition drops are increased by 50 percent, and the likelihood of ammunition drops is doubled.

The upgraded version of this advantage is quite powerful as long as the team knows how to hit weak points and focus on critical hits. However, it can also be their downfall. This advantage relies entirely on the skills and coordination of the team, so keep your aim steady.

7 Metal Detector - Explorer

Remnant 2 Every

The "Explorer" archetype encourages you to search for loot and rewards you with a nice bonus. The team bonus increases the chance of ammunition, currency, and scrap drops for the entire group by ten percent. Upon upgrading, the chance of obtaining consumable items from chests also increases.

In comparison to the hunter advantage, the metal detector is more useful for those who are searching for more than just ammunition. However, the numbers of the hunter advantage make it a better choice. If the upgrade of the metal detector had provided a significantly higher increase in drop rate, it could have potentially been better than "Return To Sender".

6 Residue - Summoner

Remnant 2

The Summoner archetype is quite powerful, especially when combined with other archetypes such as Engineer or Medic. Residue, the team advantage, grants a three-meter aura that heals two and a half percent of your health per second for ten seconds when a minion expires. After the upgrade, the healing is also increased by 20 percent.

Compared to other advantages like Alchemist, the radius in its boost is not huge, so your team needs to pay attention to where you are standing once a minion expires to ensure the advantage is used efficiently. When used correctly, this advantage can provide a good boost in healing for a team.

5 Spirit Of The Wolf - Handler


Handler is all about running with companions, and their team advantage showcases it. The advantage ensures that the overall movement speed is increased by ten percent and that allies within ten meters of the Handler receive the Handler's movement speed if they are slower. The increase in movement can greatly assist players during battles with many enemies or during a boss fight where a lot of movement is required to stay alive.

After the upgrade, the stamina cost of actions is also reduced by 15 percent. The improved advantage can serve as an additional boost for the team's actions, which can result in much smoother battles for you.

4 Posse Up - Gunslinger

The "Posse Up" advantage grants 20 percent additional ammunition per player, with the bonus being divided among team members. After the upgrade, the advantage rewards 30 percent additional ammunition per player, with the bonus also dropping extra ammunition on the ground along with ammo crates.

The "Gunslinger" advantage can prove useful in providing teams with an extra boost of ammunition, especially when your entire team is in the midst of a big fight. It can potentially be a small savior when a team member focusing on damage runs out of ammunition and needs quick support.

3 Magnetic Field - Engineer

The Engineer's team advantage, Magnetic Field, means that heavy weapons grant a 15 percent damage reduction to all allies within two meters. After the upgrade, the advantage also gradually restores ammunition for allies, making it a great advantage that can be utilized.