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Remnant 2 Boss Guide for the Eye of the Overseer

In Remnant 2, there is a colossal hovering cybernetic ocular creature known as the Eye of the Guardian. It unleashes tremendous beams of incendiary la...

Ashley Bardhan Sept 03, 2023
Remnant 2 Boss Guide for the Eye of the Overseer

In Remnant 2, there is a colossal hovering cybernetic ocular creature known as the Eye of the Guardian. It unleashes tremendous beams of incendiary lasers upon the arena, presenting an optional challenge that is quite perplexing and capable of melting one's countenance if the proper course of action remains unknown. Situated within N'Erud, it is easily overlooked unless one possesses knowledge of where to direct their gaze.

The game tends to conceal numerous items, weapons, bosses, and events that are sure to elude you during your initial playthrough unless you regularly regenerate worlds and meticulously explore every corner. To assist you in your pursuit of this floating, rusted monstrosity, here is a helpful guide on how to defeat the boss of the Custodian's Eye in Remnant 2.

How To Find The Custodian’s Eye

Remnant 2 The Custodian

First and foremost, let's discuss how to track down this elusive robotic devastator. As previously mentioned, you can encounter this imposing, spherical entity in N'Erud, specifically at the culmination of a dungeon known as Spectrum Nexus. Typically, this area manifests within the second region of N'Erud on a map that commences at Seekers Rest. However, should you find yourself unable to locate this particular zone, simply initiate an adventure and regenerate it multiple times until it materializes.

Certain dungeons and events in Remnant 2 are governed by an internal timer. For instance, Blood Moons reoccur every two to ten hours. Therefore, be prepared for them to take some time before appearing again.

Before you can locate this area, you may need to traverse through some smaller dungeons, such as "The Hatchery" or "The Putrid Domain." A promising indication is if you come across "Timeless Horizon" in the second region of N'Erud, as Spectrum Nexus is typically situated near the entrance or exit of this dungeon.

Remnant 2 The Custodian

The Spectrum Nexus bears a resemblance to a large tower from the outside, and internally, it comprises a series of narrow walkways amidst towering columns. When you encounter this sight, you will know that you are in the right vicinity.

How To Beat The Custodian’s Eye

Remnant 2 The Custodian

The bosses in Remnant 2 approach the placement of weak spots in two ways. Either they are positioned in a cleverly concealed location that is revealed after a significant attack, or they are located on their face. The Eye of the Guardian falls into the latter category. The entire front portion of its body serves as the weak spot, and when you strike true, substantial amounts of damage become evident.

You can still shoot at its body, but it won't significantly diminish its health bar. However, focus your powerful attacks on its laser-spewing mouth. Since it is a machine, the attack patterns of the Eye of the Guardian are easily predictable. Therefore, you won't encounter too much difficulty in evading its attacks.

Remnant 2 The Custodian

The only issue you may encounter is that it frequently cycles through its moveset, some of which require platforming skills. Making a mistake during these attacks will result in instant death. However, we will now focus on these specific attacks.

Once the battle commences, the floor plates near the door will lower. Standing on them will result in death. Therefore, move directly to the center, trigger the boss, and then retreat to the outer ring.

The Custodian’s Eyes Attack’s

Remnant 2 The

Since the Eye of the Guardian possesses several rather unique attacks that impact the entire arena, we will delve deeply into them to ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the battle. This is especially crucial because the encounter will swiftly come to an end if you're not swift with the camera and neglect to pay attention to your footing.

We have categorized them into minor and highly perilous attacks. The less dangerous assaults are relatively easy to avoid, provide more ground space, and usually offer sufficient cover behind which you can briefly take respite. Conversely, the more hazardous phases provide less protection, present more opportunities to plummet to one's demise, and demand considerable dexterity to survive.

Low Threat Attacks

Remnant 2

First, let's take a look at some of the less panic-inducing movements that the Eye of the Guardian is fond of initiating. The floor doesn't move too dramatically, apart from the outer edges, so you'll have plenty of room to maneuver.

There is also ample cover in the form of large sturdy columns behind which you can take shelter. However, only temporarily in some cases. Here are the individual minor attacks.

Purple Beam


First, we have the standard laser attack. It involves a large purple beam that follows you around the room, leaving a scorched trail on the ground. Stepping on it will also inflict damage upon you. It's not too severe, and during this attack, you can land many hits on the boss's core.

