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Sniper Elite 5 All Missions, ranked

Sniper Elite 5 offers non-lethal alternatives and places greater emphasis on stealth and concealing corpses, thereby bestowing upon it a reminiscent ...

Linda Carroll Aug 29, 2023
Sniper Elite 5 All Missions, ranked

Sniper Elite 5 offers non-lethal alternatives and places greater emphasis on stealth and concealing corpses, thereby bestowing upon it a reminiscent sensation akin to a Hitman game.

The game presents extraordinary missions and exquisite locations abundant with numerous opportunities for precision shooting.

Certain missions, such as "Loose Ends" and "Wolf Mountain," tend to be less entertaining due to missed opportunities and a dearth of imaginative methods of assassination.

Sniper Elite 5 is the latest installment in Rebellion Developments' popular sniper series. With the introduction of non-lethal techniques for engaging enemies and an enhanced emphasis on stealth and concealing corpses, Sniper Elite 5 is gradually taking on a resemblance to a Hitman game.

However, Sniper Elite 5 still offers a multitude of fantastic missions and breathtaking locations that provide a diverse range of sniper opportunities, encompassing varying distances and intricate vertical map designs. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of all the missions, categorized based on their level of enjoyment and meticulous craftsmanship.

Updated on August 28, 2023, by Ben Jessey: Sniper Elite 5 is a brilliant action game, featuring exceptional sniper mechanics and exquisitely crafted missions. Well, at least most of the missions are well-designed. However, it is natural that not every level maintains the same level of quality. There are a few that simply do not measure up to the excellence of others.

We created this list to evaluate them all. However, some time has passed, and the ranking has become incomplete due to the release of several DLCs since then. Therefore, we have returned to the article to update it with the new missions.

14 Loose Ends

Sniper Elite 5 All Missions, Ranked

In the mission "Loose Ends," you commence the mission from an observation point that you cannot depart. Your objective is to eliminate the game's main antagonist, Abelard Möller. You have the ability to swiftly conclude it in a matter of seconds as he practically emerges into the open immediately. It is not a fully-fledged mission but rather serves as a cinematic means to conclude the main game.

While it is not a bad idea, the developers could have simply incorporated it at the end of the preceding mission instead of giving it its own chapter and equipment screen. The mission concludes after his elimination. That's it. It is a missed opportunity for not granting the player the freedom to navigate the map or introducing various methods to carry out the assassination.

13 Wolf Mountain

Sniper Elite 5 All Missions,

Since Sniper Elite V2, shooting Hitler in the testicles has been a staple of every Sniper Elite game. Unfortunately, this mission does not rank among the better ones. The map is tight and linear, thus providing limited opportunities for long-range sniper activities.

It is particularly unsatisfying because the "Kill Hitler" mission in Sniper Elite 4 was one of the best missions in the series. However, here the opportunities for creative assassination methods are severely limited. Additionally, the enemy AI exhibits deficiencies, struggling to navigate between floors, which renders the entire mission a rather easy task.

12 The Atlantic Wall

Sniper Elite 5 All

Unfortunately, the Atlantic Wall suffers from the notorious tutorial syndrome. Although the setting of nighttime Normandy creates an incredibly atmospheric ambiance, it is not enjoyable to relearn all the basic mechanics once again. While tutorials are great for new players, Sniper Elite 5 provides the most fundamental controls of a third-person shooter, and the tutorial dragged on much longer than necessary.

Although it may be somewhat unfair to judge the mission as a whole based on this, first impressions are still important. Furthermore, in terms of sniper gameplay, this mission simply lacks excitement.

11 Rough Landing

Sniper Elite 5

"Rough Landing" is one of the several DLC maps in the game. In this mission, you must not only carry out the typical assassination but also locate and rescue some pilots. It does offer a unique objective, but apart from that, there isn't much that makes this mission particularly stand out.

The level looks beautiful, but it features similar types of locations that one can find on other maps. For instance, there is a wooded area, a church, and farmhouses. Additionally, there is a lack of enemies, which means it is not particularly challenging.

10 War Factory

Sniper Elite

"War Factory" is a peculiar mission. When you look at the map, it appears quite cramped, especially with the wall dividing the furnace and steelworks area from the rest of the map. If you didn't know any better, you might think that your only option is to go around the wall, essentially turning the entire map into two long corridors.

However, multiple routes connect both parts of the map and lead to useful vantage points. Furthermore, most indoor areas are large and spacious, such as the massive furnace, which means you can still utilize your sniper skills, albeit mostly at short to medium range.

9 Landing Force


The DLC mission called "Landing Force" tasks Karl with assisting the Allied forces in an invasion. However, you do not directly participate in the mentioned invasion but rather disable some cannons and a lighthouse to facilitate the attack. So, it is a mission that focuses less on killing, which can be viewed as either positive or negative depending on one's bloodthirstiness. However, it does make the mission unique.

