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Remnant 2: How to Solve the Puzzle of the Tower of the Unseen

An imposing monolith filled with puzzles and loot, the Tower of the Invisible in Remnant 2 is a tricky location to discover. It is filled with combat ...

Jennifer Jett Sept 24, 2023
Remnant 2: How to Solve the Puzzle of the Tower of the Unseen

An imposing monolith filled with puzzles and loot, the Tower of the Invisible in Remnant 2 is a tricky location to discover. It is filled with combat droids, and there is a mechanism that involves manipulating power supplies to open pathways as you explore its multiple levels.

Unfortunately, the Tower of the Invisible is a very rare spawn, so it may take a while to find it. However, it is worth the effort as it offers great rewards, features an interesting mini-boss, and provides an enjoyable distraction from the main quest, especially in co-op mode. Here is a guide on how to solve the Tower of the Invisible in Remnant 2.

How To Find the Tower Of The Unseen

Remnant 2 How To Solve The Tower Of The Unseen Puzzle

As mentioned earlier, the Tower of the Invisible is a rare dungeon spawn found only in N'Erud. It's tricky because it appears in both the "Forgotten Prison" and "Seeker's Rest" areas of N'Erud.

Externally, it appears as a massive stone tower that extends infinitely upwards, and inside, there are a series of pathways between smaller towers. So, if you come across such structures, you are in the right place.

Remnant 2 How To Solve The Tower Of The Unseen

It will also appear in both the campaign and adventure mode at any difficulty level. However, if it doesn't appear in your campaign, simply create a new adventure map until it appears. Alternatively, you can also access the multiplayer menu and check if someone is playing a joinable version of the dungeon.

If you only want to explore the dungeon, set the difficulty for adventure restart to the lowest value. This will make the enemies and bosses you encounter much easier and quicker to deal with.

Tower Of The Unseen Walkthrough

Remnant 2 How To Solve The Tower Of The

Since there is much to discover in this particular dungeon with its door puzzle, we will take a step-by-step approach. We will highlight the types of puzzles and side paths that may appear, while also providing a general guide on how to make your way from the bottom to the top and safely return.

First and foremost, it's possible that you may not encounter all the rooms and puzzles we mention as they are relatively random. The beginning of the dungeon follows a standard flow, with numerous robots and winding paths. However, the puzzle with the red door is located right at the end, and you will come across multiple doors that need to be powered up to open.

Remnant 2 How To Solve The Tower Of

Once you've reached the room with all the red doors, here's what you need to do. In the main room near the entrance, take the first Stellar Powered Cell from the console in the corner and use the nearby ramp near the red crystal to ascend. This will allow you to open the red door at the top without needing power.

Enter the room and take the nearby elevator to the next open area. In this room, you will see another door with a connected Power Cell. Free it and take it with you for now.

Remnant 2 How To Solve The Tower

Go back the same way to the elevator and insert the Power Cell into the locked door on the right side. Enter the room and watch out for the deadly robot, then take the elevator. There is also a chest in the corner of this room before you ride the elevator up, so make sure to open it.

In the room you reach through the elevator ascent, on the left side, you will find the Samoflange Amulet. The amulet reduces incoming damage by 50 percent within a two-second window. After the buff is activated, each subsequent damage will be increased by 15 percent for ten seconds. Now, you can return to the other new large room.

Remnant 2 How To Solve The

Return the Power Cell to its original placement and go through the door. Follow the path upwards and around the corner until you see a ledge overlooking the main room. Jump from the nearby ledge onto the new pathway, and you will find a way that leads back down, overlooking the main room. On the left side, there is a locked door that you need to open, but if you continue, there is a shortcut you can open to assist with the next part of the puzzle.

Go through the shortcut, grab the Power Cell again from the door, and insert it into the new locked door you just encountered through the shortcut. This will reveal an elevator that takes you to a boss fight with E.D. Alpha.

The E.D. Alpha Boss Fight

Remnant 2 How To Solve

This mini-boss is not too difficult; it is simply an elite version of the E.D. droids. However, it possesses the abilities Vortex and Drain, which constantly pull you towards it. The main attacks of the robot are its swinging arms and rolling attack, but there are also small drones that harass you and respawn repeatedly.

