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Red Dead Redemption 2: A Labor of Love in Wild West Limbo

In a surprising twist, Red Dead Redemption 2 emerged victorious as the recipient of the Labor of Love award at the Steam Awards, despite the lack of u...

Chantal Da Silva Mar 21, 2024
Red Dead Redemption 2: A Labor of Love in Wild West Limbo

In a surprising twist, Red Dead Redemption 2 emerged victorious as the recipient of the Labor of Love award at the Steam Awards, despite the lack of updates in its online counterpart, Red Dead Online. It seems that the fans' vote was not merely a nod of appreciation but rather a cheeky jab at the neglect Red Dead Online has suffered over time.

Picture the Steam Awards as a raucous gathering where games are celebrated with fervor. The fans, armed with their keyboards and mice, cast their votes, and the winners emerge triumphantly from the digital fray. Red Dead Redemption 2, standing tall with its cowboy boots, snatched the Labor of Love award, meant to honor developers who tirelessly support their creations long after their initial release. However, this victory appears to be more of a sly message highlighting the lackluster attention given to Red Dead Online.

Ever since December 2021, Red Dead Online has been stuck in a tumbleweed-infested desert, devoid of substantial updates. Rockstar, the game's developer, announced in July 2022 that major updates would be a thing of the past, leaving players disheartened, especially when compared to the thriving Grand Theft Auto Online. It's no wonder that the Labor of Love win feels like a playful prank on the voters' part, signaling to Rockstar that they should step up their game for Red Dead Redemption 3.

The Labor of Love award is a symbol of games that receive continuous nurturing from their developers, with frequent updates and fresh content, even "after all these years." Red Dead Online players have voiced their discontent through online posts and Twitter hashtags, and now, through this award. While Rockstar is currently occupied with the impending release of Grand Theft Auto 6, they shouldn't overlook the possibility of a follow-up to the immensely successful Red Dead Redemption 2. To honor this Labor of Love award and the voices of their fans, Rockstar should consider crafting a more expansive and enduring version of Red Dead Online in a future title.

Rockstar could truly earn the Labor of Love award if Red Dead Online receives the same level of attention and dedication as its sibling, Grand Theft Auto Online. The wild west offers limitless opportunities for thrilling missions, intriguing characters, and exciting adventures with friends. The initial updates to Red Dead Online, such as the Moonshiner Specialist Role, were hailed as fantastic additions. If Rockstar had continued to introduce new Frontier Pursuits and other engaging content over the years, they might have genuinely deserved the Labor of Love award.

Specialist Roles in Red Dead Online provided players with unique classes within the game. The Moonshiner and Naturalist roles were just the beginning, but there is so much more potential waiting to be explored. Imagine players fulfilling their dreams of becoming a rancher or a ranch hand, tending to their own farmsteads instead of galloping endlessly across the open range. A Rancher or Farmer role would be a fantastic addition and grant players the chance to embrace the quiet charms of the frontier.

When Red Dead Redemption 3 eventually arrives, there will be ample room for new Specialist Roles, fresh attire, property ownership, and captivating missions. To regain the trust of their fans, including those who ironically voted for RDR2 at the Steam Awards, Rockstar must make a roaring comeback with a revitalized Red Dead Online, overflowing with captivating content.

Thus far, updates to Red Dead Online have primarily focused on technical improvements, like a PC patch in January 2024. Fans believe that Red Dead Online's content dwindled due to Rockstar's concentration on the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6, leaving it in the shadows of its sibling. However, once Grand Theft Auto 6 is released, the spotlight will shift back to the Red Dead Redemption series. This presents Rockstar with a golden opportunity to redeem themselves by delivering an outstanding online mode in a potential Red Dead Redemption 3.

So, saddle up, partners! Red Dead Redemption 2 has shown us the way, winning the Labor of Love award despite Red Dead Online's neglect. Now, it's time for Rockstar to unleash their creative gunslingers and give us an unforgettable online experience in the wild west. Let's hope they come out guns blazing and deliver a Red Dead Online that truly earns the title of a Labor of Love.