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Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Geodes

The beloved rural life simulation game, Stardew Valley, extends beyond the realms of agriculture and plant cultivation. Players are bestowed with the ...

Sakshi Venkatraman Sept 11, 2023
Stardew Valley: How to Obtain Geodes

The beloved rural life simulation game, Stardew Valley, extends beyond the realms of agriculture and plant cultivation. Players are bestowed with the freedom to engage in various other activities, such as fishing and mining. Over time, these skills can evolve as players learn to catch a greater variety of fish and extract more resources from Stardew Valley.

The mines in Stardew Valley are filled with rocky boulders and mounds of earth. By employing a pickaxe, these rocks can be extracted to obtain various types of ores, stones, and geodes. Geodes are essentially hollow stones that house diverse artifacts and fundamental resources. They lend an air of mystery to the game, as players are never certain about what treasures they will uncover within them.

How to Get Geodes in Stardew Valley

The first instance a player comes across a geode is likely when breaking stones on their farm. An egg-like object will be dropped, accompanied by a pop-up message informing the player that the local blacksmith can crack open the geode for them.

Ordinary geodes are typically obtained by breaking stones in the mines or can be dropped by Duggies. Duggies are enemies found in the mines and have a 25% chance of dropping a geode. Additionally, geodes can also be found as loot in fishing treasure chests and can be received as a gift during the Winter Star festival.

In Stardew Valley, fishing is another way to obtain geodes. When the population of a Stonefish Fish Pond reaches 9, it can produce 1 or 5 ordinary geodes. For players who have not upgraded their farmhouse, geodes can be found in the supply crates on the beach farm.

All Types of Geodes and Where to Find Them

Stardew Valley How to Get Geodes

There are four types of geodes: ordinary geodes, frozen geodes, omni geodes, and magma geodes. They are all found deep within the mines on different levels.

Common Geodes

Stardew Valley How to Get

These egg-shaped geodes are commonly found on levels 1-39 in the mines. Players must break all the stones they come across using a pickaxe or a bomb. Ordinary geodes contain artifacts, minerals, and fundamental resources such as stone, clay, and coal.

Iron can be extracted from a geode once players reach level 26 of the mines.

Omni Geodes

Omni geodes are a collection of stones with colorful spots. These are typically found in the mines on levels 21 and above. They can also be found in the Skull Cavern (on all levels). When a player defeats a Carbon Ghost, there is a 99% chance that it will drop an omni geode. Players can purchase three omni geodes for 1000 G each at the Oasis every Wednesday. One can be acquired every Tuesday from Krobus' shop for 300 G.

Furthermore, an Octopus Fish Pond, when its population reaches 9, can produce 1, 3, or 10 omni geodes. Omni geodes have the potential to contain a highly rare gem known as the "Prismatic Shard." However, it is impossible for players to obtain a prismatic shard until they have opened at least 15 of these geodes.

Frozen Geodes

Frozen geodes are more triangular in shape and can be found on levels 41 to 79 of the mines. The theme for these levels revolves around the concept of "frozen earth." These geodes can also be found on the farm during winter, in fishing treasure chests, or received as gifts during the Winter Star festival.

  • When the population of an Ice Pip Fish Pond reaches 9, it may produce 1 or 5 Frozen Geodes.
  • A Frozen Geode may contain a rare foraged mineral, namely the “Frozen Tear”, although the chances for that are slim.

Gold can only be extracted from a frozen geode once players reach level 76 of the mines.

Magma Geodes

Fiery red magma geodes can be found on levels 81 to 119 of the mines. They can also be obtained by breaking crates and barrels in the Skull Cavern.

  • Magma Geodes can also be received as gifts at the Feast of the Winter Star and are found in Fishing Treasure Chests too.
  • A Fish Pond containing at least 9 Lava Eels can produce 5 Magma Geodes, while 10 can be obtained from a pond containing 10 fish.
  • Magma Geodes may contain Fire Quartz, a rare crystal found near hot lava. Although the odds of players obtaining this are quite low.

When players reach level six in mining, they unlock bombs. Bombs can aid in accelerating the process of breaking stones in the mines.

What to Do with Geodes in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley How to

All types of geodes must be opened to reveal what lies inside. To open a geode, players need to take it to the local blacksmith shop. Clint will open each geode for 25 G. Alternatively, players can build their own geode-crushing machine using 2 gold bars, 50 stones, and 1 diamond. Players will acquire this crafting recipe after completing Clint's special quest, "Cave Patrol."

Ordinary geodes can be sold for 50 G, frozen geodes for 100 G, and magma geodes for 150 G. Omni geodes have a selling price of 0 G.

Stardew Valley is now available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.