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Remnant 2: Ranking of Each Archetype's Main Advantages

It's a challenging time to survive in the realms of Remnant 2. Corrupted creatures, mechanical monstrosities, immortal gods, ghouls, and nightmarish...

Gina Vivinetto Sept 04, 2023
Remnant 2: Ranking of Each Archetype's Main Advantages

It's a challenging time to survive in the realms of Remnant 2. Corrupted creatures, mechanical monstrosities, immortal gods, ghouls, and nightmarish angry spirits are just some of the terrifying beasts that call the worlds within the Red Crystal their home. And unfortunately, not many of them are friendly towards humans.

To give you a fighting chance against the eclectic force of fantasy monsters roaming those distant realms, there are several classes known as archetypes from which you can choose. Each archetype has its own unique abilities, passive skills, and primary bonuses. In total, there are 11 archetypes, but to make it easier for you to choose the class that works best for you, here are all the archetype primary bonuses in Remnant 2, ranked in order.

11 Dead To Rights - The Hunter

Remnant 2 Every Archetype Prime Perk, Ranked

First on our list, we have the Hunter's primary bonus known as "Dead To Rights." This ability is quite useful as it extends the Hunter's active abilities, such as the ability to highlight any nearby enemy for a few seconds. Given the labyrinthine and cramped areas, and how often monsters attempt to attack you from behind, it can be helpful to know where everyone is for a few extra moments.

To gain this extra time, you must deal at least 65 Weak Point damage during that time. This will extend the duration of all active Hunter abilities by a base rate of two and a half seconds. The timer can be extended up to a maximum of three and a half seconds, while the Weak Point damage threshold can be lowered to 55 as this class progresses to the maximum level of ten.

10 Lucky - The Explorer

Remnant 2 Every Archetype Prime Perk,

This one ranks a bit lower on the list as it's essentially just an enhancement of this archetype's ability to gather resources in the game. "Lucky" grants an additional percentage for extra items that are dropped when you defeat powerful enemies such as Elites, Aberrations, or Bosses.

At level 1, "Lucky" grants you an additional ten percent on your loot, while it increases to a slightly higher 20 percent at level 5 before capping at 30 percent at level 10. It is primarily useful for endgame grinding for additional parts and pieces, but other than that, it's worth using a primary bonus that focuses more on combat.

9 Ruthless - The Summoner

Remnant 2 Every Archetype Prime

This is a primary bonus that can sometimes backfire when you're wielding exotic weapons that deal extremely high damage. "Ruthless" is the primary passive ability of the Summoner archetype and works by increasing the damage and movement speed of the minions when they are attacked by the summoner.

When you strike your new Root Demon friends to "motivate" them, they receive a 30% increase in damage and movement speed for 20 seconds. That's only at level one. At level five, the advantage increases to 40% and lasts for 30 seconds. Then, when you reach level ten with the Summoner, it rises to 50% for a maximum duration of 40 seconds. Just try to use something weak when "motivating" them; you don't want to hurt them too much.

8 Shadow - The Invader

Remnant 2 Every Archetype

This primary bonus fits perfectly with the playstyle of the Infiltrator. When an ability of the Infiltrator is activated, this archetype leaves behind a decoy of themselves for three seconds. This immediately draws the attention of enemies and also grants a nice damage bonus if you choose to attack your assailants.

At level 1, you inflict an additional 5% damage to targets that attack the decoy. At level 5, this increases to 10%, and finally, at the maximum level of the Infiltrator of ten, you can deal an additional 15% damage. Overall, it is a helpful active bonus that can assist you in decimating the hordes of terror a bit faster.

7 Spirited - The Alchemist

Remnant 2 Every

One of the simplest and relatively useful primary bonuses in Remnant 2 is the "Spirited" primary bonus of the Alchemist, which unlocks additional slots for potions. These are essentially potions, drinks, or liquids that your character consumes to gain a buff for a very long duration, usually 60 minutes.

You have a limited number of active potions at a time, and the Alchemist essentially gives you the ability to chug down more drinks. At level 1, you only get one additional slot, but at level 5, you get two, and then at level 10, you even get three additional slots. It's a fairly specialized ability, but if your gameplay relies on buffs, then it's a convenient bonus to have.