Keep your distance, use the pillars in the room to block its attacks, and wear it down, or retreat to the path outside and deal damage to it while you retreat, and it will eventually be defeated.

Remnant 2 How To

After defeating this mechanical threat, you will receive the "Refunder Mutator," which has a 20% chance to refund spent ammunition. At level ten, the chance increases to 50%, so it's worth upgrading it if you frequently find yourself running low on ammo.

Additionally, in the middle of the room, you will find the "Stone of Continuance Ring," which increases the duration of archetype abilities by 25%. It's worth taking it with you if your build heavily relies on using abilities.

The Adventure Continues

Remnant 2 How

After you've reduced the boss to scrap, you should see another locked red door that you cannot open yet. Go back to the door that led you into this room and remove the Power Cell. Now, return to the first room when you entered the dungeon and head towards the main elevator. Take the elevator down and then enter and exit the elevator.

After it detaches on its own, it will reveal a new area beneath it. Jump down, and you will land in the boss room behind the main pillar with an insertion point for a Power Cell. Insert the Power Cell, and the nearby door will open to a new area.

Remnant 2

Inside, you can seize the Shielded Heart Relic. This relic grants a shield for 100 percent of your maximum health, which lasts for 20 seconds or until you take enough damage to remove it. It's quite useful for builds that rely on passive regeneration. With that, the main treasures of the dungeon have been collected, and now we turn our attention to some unmarked secrets.

The Tower Of The Unseens Secret Treasures


One of the somewhat frustrating aspects of Remnant 2 is that certain dungeons randomly generate their rewards and puzzles. Some of these rewards are also very useful for your runs, so you can often play through these rare dungeons without really obtaining everything unless you are aware of the additional rewards.

The Tower of the Unseen is one of them, so we will highlight what you might miss, as these treasures are worth it. Here's what you should look out for:

The Hidden Path

On the lowest level of the tower, there should be a hidden passage below this area. It looks like a wide pathway, and if you fall down here, you will reach the Ring of Starfall's Burden.

This handy object reduces the cooldown of abilities by 15 percent, but every time you use an ability, it costs you 15 percent of your health. Additionally, you should be able to see the ring from the floor above, and you can even drop directly onto it if you time your jump correctly.

The Other Hidden Elevator Room

While exploring the Tower of the Unseen, you will come across a long elevator. If you pay attention to the walls during the ride, you should notice a small gap. It may not always be present, but if it is there, you can jump into it and reach a new area with another elevator.

In this room, you will find the Ring of Minor Recovery, which regenerates five percent of your maximum health for five seconds whenever an enemy is killed. This can be increased to a maximum of 30 seconds, as each additional kill adds another five seconds to the buff.

Then, when you go to the other elevator, step onto it, then exit and let it continue its ascent, another elevator will appear. This one will travel upwards instead of downwards and lead you to a room with the Ring of Drive Loop. This is a ring that increases movement speed by five percent and reduces consumption speed by ten percent for ten seconds after killing an enemy. This effect can also stack up to three times.

The Red Hole

Finally, as you walk through the Tower of the Unseen, you might come across a room with a huge hole right in the middle. This opening is illuminated in an eerie red glow that practically screams, "You will die if you fall down." But you can do it, and it's worth it.

However, you should not blindly plunge into the void. Instead, take a look inside, and you should see a series of ledges on which you can safely descend. At the end, you will find the Ring of Constant Variable, which increases ranged damage by up to 20 percent, with scaling based on the current overheating status of your weapon.

Furthermore, down here you will find a peculiar purple vortex. If you interact with it, you will encounter the Restless Spirit mini-boss. This is a unique type of enemy that moves swiftly and aggressively towards you or hovers in the air, unleashing telekinetic explosions.

It's not too difficult to defeat him, and if you do, you will obtain the Timewave Mutator. This exquisite attachment inflicts the SLOW effect on all enemies within a seven and a half-meter radius of your weapon mod for three and a half seconds.

At level ten, it also increases ranged damage by 15 percent against targets affected by the SLOW effect. Additionally, the Restless Spirit also drops corrupted Lumenite, scrap, iron, and some cracked mods for your relic. So it's worth defeating him to obtain all these rewards.

Some of these items in the Tower of the Unseen will also appear in other dungeons like the Terminus Station or the Astropath's Retreat. So if they're not in the Tower, they could be there.