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Ranking the Teachers of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Academy

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet showcase well-developed instructors at the Academy, each possessing distinctive personalities and engaging side quests.Sa...

Nancy Ing Oct 13, 2023
Ranking the Teachers of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Academy

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet showcase well-developed instructors at the Academy, each possessing distinctive personalities and engaging side quests.

Salvatore is the least captivating instructor, lacking notable attributes and providing vexing language lessons.

Tyme and Dendra are exceptional educators, with Tyme delivering valuable mathematics courses and possessing a captivating backstory, while Dendra exudes cheerfulness and playfulness despite her outward toughness.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you are promptly guided towards the three primary storylines: Victory Road, Operation Starfall, and the Path Of Legends. Nevertheless, if you narrow your focus solely on those, you will overlook some of the game's most captivating characters: the instructors!

At first glance, it may seem that they are merely providing tutorials to help new players learn the game. However, each and every teacher at the Academy possesses a unique personality and engaging side missions that add depth to their characters. So let's examine which of these instructors deserve a shiny apple as a token of appreciation and which ones you would rather not encounter after class.

Updated on October 13, 2023 by Gabrielle Castania: In light of the new DLC release for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which brings trainers back to Paldea to engage with the Teal Mask and Indigo Disc DLC content, we are revising our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet material to ensure comprehensive coverage of all aspects and characters.

8 Salvatore

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Every Academy Teacher, Ranked

Amongst all the instructors at the Academy, Salvatore is undoubtedly the least captivating. Despite his polished appearance and impressive Raichu pin, there is nothing particularly remarkable about him. Encountering him outside of class entails assisting him in healing a Pawmi and gaining its trust. However, as an experienced adult Pokemon trainer, one would expect him to possess prior knowledge and expertise in such matters.

The challenging aspect lies in Salvatore's language classes. Most of the time, you're tasked with deciphering common phrases in real-life languages. However, after his midterm, he introduces Pikachu. In this exercise, you must determine Pikachu's emotions by listening to its sounds, observing its facial expressions, and reading the accompanying text. The issue is that Pikachu consistently appears and sounds happy, making it highly probable for you to answer the question incorrectly. At best, Salvatore is unremarkable, and at worst, he can be quite frustrating.

7 Jacq

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Every Academy Teacher,

Jacq is the initial instructor whom fans encounter, and he happens to be the one you'll have the most interactions with. As the inventor of the Pokedex app, he teaches biology and serves as your homeroom teacher. However, it must be noted that Jacq lacks a significant level of intrigue. Nonetheless, this is not to suggest that Jacq is a poorly developed character. On the contrary, he exhibits kindness and a deep passion for his work, often becoming engrossed in his research and inadvertently missing deadlines. Who among us can't relate to that?

The issue is that there isn't much more depth to his character. All of his additional side quests are connected to completing the Pokedex, which you likely intended to do anyway. While he does provide guidance and steer you in the right direction, we never get to learn anything personal about him. However, he does offer enticing rewards for making progress in the Pokedex, so it's worth remembering to visit him whenever you capture a substantial number of Pokemon.

6 Tyme

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Every Academy

Who would have thought that a math teacher could be so captivating in a Pokemon game? Tyme, the sister of the Ghost-type Gym Leader Ryme, happens to be a former Gym Leader herself who specializes in Rock-type Pokemon. Her classes prove to be highly beneficial within the game, as she instructs players on how to calculate damage and make the most of the Poke Mart's policies.

Tyme's previous role as a Gym Leader continues to influence her story beyond the classroom, as a devoted student fan seeks to uncover the reason behind her departure. This narrative provides a captivating glimpse into the reasons why public figures eventually choose to step away from the limelight. Tyme proves to be an exceptional instructor, effortlessly infusing the study of mathematics in the world of Pokemon with an enjoyable and engaging experience.