6 Regenerator - The Medic

Remnant 2

This primary bonus called "Regenerator" is somewhat complex, but it's quite useful when you're playing at a higher difficulty level and running low on healing items. After the Medic has restored a total of 350 health for a group member or themselves, the Medic regains a consumed relic charge. Additionally, as the level increases, the amount of healing is reduced to 300 at level five and eventually to 250 at level ten.

However, it should be noted that for each active group member, the healing requirement is increased by 50 percent. So, you still have to heal a lot to obtain these charges, but if you fulfill your role as a Medic, that should happen quite frequently. Additionally, there are weapons and modifications that can assist you in healing your friends and make reaching these threshold requirements a bit easier.

5 Tempest - The Archon


A unique primary bonus that has both passive and active aspects, the "Archon's Tempest" primary bonus is quite useful for those who heavily rely on weapon modifications in their gameplay. Firstly, passively, "Tempest" generates two mod energy per second. Then, when you use a modification, it increases mod energy generation by 50 percent for six seconds.

This means that you can use those unique weapon abilities much more quickly. Furthermore, they improve even further as the Archon levels up. At level five, they generate two and a half mod energy per second, with the same amount of mod energy generation for active mods. But at level ten, they generate three mod energy per second and provide an additional 100 percent mod energy generation. So, it's worth leveling up this archetype quickly.

4 Loaded- The Gunslinger

If you enjoy pulling the trigger quickly or simply emptying your weapon on bosses and other creatures, you can't go wrong with the Gunslinger's primary bonus, as it is one of the best for achieving high damage per second in Remnant 2.

When any skill of the Gunslinger is activated, both weapons are immediately reloaded, and you gain unlimited ammunition for your weapons for a few seconds. This is incredibly useful as it bypasses the reloading animation, and when you run out of rounds, you get a full magazine for free. At level 1, the unlimited ammunition lasts for five seconds, at level five, it's six and a half seconds, and at level ten, it reaches the maximum duration of eight seconds.

3 Bonded - The Handler

As the Handler's abilities focus on their dog companion, their primary advantage also utilizes the canine companion and is honestly very beneficial to have. Known as "Bonded," when you would otherwise suffer fatal damage, instead, if you still have a relic charge in your inventory, you enter a downed state. At this point, your furry friend will rush to your aid, revive you, and restore 50 percent of your maximum health.

This can also be applied to an ally if you are busy with a boss or have been put into a downed state as well. However, your friend also needs to have a relic charge in their inventory for this command to work. As the Handler progresses, the cooldown of their primary advantage is reduced from 120 seconds to 105 seconds at level five, and eventually to 90 seconds at level ten.

2 Die Hard - The Challenger

The Challenger is up next as we slowly wrap up our list. It receives a high rating because its primary advantage can be an absolute lifesaver, pulling you through some of the brutal boss fights in Remnant 2. When you would otherwise suffer fatal damage, instead of dying immediately, the Challenger becomes invulnerable for two seconds and regenerates 50 percent of their maximum health.

However, if you level up this companion to level ten, the window of invulnerability extends to three seconds, and you fully recover your health bar. So, it's essentially like a "second wind," and considering how easy it is to be taken down by a boss out of nowhere, it's an incredibly useful primary advantage. However, be warned that it takes ten minutes or at least a rest at a red crystal to reset this ability.

1 High Tech - The Engineer

Possibly one of the greatest main advantages in Remnant 2, in the right hands, is the high-tech advantage of the Engineer, which focuses entirely on strengthening your robotic turrets. When you hold down the SKILL button, the turret you are carrying or have already deployed will enter a unique overclocking mode for a few seconds.

While active, the heavy weapon receives unlimited ammunition, an increased rate of fire, and a 25 percent damage bonus. At the base level, it lasts for 15 seconds, increasing to 20 seconds at level five, and eventually reaching 25 seconds when you reach level ten. Given the versatility of your turrets, their already fast rate of fire, and the potential damage they can inflict, it is an incredibly powerful active main advantage. Especially when you need support from another weapon in solo mode that is not controlled by another player.