Red Beam

The next relatively harmless attack is a large red beam supported by some flying drones. Fortunately, there is ample cover during this phase, and you can easily maneuver the boss around the structures to keep yourself relatively safe from harm. First, take out the drones, dodge the laser, and then deal damage to the boss before it performs the attack again.

The red laser is fired twice in succession. Evade it or simply block the beam using a column.

Rapid Fire Energy Balls

This attack involves a high rate of fire and inflicts substantial damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be in the Guardian's line of sight. The boss continuously fires blue energy balls, and it is advised to refrain from dealing damage and instead focus on evasive movement.

The energy balls deal critical damage upon contact and can seriously deplete your health bar if you're not careful. Stay hidden behind the pillars in the room, but don't linger there for too long, as these covers will lower back into the ground. So be prepared to change your position.

High Threat Attacks

These are the attacks where you will have some difficulties. Mainly due to the limitations of the arena and the constant danger of accidentally falling off a platform and dying. There are no edges or walls to keep you inside, and you will need a lot of movement to stay alive.

Fortunately, there aren't too many of this type of attacks, as there are only two where the ground can disappear. Here are both attacks in detail and what you need to do.

Trap Floor And Red Rotating Laser

Here is an attack that will really get you moving. This attack from the Eye of the Guardian involves a few things. First, it ascends to the top of the room and then transforms a large portion of the floor into a deadly trap. The tiles are marked, and after a few moments, they will fall into the void below. There are safe spots at the corners of the arena where you can stand, but you have to be quick because a fall means instant death.

Once the majority of the floor has disappeared, the Eye of the Guardian will lower itself again and begin continuously firing three lasers while rotating. To dodge the beams, you must jump onto the adjacent platforms.

On some of these platforms, there may be some pillars present. If that's the case, stop and stay there. Use them as cover to shoot at the boss without worrying about the lasers.

Using a pillar nerfs this attack.

Circular Floor And Blue Lasers

In this phase, the boss will once again ascend to the ceiling, where it continuously fires three blue lasers. The outer rings of the floor will remain intact, but the inner circle will disappear. So, prepare yourself to move towards the outer edge of the arena as soon as you see it ascend.

It is recommended that you stay on the outermost ring that you can reach. The inner rings will descend, but you will be trapped with the worst shooting angle in the world. Take a few shots at the boss and then prepare to run away from the laser. They will follow the ring around you, so keep an eye on where they are while taking a few shots at the face of the overseer.

In general, the center of the room is the riskiest place. Try to stay near a corner as it allows you to more easily reach a safe spot.

Boss Attack Cheat Sheet

The Eye of the Overseer will rotate between all of these attacks, but the first three are the most common. You can completely avoid some of them if you manage to kill it quickly enough, but that is only possible if you have a really strong build.

Since all of this is a lot to take in at once, we have prepared a quick reference guide for you to consult before or during the boss fight if you encounter any difficulties. Here are the individual attacks summarized briefly.



Purple Beam

Tracking purple laser.

Red Beam

Red laser and flying attack drones.

Rapid Fire Blue Balls

High-damage, rapid-fired blue energy balls.

Trap Floor And Rotating Laser

The edges of the floor drop away to form platforms and a red rotating laser fires.

Circular Floor And Rotating Laser

The floor drops to form a two-tiered circle. The boss then fires three rotating blue lasers.

Rewards For Beating The Custodian’s Eye

If you manage to successfully overcome this challenge for your coordination skills, you will receive a Book of Knowledge and The Sentry's Old Iris. Or some scrap if you have already obtained the items. If not, you will be very happy to have The Sentry's Old Iris in your inventory.

The Old Iris can be handed over to McCabe and be transformed into a unique weapon modification called the Prismatic Driver. This is a pretty powerful weapon modification in Remnant 2 as it unleashes a supercharged energy blast that melts anything it is aimed at.

Upon contact, this laser inflicts 25 mod damage, and if you keep the laser focused on a target, it eventually triggers an explosion. The detonation causes 150 mod damage within a three-meter radius, and this mode requires 50 mod energy per laser pulse, which is cost-effective, allowing you to use it frequently. Additionally, it can stack up to a maximum of 30 charges, providing plenty of zaps in its battery.

The beam can be enhanced with rings or amulets that improve mod damage.