5 Dendra

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Every

Dendra holds the role of the battle studies teacher, a position well-suited for her due to the formidable nature of her Fighting-type team. Sporting a scar on her face and consistently attired in a black and gold tracksuit, she projects an image of strength and athleticism. Surprisingly, beneath this tough and athletic exterior, Dendra possesses a remarkably playful and lighthearted demeanor.

Dendra radiates an incredibly cheerful disposition and possesses an unwavering ambition to excel in everything she does. Outside of her teaching role at the Academy, she endeavors to become the ultimate sandwich connoisseur, even though her initial attempt resulted in a rather unappetizing outcome. Additionally, you encounter her during Tulip's Gym challenge, where she graciously accepts defeat in both battle and a wager. Dendra's infectious enthusiasm stems from her relentless determination to confront every challenge with a positive outlook, even in the face of failure.

4 Miriam

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Miriam's design may appear rather generic when compared to Salvatore. A nurse with pinkish hair? It seems like Pokemon has explored that concept before! However, her character development more than compensates for this initial impression. While other instructors may have seemingly trivial aspirations, such as mastering the art of sandwich-making, Miriam's journey is truly relatable. Despite not qualifying as a teacher in her application exam, she takes a relatable path, embracing the role of a health instructor and eventually becoming the school nurse.

Despite her aspiration to become a teacher, Miriam is on the verge of giving up due to repeated failures in her attempts. She questions the purpose of continuing when faced with continuous setbacks. This sentiment resonates with anyone who started playing Pokemon during the early generations, as many can relate to moments of doubt and frustration. It prompts us to reflect on our own journeys and contemplate the path we are currently pursuing.

Where do we fit in our lives? Where is our place? Assisting Miriam in overcoming her challenges leads us to believe that perhaps we, too, can overcome our own. It prompts us to reflect on the notion that supporting others in their struggles can inspire us to find the strength and resilience within ourselves.

3 Hassel

Pokemon Scarlet And

Hassel, an emotionally-driven trainer, possesses an impressive background that sets him apart from the rest of the Academy staff. Not only does he serve as an art teacher, but he also holds the esteemed position of being the strongest member of the Elite Four. While these aspects contribute to his appeal, what truly makes Hassel intriguing is his rebellious past. He hails from a distant region, descending from a lineage of Dragon-type trainers, but he chose to defy tradition and pursue a career as a musician instead.

After making his way to Paldea, Hassel discovered his passion for teaching and developed a deep affection for it, leading him to remain there ever since. However, his encounters with a Dragon Tamer outside of the classroom are marked by attempts to persuade him to return to his family. Ultimately, Hassel reaches a decision to stay due to the support and love he receives from his students. His journey serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of forging one's own path in life, despite external pressures or expectations.

2 Saguaro

Pokemon Scarlet

Let's start by examining this individual. With a physique, stern expression, and facial hair that can rival the formidable Drayden, Saguaro stands out as the most rugged-looking instructor at the Academy. It is quite remarkable, then, that he serves as the home economics teacher. Saguaro's personal journey stems from a profound sense of acceptance, making his role all the more wonderful.

However, Saguaro is hesitant to disclose his preference for sweet food over spicy food to his students due to concerns about maintaining his macho image. Nevertheless, once he musters the courage to share this truth, the students find it cool and accepting. It is truly gratifying to witness Saguaro being embraced for his authentic self. Additionally, a fascinating and fun fact about him is that his team for the Academy Ace Tournament consists entirely of female Pokémon, which is uncommon for a male trainer.

1 Raifort


One of the most remarkable aspects of Pokemon is the rich history concealed within the games, and a significant portion of that knowledge can be discovered through Raifort, the history teacher. Her infectious passion for Paldea's past is captivating and ignites enthusiasm within the player as they embark on their journey. Raifort's influence extends even to the post-game pursuit of the Four Treasures of Ruin, motivating and inspiring us to undertake this exciting quest.

Her profound adoration for history is reflected in her remarkable attire, which pays homage to legendary Pokemon from various generations in the series. Alongside her extensive knowledge, Raifort offers optional quests and possesses an exceptional character design, making her the finest teacher within the entire Academy.