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Soulslike Adventures: From Deep Seas to Feudal Realms

The soulslike genre has taken the gaming world by storm, capturing the hearts of players who crave punishing difficulty and non-linear gameplay. While...

Sakshi Venkatraman Jan 21, 2024
Soulslike Adventures: From Deep Seas to Feudal Realms

The soulslike genre has taken the gaming world by storm, capturing the hearts of players who crave punishing difficulty and non-linear gameplay. While popular titles like Elden Ring and Bloodborne have thrust the genre into the spotlight, there's always anticipation for new content. Let's delve into some upcoming soulslike games and explore the exciting worlds they offer.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn:
Prepare to face ravenous beasts, vengeful gods, and monstrous boss fights in Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn. This action RPG not only features intense combat relying on parrying and dodging but also introduces mobility abilities to traverse its open world. Join Nor Vanek as she embarks on a quest to reclaim the lands of Kian from the wrathful Gods. With snappy combat, stunning visuals, and unique abilities, Flintlock promises an epic adventure.

Another Crab's Treasure:
Dive deep under the sea in Another Crab's Treasure, the strangest soulslike game to hit the scene. Play as Kril, a hermit crab, as you navigate polluted oceans and battle rabid sea creatures. This whimsically named "shellslike" game by Aggro Crab brings the beloved soulslike mechanics to an unlikely location, promising fun for all ages. Explore the mysterious depths and uncover the treasures that await.

Phantom Blade Zero:
Step into a unique feudal China-inspired world with Phantom Blade Zero. While it's unclear whether it leans more towards hack-and-slash or soulslike, this game offers a mesmerizing aesthetic blending ancient China with steampunk elements. Embrace the dark, gritty atmosphere and engage in high-flying action reminiscent of other acclaimed action RPGs. S-Game's creation is shaping up to be a game worth watching, regardless of its soulslike status.

Enotria: The Last Song:
Drawing inspiration from Italian folklore, Enotria: The Last Song introduces players to a visually stunning soulslike experience. Immerse yourself in a world of vivid colors and imaginative character design. The game's standout feature is the mask system, allowing quick loadout adjustments to adapt to different playstyles. Developed by indie studio Jyamma Games, Enotria adds a captivating entry to the growing roster of soulslike adventures.

Stellar Blade:
Originally set for a 2023 release, Stellar Blade takes players on an otherworldly journey that blends hack-and-slash gameplay with elements of soulslike games. Although it adopts a more linear, mission-based approach, it promises epic combat and monstrous boss fights. The glorious visuals from South Korean developers Shift Up breathe life into a captivating new world. Get ready to explore and conquer in this PlayStation exclusive.

From the creators of Warframe comes Soulframe, a dark fantasy soulslike set in the original realm of the isle of Midrath. Engage in precise combat mechanics, including parries, blocks, and dodges, as you navigate this mysterious land. Digital Extremes' 30-minute gameplay video offers a glimpse into the rich world and intriguing NPCs that await. While the release date is yet to be confirmed, rumors suggest a possible late 2024 launch.

First Berserker: Khazan:
Described as a hack-and-slash title, First Berserker: Khazan shares many combat mechanics with soulslike games. Epic boss fights and a captivating story about redemption set in a unique 3D cell-shaded art style make this game stand out. Drawing inspiration from the DNF series, Neople delivers an exciting adventure that will keep players on their toes.

Rise of the Ronin:
Team Ninja, known for the Nioh series, presents Rise of the Ronin, an action-packed soulslike set in Japan's Edo period. As a Ronin, you'll explore a rapidly changing landscape and make dynamic decisions that shape the campaign's outcome. With its unique combat elements and the inclusion of rideable mounts, this game offers a fresh take on the soulslike formula.

Black Myth Wukong:
Highly anticipated and deeply rooted in Chinese mythology, Black Myth Wukong invites players to embody the ancient monkey king, Sun Wukong. This visually stunning soulslike game boasts meticulous details achieved through Unreal Engine 5. Brace yourself for thrilling combat mechanics, spellcasting, transformations, and other techniques that set it apart from the rest. Embark on a grand adventure as the "Destined One."

The soulslike genre continues to evolve, taking players on incredible journeys across various settings and mythologies. From underwater depths to feudal realms, these upcoming titles redefine what it means to be a soulslike game. Embrace the challenge, discover hidden treasures, and prepare for unforgettable adventures in these immersive worlds. Get ready to test your skills and unleash your inner warrior in these captivating soulslike experiences.