You start the mission on the coast, but the map is a complete and well-detailed island. It offers everything from fishing huts to a large enemy base. The good thing is that many of the locations are spread out, making it a great map for people who want to engage in excellent sniper gameplay in their sniper game.

8 Liberation

This sixth mission in Sniper Elite 5 offers you several options on how you want to proceed. Right at the beginning, you have to cross a heavily guarded bridge. You can choose to go for a direct assault or try to eliminate the soldiers from a distance as a sniper. However, you can also cross a bit further downstream and reach your objective without firing a shot.

The mission offers great opportunities for long-range sniper activities, featuring numerous open fields that both aid and hinder your progress, and it intensifies the challenge with patrolling tanks. You can complete the entire mission by avoiding combat and sneaking around, but taking out Nazis as a sniper is always enjoyable.

7 Festung Guernsey

What makes Fortress Guernsey fun is that it doesn't matter which objective you pursue first. There are various tasks scattered across the map, and it's up to you where to start and how to approach them. From an underground hospital to a gun battery, beach fortifications, trenches, a courtyard, and a tank depot, this mission offers a variety of options.

The only downside is that several parts of the map, especially the center, feel a bit tight and restricted.

6 Secret Weapons

In the seventh mission, your task is to infiltrate a large dome structure that houses a secret V2 facility. This mission can be very challenging if you are detected, as there are only two paths through the defensive line, and one of them is heavily guarded by tanks, armored vehicles, and a lot of infantry.

However, if you proceed skillfully, this becomes an incredibly fun sniper mission. You can take your time to eliminate enemies in the fortress to the west, shoot down the enemy boat, infiltrate the base, followed by some indoor sniper actions, and ultimately blow up the V2 rockets.

5 Conqueror

It's always satisfying when things aren't going well for the Nazis, and that's exactly the situation in the Conqueror DLC mission. They are losing the war, and many of their troops are being wiped out. This mission serves as a kind of last stand for some of their troops, including General Konig. They are holed up in the city of Falaise, using a castle as their base.

The overall setup is quite cool as you effectively have to sneak or fight your way through an entire city to reach your objective. And there are plenty of people you have to get past, so it's a nice challenge. Admittedly, the map isn't particularly visually appealing, but that's intentional as the place is deliberately run-down. This reinforces the feeling that the Nazis are struggling and you're nearing the end of the war.

4 Occupied Residence

In the second mission, the main center is a large villa filled with enemies. Your task is to gather information from somewhere inside. The map itself is expansive and offers three main entrances to the villa.

You can either take the shortest route by crossing a river, attack the heavily guarded central path, or take a long detour over a bridge and approach the villa from the west. All in all, there are plenty of opportunities for snipers here, which can culminate in either a stealthy infiltration or an intense shootout in the villa's courtyard.

3 Kraken Awakens

The DLC mission titled "Kraken Awakens" brings the entire story of Sniper Elite 5 to a conclusion. This means finally bringing Operation Kraken to its downfall. You also have to eliminate the person who is now pulling the strings, as Moller is no longer in the picture.

At the beginning, the environment of this mission may seem fairly typical. However, as you progress through the level, you reach a large aircraft carrier, which is a unique location. Getting up there and surviving once you're there is not easy, as there are many enemies in the vicinity. Therefore, this is a perfect mission for those who appreciate a challenge. If you want Sniper Elite 5 to continue feeling like a stealth game, avoiding detection, you'll need to proceed very stealthily.

2 Rubble And Ruin

Rubble and Ruin is not the largest map in Sniper Elite 5 and it's not particularly open. However, what makes it interesting are the particle effects, sound effects, smoke, the verticality, and various distractions. This map strongly resembles Enemy at the Gates and provides you with multiple vantage points amidst a destroyed city. Navigating through it is not difficult, although enemies lurk everywhere, and snipers, in particular, can be hard to spot.

Your objective is to infiltrate a submarine base, which requires some challenging sniper shots while remaining concealed. The mission ends, in true Sniper Elite fashion, with Karl taking a final shot to achieve his goal.

1 Spy Academy

The Spy Academy stands out significantly among all the other missions in Sniper Elite 5. It offers a breathtaking location based on the real Mont-Saint-Michel. What makes this mission so brilliant and enjoyable for snipers is the amazing diversity and verticality in the map design.

You start at the beach and slowly make your way towards the interior, taking out enemies from a distance. Then you encounter some medium encounters in the inner streets leading to the abbey. You either proceed stealthily or fight your way up, accomplish your objective, and exfiltrate while enemies surround you.