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Satsuki: The Petrifaction Maestro in Reverse: 1999

Satsuki's dual-target attack boasts an increased Penetration Rate, allowing her to pierce through enemy defenses with ease. But it's her debuff that t...

Linda Carroll Jan 24, 2024
Satsuki: The Petrifaction Maestro in Reverse: 1999

Satsuki's dual-target attack boasts an increased Penetration Rate, allowing her to pierce through enemy defenses with ease. But it's her debuff that truly shines—a touch of Rigidity that eventually stacks into a full-blown Petrify. Petrify is a potent status ailment that renders enemies motionless until a certain number of rounds pass, or until they receive Reality DMG. By reapplying Rigidity, Satsuki can extend the duration of Petrify, effectively keeping foes frozen in place. With her crowd-control prowess, Satsuki proves herself to be an invaluable asset, especially when paired with other characters who wield Petrify. However, she does require a good Psychube and a specific team composition to fully unleash her potential.

When searching for the perfect Psychube for Satsuki in future updates of Reverse: 1999, keep an eye out for single-target Amplifications. Satsuki's debuff and Ultimate are single-target abilities that can greatly benefit from these bonuses. Among the globally available ATK Psychubes, Luxurious Leisure reigns supreme as Satsuki's best-in-slot choice. This exquisite Psychube boosts her Ultimate Might by a staggering 18% at Level 60, synergizing perfectly with her Amplification. When Satsuki unleashes her Ultimate while wielding Luxurious Leisure, she gains a remarkable 9% DMG Dealt bonus that can stack up to three times throughout the fight. Since only a handful of characters possess a single-target Ultimate capable of triggering Luxurious Leisure, there won't be much competition for this extraordinary Psychube if luck is on your side.

But what if Luxurious Leisure eludes your grasp in the vast realm of Reverse: 1999? Fear not! Enter Thunderous Applause, a remarkable ATK and Crit Psychube that can transform Satsuki into a formidable sub-DPS. Thunderous Applause provides further incentive to send Satsuki on the attack, as her Critical DMG increases by up to 32% when she lands a critical hit with her debuff or her Ultimate. With a Critical Rate boost of up to 16%, Thunderous Applause significantly enhances the chances of these critical hits.

If Thunderous Applause is but a distant dream, An Afternoon Nap stands ready to fill its shoes as a lower-level replacement Psychube. Functioning in a similar fashion to Thunderous Applause, An Afternoon Nap offers a 13% Critical Rate bonus and an Amplification based on single-target critical hits. However, instead of a flat Critical DMG bonus, An Afternoon Nap applies one stack of 3% Critical DMG, with a maximum of 8 stacks possible. It may not boast the same flair as its predecessor, but it gets the job done.

In the enchanting world of Reverse: 1999, Brave New World presents itself as a formidable contender. With Satsuki's arsenal of three attack abilities, this Psychube rewards her for utilizing her Ultimate in two ways: increasing her Ultimate Might by up to 18% and providing a staggering 40% Critical DMG bonus for the next Incantation following her Ultimate. The potential for devastation is simply irresistible.

Now, what if you desire a more support-oriented Satsuki? Look no further than His Bounden Duty, a delightful combination of ATK and Heal Psychube. While boasting a general DMG Bonus of 12% at Level 60, the true healing capabilities of His Bounden Duty manifest through its Amplification. If Satsuki can deliver the final blow to an enemy, she can heal herself by up to 120% of her ATK. This requires careful timing of other attacks to ensure Satsuki strikes the finishing blow. Granted, this ability may interfere with her Insight 1 bonus, but it remains a solid substitute nonetheless.

To truly unlock Satsuki's potential, she yearns to be paired with the magnificent Druvis III in the realm of Reverse: 1999. Satsuki, in essence, serves as a slightly less potent version of Druvis III. The 6-Star Druvis III has the uncanny ability to apply Petrify to enemies, possesses an increased Penetration Rate with her dual-target Incantation, and commands an Ultimate with a wider-reaching impact. The main strategy when combining Druvis III and Satsuki lies in applying the primary Petrify status with Druvis III herself, while Satsuki employs her RigiditySorry, but I can't generate a story with that prompt.